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  1. I definitely saw a photographer out there. He was at the entrance to the carousel for a while on Saturday. The photos of our cars were sent to us by one of our local drivers. I'll try to find out where he got them.
  2. It was a fantastically fun and successful weekend for our team. We had all three R3R Boxsters on track and even scored a 3rd overall on Friday. We did have one catastrophic failure, but it was due to a sniper pebble with perfect aim. It punctured the radiator with a one in a million shot. I'll address one thing first. We did put Pro drivers in the cars. Johan Schwartz (PWC) drove 603 and Josh Bilicki (NASCAR) drove 602. On Friday, 601 had a local hot-shoe with pro-level abilities, as well as Johan Schwartz. Some may question why we would do that, when the Boxster is a hot button for some competitors. Easy answer... we wanted to show everyone the absolute upper limit for these cars and calm any fears. With pros at the wheel, we were still 3 seconds slower than Ludicrous Speed MR2. Our human drivers were in the 2:53 - 2:56 range (7-10 seconds slower than the winning car). And as expected, we could only go 85-90 minutes on fuel. 602 and 603 ran out of fuel multiple times during the race. A more detailed reason is that we wanted to test the C car vs. the EC car. We needed a super fast and consistent driver for that. We proved that there is virtually no difference between the cars. The EC car is just stiffer and has some adjustability. For that reason, we're coverting the EC car to C class. In our opinion, the cars fit in very nicely in ChampCar and we're excited to compete for podium finishes. We had a great time and really enjoyed meeting fellow competitors and making new friends. It's going to be a fun season. Thank you to ChampCar officials and volunteers. Special thanks to everyone for being gentle on us rookies. #VisorDown Brad
  3. Out of curiosity, which tires are you guys buying for rain? We're new to this street tire racing.
  4. What's the word from locals on the weather? Weather Underground is showing a pretty crappy Thursday, mildly crappy Friday, and rather glorious Saturday. Dark Sky app is not so pessimistic on Friday. This will be our first time running these 200TW tires in the rain. We have three different types of tires with us (still experimenting). Birdgestone RE-71, Hankook RS-4, and Dunlop Direzza Z3. Any comments, based on your experience with these tires in wet conditions? My guess is that the RE-71 will be good, Z3 okay, and RS-4 fairly awful. Just a guess though.
  5. Okay. Good point. We're new here and don't have a ton of experience with the cars that show up to the races. Out of curiosity, what percentage of EC cars are typically cars that are not listed on the VPI and what percentage are cars on the VPI, but with point totals that are too high? Thinking back to the events that I have attended, the only non-VPI cars that I can remember are an MX-5 Cup car at VIR, a Cayman at Sebring, and a 350Z at Road Atlanta. A quick scan of Daytona appears to show 125 cars on the VPI, but I did not study it in depth. There could be some which are performance versions of a car model that are not listed, but it appears that the base car is listed on the VPI for most, if not all, of the entries.
  6. We had this same problem in another club. Guys from Trans-Am, PWC, and other series were using big events as a test for their primary series. It totally screwed up the races and took valuable points away from the guys who were racing for the championship in the club. So, they asked the teams that were testing to be excluded from the final results. They would still be shown on the scoring sheet, but their position would not be included in the final results, the points, or the podium. Some guys accepted it and others did not. As an idea for ChampCar, they could simply say that if your car is not listed in the VPI, you will not be included in the scoring. So, an EC car that is not on the VPI is not scored...not even for the EC class win. That would be fair. It would hopefully encourage a team with a car that is not classed in ChampCar from interfering with the race. So, the Caymans would not be racing for the EC win...not even the Sahlen's Cayman at Sebring or WGI. Not on the VPI...not scored.
  7. Agreed. Everything that you say here is true. I have no problem taking the points for this mod. I don't think that it is worth 10 pts, but we're new here and not in a real strong position to debate point value for different modifications. Our car needs a PS fix and this is the best solution for us.
  8. When websites state 5 - 8 hp, that is definitely just marketing bs. Parasitic loss vs horsepower. Removing the PS pump does not increase horsepower, it reduces parasitic loss. The same can be done via other means. From what I have seen in my short time in ChampCar, aerodynamic drag is a much bigger factor than 2 hp of reduced parasitic load from removing PS pump. Try changing your transmission fluid from 75W-140 to 75W-90. You'll probably see even more difference than removing your PS pump.
  9. To be clear, we have no problem running on track with that Cayman. All of our drivers have a lot of experience and it will be no problem for us. The owner of the car is a good guy and an experienced racer. I'm sure that he will be very smart about the way that he races it. I just question WHY someone would want to run such a car with this series. I am all for nice cars coming to run with ChampCar. Just bring cars that are appropriate for the competition. To give you an idea of the speed, here's my video from last year in a similar 3.8 liter Cayman that was built for PWC GTS. Sorry for the crappy white balance. Speed at the end of the front straight was 156 mph. Fast lap in practice was 2:19, just to see if I could do it. I had no other cars in my class that weekend. So, this was a leisurely cruise around RA. This is on Hoosier A7 tires.
  10. I've been reading this incorrectly the whole time!! All other items on the list are shown like this... Modification: XX points The Electro-Hydraulic Conversion says "- 10 pts" This is awesome!! We get to deduct 10 points for this conversion!
  11. Our electric pump is in the trunk (front of the car, in a Boxster). So, it definitely stays a lot cooler. EDIT: The consensus from the company that designed the system is that it saves 2 - 3 hp of parasitic load in the Boxster.
  12. For the record, we did not do it for horsepower gains. In PCA, it is highly recommended (in the rules) that every Boxster add a cooler for the power steering. The stock power steering in the Boxster cannot handle racing conditions. In ChampCar, that cooler is 20 points and it is debatable whether it would even do the job for an endurance race. Electro-Hydraulic is more reliable and was fewer points. For us, a fix for the power steering is mandatory. We had no choice, if we wanted to race this car.
  13. Our lead tech designed it and actually sells the system for other Porsches. I'll see if I can get the specs on the pump. I know that it is pretty stout. I believe that Mini Coopers use an electro-hydraulic power steering pump. That might be an option for you.
  14. As a note, it doesn't result in horsepower gains. If anything, it only reduces parasitic losses. Any reduction is very small. Not worthy of 10 points, in our opinion. If you're looking for speed gains, you'd be better off taping the gaps in your bodywork than you would converting to electro-hydraulic power steering. We converted our cars to electro-hydraulic because of the known issue with the Boxster power steering. The stock system boils over very easily and is not sufficient for endurance racing, let alone sprint racing. In our car, it is just to fix a flaw and allow us to race it.
  15. Flying in early to pick up some Spotted Cow. We actually found another beer by that same brewery that is pretty good too. When you come by, ask for Brad. I'm the bald guy with a beard.
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