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  1. LOL....I thought the same exact thing. Love it!
  2. Odometer, photo taken on July 2nd. It is in the neighborhood of 54,000 miles now. My office is 4 miles from my home. So, it doesn't see many miles.
  3. Awesome tow vehicle and everyday driver! I am selling my 2013 Toyota Tundra 2WD with TRD Supercharger. It is fast...really fast. And fun. Plus, it tows like a beast. Double Cab SR5, 5.7 Liter iForce V8 Toyota TRD Supercharger installed at 11,000 miles - factory warranty 55,000 miles 3" Spacer Lift in front, Airbags in rear 20" BBS wheels with Nitto Terra Grappler tires (50% life) Leather interior Aftermarket step bars Marine electric air horn Tinted windows Mesh aftermarket grill Stock exhaust Trailer Brake controller Always run on full synthetic oil Clean title, no accidents, no service issues One owner. I bought it new in March 2013. $ 25,000 I will deliver it to the ChampCar race at Sebring in September, if you want to take it from there. I will have it serviced and fully checked over, prior to final sale. The truck is fast. Like really fast. Embarrass Mustangs and Camaros all over town. I love this truck, but it won't fit in my new garage. I want to park in my new garage. Seriously...that is why I am selling it. To tell you how much I love this truck, my previous record for longest time ever keeping one vehicle was 2 1/2 years. I have had this truck for 6 years and 5 months.
  4. Since anyone new to this thread is probably not reading comments from the early pages, I will repeat an idea: Create TWO different events on Race Hero and Race Monitor. One has the entire field, including EC, and the other OFFICIAL race has EC cars removed from T&S. I have contacted both Race Hero and Race Monitor. Both confirmed that this can be done with a fairly simple setup. ChampCar does not need any additional equipment. It just takes a little work to setup another race and hide the EC cars from the display. Simple. No penalty laps and no hurt feelings from EC teams. The EC teams can watch the race that includes their cars and the rest of the teams can watch the OFFICIAL race T&S.
  5. See video that I just posted at the end of page 1. Definitely nothing to be piling on. It was good driving and just me seeing a big silver car braking later than my little silver car. Good job!
  6. @Team Infiniti Here it is! Definitely looked scarier in my rear view mirror. From this angle it looks very normal. But you can see how close we were at T1 exit. My mirror was full of silver shark. And a HUGE thank you for letting our conga line through, coming onto the front straight. I was yelling to the crew "PHOTO OP!" They missed it. All three team cars crossing the yard of bricks together.
  7. That was exactly when it was. All three Boxsters were lined up and @Huggy was right behind us in the Lexus. I saw it on his video. I will try to find it again. It was not a problem at all. I was just shocked at how deep you went in T1. I was not expecting a good result. I'll see if I can find the video clip and post it. I do know that there was no tire smoke, no tail wagging, or any slipping and sliding. It was a damn impressive job of braking late.
  8. Saturday, around 3:30 pm. I was in the silver Boxster and was in a battle with @Huggy in the Lexus. I looked in my mirror and saw the shark bearing down in the braking zone. I was preparing for a Code Brown. The shark made it through! I was thoroughly impressed!!
  9. Absolutely! You're effectively running on a narrower tire, due to reduced contact patch. The shark car scared me a few times in turn 1, but I was impressed that you got that heavy car to stop in time. One time in particular, I was waiting for the thud in my passenger door, but you made it. I can imagine that did some serious wear on the brakes. Watch the broadcast from Saturday. The lead car blew the turn 1 braking zone at the start. The braking zone is much longer than you expect and that is because of the grooves in the track surface.
  10. When we went out for the team photos, I showed it to all of our drivers. I agree that a track walk would have helped.
  11. The first test day at the 2017 Runoffs was very entertaining. I would say that 75% of the cars blew turn 1, at some point.
  12. Indy has a unique feature that apparently caught many drivers by surprise. The oval is grooved longitudinally. That is great for an IndyCar going 230 mph, needing lateral grip in the corners, but it is bad for straight line stopping. The grooves reduce the tire's contact patch. The braking zones for turns 1 and 13 are longer than expected, due to this loss of contact patch. Interestingly, the grooves actually affect the street tires less than they did the slicks that we ran there in 2017. But, I definitely saw a lot of cars blowing turns 1 and 13. One of them ruined our weekend on Sunday. Blew turn 13 and took out our silver car.
  13. @Huggy Great video. I was in the silver car. You and I had a long battle on Saturday. I was having a blast, hooting and hollering in the car. That was a big "thumbs up" that I kept throwing at you. I hope that it didn't look like something else. I really had a good time racing with you. Super clean and respectful...as it should be. I was so worn out after that stint that they had to lift me out of the car. Cool suit wasn't working, water hose had fallen down on the first lap, and my air hose had popped off. But I would not trade that stint. So much fun. Thank you for the clean racing. Hope to see you again soon. By the way, that was Speedy Dan Clarke (former F3 World Champion, IndyCar driver, etc) in the white car. I got to follow him for a little bit and I am truly in awe of him. Amazing to watch him wheel a car. Also really fun to get coached by a pro with an English accent.
  14. If you're concerned about the FR-S, go drive one. It will calm your fears. Owners call then FR-Slow. The car is not fast. Good brakes though. Great car to add to the series. The transmission won't last though. I highly doubt that it will go 2 hours also. Has wicked fuel starve issues too.
  15. How much data does the Yi 4K use in 720P mode? I am testing mine now and I cannot figure out how to connect it to the phone to use the data from that phone. The phone is connected to the camera via wi-fi. So, it won't let me turn on HotSpot on that same phone. I imagine that I need to use another phone or a hotspot. Problem with the hotspot is that it is limited to 10GB. How much data will this camera use for a live stream?
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