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  1. Good evening, My name is Jason and I am seeking a team in need of a driver for Gingerman in August. I have raced two races with one being in Chump car and the second one with Champ Car. I ran with a team that had a 2004 Acura TL in both races with the first Race was at Road America and the second one at Brainerd. I ran in the rain at Road America for my first race and I ran a 3:48 which was 12 plus seconds faster then any of my teammates. At Brainerd I put up a 2:03 for the first day which was 2nd fastest on our team and I dont recall my time on the second day. I am easy going and always up to help out with any work that needs to be done on the car and working the pit stops wherever needed.
  2. Hi Matt, I will give you a call tomorrow. Thanks
  3. Good evening, as its drawing closer to the race I just wanted everyone to know I am still looking for a seat in the race at Road America if anyone is still looking for a driver.
  4. Good evening, I was wondering if your still looking for a driver, your post is from a while ago? Thanks
  5. Good evening, no worries I completely understand. I want to thank you for reaching out to me in the first place and if you need a driver for any future races please keep me in mind. Have a good night.
  6. Good morning, yes I am still looking for a seat, sorry I didn't see your reply until this morning. My name is Jason Justman and you can contact me directly at 773-987-6829 or using my email which is nogaroblueturbo27@gmail.com. Thanks
  7. Good evening, My name is Jason and I am looking for a team in need of a driver for this springs race at Road America. So far I have driven in one Chump Car Series race at Road America and one Champ car series race at Brainerd driving a 2004 Acura TL. The race at Road America I raced the second day in the rain putting up a best time of our team 3:48 and the race at Brainerd I races the first and second day with the first days time being 2:03 and I really don't remember my second days time. I am able to pitch in where needed including pit stops and refueling. Thanks
  8. My name is Jason and I am looking for a team in need of a driver. I have compeated in two races so far in Champ car with my first one being at Road America last fall and the second one this year at Brainerd. In both cases I was just a stand in for a driver that wasnt available for the race, and I am looking to do that again. I would also be open to joining a team on a permanent basis if I turn out to be a good fit.I did really well in both races putting up some respectable times and I feel I can contribute quite a bit to any team I drive with. In addition to driving I enjoy working the pits for pits stops and am always up for pitching in when work needs to be done to the car. Thanks
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