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  1. best phone number to reach somebody useful?
  2. Awesome!! John Heinricy (with corvette) was still racing pro at least in 2017 with Pirelli BSpec in a Chevy Sonic.
  3. The ChampCar Garage FB page had a post today about lots of 6UL's breaking on people - just relaying information, no personal experience
  4. I think @Team Infiniti means he stows it up here on the frame rails
  5. I was confused about the numbers at first, so I added some clarification above for other people who may be confused like me haha. If 5 races is required to qualify, the number of teams in blue would qualify for the championship. If it is 4 races, the amount of teams in red would be added to the blue qualifiers. To your point about the last quarter of the year, how many of the 33 teams with two races are going to run 3 more races in the last quarter to qualify? Considering that is at least 2 weekends, possibly 3 depending on which weekends you attend, I would imagine not many of the 2 race teams will be able to make it. That would put a dent in championship attendance. If we hypothetically apply 2020 qualification rules of 5 races to the past three years, in 2017 we would 48 teams qualify. In 2018, 42 teams. In 2019, so far only 14 teams are qualified - I agree, this number will go up in the last quarter. But as you mention, the trend of teams doing 5 or more races is worsening. So, if we estimate half of the teams with 3 or 4 races so far this year will do at least one more weekend to qualify, that number is only 14 more teams. so we would have 28 qualify. Not based on position of finish, purely on how many races they participated in. Will we still apply a cutoff based on finish to knock out more teams? I just don't see how this is encouraging more teams to try for the national championship. Yes, maybe we want to avoid the one and done type championship winner, but if the numbers of races teams are financially able to complete is falling, this will quickly become a race of who can afford to race the most. I guess this really all boils down to this: is it worth discouraging teams from being able to attend, or even try for the national championship to gain the desired exclusivity? Is the championship race just for those who can afford 3 or more race weekends a year? Sorry for the long rant. I figured that's what the internet was for anyway. I welcome any opinions and comments on this, fire away!
  6. First off, thank you so so much to the ChampCar team, track staff and flaggers, and all the volunteers that made this awesome event happen! Another shout out to everyone who participated in the potluck, what a great time! We were thankful for a good meal and the camaraderie, and can’t wait for the next one. Coming into the weekend we were super pumped for some great weather and the chance for some good drive time for our 2nd attempt at a race weekend. We ran Gingerman last year and spun a bearing Saturday morning requiring an at-the-track engine swap.. followed up by a broken hub adapter for the trans on Sunday morning. Not the best start to our ChampCar career. Friday test day went pretty smoothly, as the team’s fly-in renter (Texas is pretty far from Detroit) I was able to get comfortable in the car again since last year. Special shout out to @National Tech , Jay came around in the morning and chatted with our team about tips and things we needed to fix before actual tech that afternoon which made our process 10x easier! Our only test day problem was that we discovered an oil leak around lunchtime that we spent a large part of the afternoon diagnosing to no avail. It didn’t leak any oil at idle or with engine off, so we were going through all the high pressure oil channels we could find to source the leak. Overnight we put some faith in our old friend JB's welding capabilities to seal up some suspect places on the engine so we could have a smooth race the next morning. Some Friday evening brews and camping finished out the day nicely. Saturday morning we set our sights on a 30 minute stint to check if we were still leaking oil, and since we started at the back of the pack anyway it wouldn’t hurt us too much. When Jordan pulled in for the 1st check, it was quite clear that nothing had changed. Took it back to the paddock for a bit to remove the intake manifold (again) to see if the leak was more obvious.. nope. Still no oil leak at idle (or at all overnight, for that matter). So we cleaned everything off, buttoned it up and sent Jordan back out. Another 30 minutes, still leaking, pulled back to the paddock.. an endless cycle of Saturday that also included a leaking valve stem that the guys at Rome Standard Service, about 10 minutes towards South Haven, had fixed for us in record time! So our Saturday race turned into a test & fix day, running short stints to get the oil pressure up so it would leak a little and we could try to find the source. Another quick weld job by JB set to cure overnigh, more brews and a track walk helped ease the craziness of the day. Sunday morning came about and after ole JB had plenty of time to cure we were again hoping that we wouldn’t have to take that dang intake manifold off for the umpteenth time – no luck. We set out to get our drivers as much drive time on Sunday as possible, running short stints so we didn't drop the oil pressure too low and swapping drivers on the hour. Unfortunately about 130pm our transmission announced that it would be retiring from the sport, and a nice flat tow into the paddock ended our race weekend again. I was able to get some seat time both Saturday and Sunday, and man what a friggin' blast! I was lucky to get some clean air for a couple laps to learn the car at race pace and make sure I knew where the flag stations were. The car felt so much better than last year after we got the right size wheel/tire combo and cleaned up some suspension issues. I had some good battles with the 510 Datsun and the yellow and black miata (not MiElan) on Saturday, and had some fun passing the E36 with a nifty snowboard wing and that sweet golf on Sunday! I loved the clean driving by the many who passed me and the few who I was able to pass. I am continually impressed by the level of skill y'all have as drivers and wrenches! Sunday I stayed to watch the end of the race from Spectator Hill, and man WHAT A FINISH! Watching gyvulys and bavarian mustache works battle it out was absolutely epic, and I turned just in time to see TRMotorsports make the move inside on turn 2 to take the A class win AND the final podium spot on the white flag lap! You couldn't script this stuff. Awesome race. Also if you have never watched from the hill, it is a great view of almost every corner at the track. Worth the hike! Although frustrated by endless mechanical issues, we had a fantastic time at Gingerman Raceway and hope to be back again soon. We all got significantly more seat time than last year which yielded way better spirits and way more fun!
  7. our pit bike just has a small block of high density plastic to cover the point where the chain hits the frame, seems easily replaceable too!
  8. especially for Eagles Canyon... 😳
  9. Can you imagine the chaos in the corvette crowd if they got rid of the front engine AND pushrods?? lol we can only implode their world a little bit at a time
  10. Maybe my team is doing it wrong.. but we just swap in the junkyard, 170hp rated 2.4L Ecotec and call it a day. With a 2.2 that number is smaller, around 155hp.
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