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  1. From the Supps: Food: You may not bring large quantities of food into the track, nor will you be allowed to have catered food or alcohol. Barbecues: No barbecues on IMS facilities. And then at the bottom... Concessions: Open. Located in the Pagoda Plaza.
  2. Unless you've only been to 3 tracks or only been to really bad tracks, Indy is not making anyone's top 3 tracks...no matter which layout they run. Indy is about nostalgia. The first time that you round that final corner with your foot buried on the throttle and you come up on the front straight, it is worth every penny that it cost to race there. I'll agree that for an experienced racer, in a sprint race, with little concern about cars exiting pt lane, that long turn 1 looked pretty fun. But with 100 cars on track, inexperienced drivers, 400+ pit stops per day, and a concrete wall, that long turn 1 could have been a disaster. I'd still like to try it once, though...in a car that is really good under trail braking.
  3. In this case, I think that it is just some confusion caused by the different track surface colors. If that pavement was all the same color and there wasn't a white line down the middle, it wouldn't even be a consideration to make a no-go zone. Turn 7 has a nice flow and a wide exit. When IndyCar, PCA, SVRA, and others use the 5-6 chicane, they install an exit curb and keep the track limits to the dark paved surface. It will make sense to everyone, when you drive it.
  4. As a note, the darker part of Hulman Drive is intended for the course layout that uses the 5-6 chicane. They put blue and white exit curbing along that pavement divide. It makes sense for that layout. For the layout with the T6 carousel, you use the extra T7 exit pavement. I'd strongly suggest that ChampCar officials take a trip to Indy and negotiate an opportunity to drive the track and test the different layouts. Experience turn 1, turn 7, and turn 12. Try it out and see how it flows. SCCA spent a weekend at Indy, trying out the different layouts with racers, before they made a decision.
  5. Fair enough. I'll play by whatever rules are laid out, but I have a feeling that you're going to agree with me, about 2 laps into your first stint. What happens if you go through there 2-wide and the guy on the inside forces you into the no-go zone and doesn't let you back in? Who gets the black flag? I disagree with putting track limits like this. The area is paved. It isn't dangerous. It adds to the ability to have side-by-side racing. It puts less wear on the tires. Why limit that area? I'm not sure of the purpose for putting that limit. Watch this. It is the Spec Miata race. Watch the exit of turn 7. That is the natural flow of the corner.
  6. No, it is going to cause a lot of problems. Watch this video. This is my opening lap from the 2017 Runoffs at Indy. You have to use a lot of track at the exit of turn 7, if you go through there 2-wide. Now, imagine 100 cars on track. On this lap, I ran through 7 with @John Weisberg (in the MX-5). I used that "no-go zone" for most of that straight. If you take that area away, you kill the flow of turn 7. You'll just have to drive it and see. You use all of the exit at turn 7. If you make that a no-go zone, it will make this track awful to drive. Go on Youtube and watch some videos from the Indy Runoffs. Watch Spec Miata, as those cars handle similarly to a lot of our Champcars. Watch how they go through turn 7.
  7. @LuckyKid You guys may want to take a look at your firewall and patch that hole. Watch at 1:23.19. Flames...
  8. Just to clarify, the Cayman at WGI was a 2.9 liter car that ran in Conti ST. It is not all that scary. The Cayman at Road America was a completely different animal. It was a 3.8 liter PDK car that was built for World Challenge GTS class (now known as GT4). That car didn't belong. I'm not so worried about the Sahlen's 2.9 liter Cayman.
  9. The problem is that the classes in ChampCar don't make much sense. Create 4 sensible, differentiated classes, and race for class wins. I'm all for that.
  10. That is already built into Race Hero. It is at the top. It defaults to Overall, but you can click that and then select your class. The problem is that you cannot select to see A,B,C,D together without EC. Anyways, we know now that multiple races can be configured simultaneously on Race Hero and Race Monitor. We've probably beat this issue to death now.
  11. 1) It removes EC from the actual ChampCar race for the "overall" win 2) It creates a place to monitor the EC car race, without applying negative laps 3) It allows ChampCar media to easily display a leader-board without EC included 4) It helps those who are challenged by math 5) It gives the complainers something else to complain about
  12. Answer from Mike Weatherman (support@race-monitor.com) from Race Monitor: The short answer is Yes, you can run multiple events at the same time. Two down, one to go. SpeedHive is in the Netherlands. So, it will likely be tomorrow before I get an answer.
  13. "I'm bettin' you is a glass is half empty kinda guy. Am I right?"
  14. Done. Emails sent to both. Will report back with their answers.
  15. I went to Race Hero directly and asked them if we could run 2 events simultaneously at the same track, using the same T&S loop. Here is the answer: Yes. Create two events in Orbits, set them up how you like with each race having (the EC or ChampCar) cars muted. Then backup and restore into your second Orbits. Have two copies of the RaceHero Relay, one connected to each, and broadcast accordingly. On RaceHero you’ll see two events, each broadcasting only the race you care about. BAM! Done.
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