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  1. YES !! I was behind the #387 for several laps. It was dumping many many gallons of fuel on every left turn.... to the point where it was slippery for me, and I had not follow directly behind him. I could smell the gas fumes... and was worried about a rolling fireball.
  2. Please tell me your location and how you found this car, or have access to one. I’ve been wanting one for a very long time. TRMotorsports, we run an e36 318is and are class winners and also competitive for the overall win.
  3. Just out of curiosity... Since we are paying ~2X to ~3X what we normally pay for a race entry, How about increasing the Champ Credits for the Podium finishers?
  4. Holly Cow.... we were having trouble getting to the website about that same time. We got in a few minutes after you. If you were #96 then we barely made it!
  5. I am still decompressing and recoverying from the weekend. Saturday we started ~67/76. Chris got the car up to in P4 in his stint with the rain / snow / sleet starting in the last ~30 min of his stint. JSKRacing pitted the same time we did and almost put a lap on us. They had a longer pit stop, so we managed to not get lapped. I took over in the worsen conditions, but I like Road America in the wet. For the next 90 mins, I did my "rain dance" and chipped away at the ~2:45 lead JSKRacing had on us. I eventually caught and passed them for the lead. I think I stretched out the lead to 0:40? ~ 1:00 by the end of my stint. JoeW got in for the 3rd stint. We thought the snow was going to stop and things were going to clear up. JSKRacing took the lead back. Another heavy snow squall..... and we had a tank slapper coming out of T3, spun 360+?, and hit the left wall about 3/4rd of the way to the Sargento Cheese bridge. Left front hit.... hard enough to pull the shift linkage apart and break the trans mounts. We were done. We managed to strip off all the broken parts and get the car running by the end of the race Saturday, but we did not do any more laps. Sunday, I drove the first stint on Sunday to shake the car down. We were doing pace laps just to finish to try to finish a race at Road America. Unfortunately, I got caught out in the oil from T1 exit thru T3 and hit the Acura that spun. I tried to avoid it... thought he was still rolling and going backwards... I picked the inside, and did not make it. 1 more foot and I would have missed him. Awesome job by ChampCar and the Road America safety team. Those guys are top notch! Congrats to Ludicrous Speed and a big thank you also to them and Team Spartan for the thumbs up and wave on Sunday when we were limping around doing our pace laps in a badly wounded car.
  6. @Crank Yankers Racing Does the problem always start while loaded up and turning right. It seems that way in the video. Check the main power leads in the engine compartment, and the chassis to engine ground wire on the right side motor mount. Is there anyway to monitor voltage? I have seen and experienced ECU and ignition cutout when you hit a low voltage threshold. The ECU simply cannot fire the ignition anymore.
  7. Thanks Chris. Awesome weekend, and nice to meet you, Chris, and Chris. At least I won't forget your names ! People think I am totally nutz when I get all excited about rain and wet track... and yes, I was praying for MORE RAIN ! I hope the LiveCast from our TRM 318 during my wet stint doesn't show too much detail to give away my rain line secrets. I am still compiling video... I am making a "highlights" video from Saturday. Unfortunately there is no video from Sunday. Old dead battery. Replacement on the way.
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