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  1. Everyone that responded, thanks for doing so as quickly as you did, this is great information. Thank You Jim
  2. I am new to Champ, and working to get a car ready to run later this year, at this point I am purchasing new safety equipment, which leads me to this question. As far as the fire suppression system goes, can anyone recommend a brand that is " cost effective" that comes with the required SFI or FIA approvals? I have been looking at systems for $600.00 and still haven't found a system that would be approved to be used in a Champ Car, SCCA yes, but mot Champ, any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Call me at 903 352-4112, i would like to go ahead and purchase a few sets of pads, let's discuss payment. jim
  4. Scooter, Not sure how to PM, can you call me to discuss. Thanks Jim 903 352 4112
  5. I would like to take them all, but not sure i can afford them all right, you said something about making a deal, what could you let them all go for? If I cant afford the package deal right now, please price out one set of new and a set of used with the must material left on them. I just purchased a suit, helmet and Hans, so I have blown the budget for right now. I have an extra set of calibers already so will by on those items. call if you like Jim 903 352 4112
  6. I am located in Tyler TX, curently building a car, but will not be ready this year do to wife's health issues. Would like to run a few races, have raced at Daytona many times and twice at Charlotte with SCCA. Thanks jim 903-352-4112
  7. Please confirm, will these pads fit on a 1990 300zx? you say the are for a Z32, however your photo looks to be a Z31. i am building a 1990 300zx, so I am interested, just want to make sure these will fit my car. ps I am using stock 4 puck aluminum calibers, non turbo. thanks jim
  8. What are the dates? I built, owned and raced cars to run SCCA , have done a little stock car racing in South Florida and crewed some Goodies Dash and a few NASCAR events. i am pretty good with tools and don't mind getting dirty. I am retired, so I have the time to do this. I live in East Texas, let me know if you would if your interested . Thanks JimM 903 352-4112 jimmuncie1969@gmail.com
  9. This sounds very interesting, I have running all the tracks you have listedcrunninh a 1985 Nissan 300 in the ITS class with SCCA. I am currently located in Texas, but retired so traveling is not a problem go me. Can you tell me we're your located, and a rough guess as to what it cost per weekend to cover car related fees? thanks JimM
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