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  1. are these offered up as sacrifice to the greater good? or behind a pay wall?
  2. It looks like your cage performed exceptionally well, glad you are mostly ok! I had a question about the diagonal bar on the cage coming down from the A pillar support to the mounting point.. is that a new trend in cage design? looks like Zack did the same: What does that help with?
  3. Thank you @vtjballeng for your commitment to safety - I think this mindset continues to improve our series. And thank you also to @wvumtnbkr for willingly sharing his challenging experiences over the last year (fire, wreck..) to improve others' understanding of safety in building cars. James, could you share more detail on the false floor and footwell intrusion? I have a pretty good idea of how a dash bar would be installed, but those two items aren't so clear to me. Thanks!
  4. @Bill Strong maybe the new 3D cage design on the champcar site could include recommendations like dash bar and footwell bars to the diagram in a different color or something? This would certainly be helpful to new teams like mine. I can't wait to see the finished product!
  5. I think the concern about a helmet check is that helmets, suits, equipment etc. can be shared with other people. It is much more difficult (while still technically possible if you have small hands) to share a wristband.
  6. Maybe not at that price, but I feel the desire. Dallas is quite a rock's throw from most tracks... Excited to be at NCM!
  7. a quick internet search shows that cullman, AL is 4 hrs from both AMP and Road Atlanta, while NCM is only 3hrs away. cut the guy some slack, he was right!
  8. They only had one camera, the main tower cam, working today, and they were showing it on Facebook.
  9. See my post above, but at Harris Hill this team was running an average laptime of 95 seconds on saturday from lap 60 to 136 which was almost all green flag, minus a couple local yellow laps it appears. 76 laps x 95 seconds / 60 sec per min = 120.33 min. times pulled from speedhive csv.
  10. In the interest of fairness, I looked through the speedhive results for the and found these laps for pitting: Sat: 60, 136, 213, race end on 280 Sun: 61, 130, 176, race end (early?) 189 So I'm not sure where you pulled 96 laps, the most I see is 77 laps? Which is right about 2 hours based on their lap times.
  11. @Jer do you know of any fixed point value submissions that Tech makes to the Board for approval? I think this issue/question is mostly for unlisted parts, but we're just curious as to the process here.
  12. (quoted from a different topic listing) I think 4.4.4 answers your implied question pretty well, in that tech can assign values to parts that are then ratified by the Board of Directors, which is our method of representation in the organization. I would agree with this rule that point values are not specifically rules changes, as the FPV of a new, unlisted item may need to be assigned more rapidly than once a year at petition time. I think maybe what you would like to see is a list of FPVs that tech submits and the board of directors approves? That seems like a reasonable request.
  13. This caught my interest, so I looked it up and apparently NASCAR is using IMPAXX foam, which comes in several flavors and can be bought in sheet form here: https://www.rollbarpadding.com/products/cat-14 I don't know if this is the most cost effective, but it's a start! Edit: I searched around on the site a little more, they also do custom molding for foam and have SFI rated foam sheets here: https://www.rollbarpadding.com/products/cat-5
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