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  1. Sadly, I checked and we already got rid of both of our shift lockout systems. They went with one of the cars. Bummer. If someone was genuinely interested, I would check with Danny McKeever's Fast Lane Driving School and see if they have one laying around the shop. I think that they have a few of the cars remaining. They also had one car that they had used for a movie scene, where they flipped it multiple times. That car was destroyed, but I am sure that the shift lockout system was okay. Maybe someone could work a deal to get it. In 2013, I had tracked down the company that made the system for TRD. They didn't have much info about it, but I believe that they said the lockout was set for 64 mph. So, once the speed exceeded 64 mph, the cam turns and locks out 2nd gear. Very cool system.
  2. For sure, the shifter mounting bushings help. There are also some upgraded bushings for the shift links on the transmission. Do those too. I'm now wondering if shimming the right side mounts a little on the shifter assembly might help too. Besides the sloppy system, it is also a bad angle issue with the shifter. If you're mid-turn while shifting, it is beyond easy to go from 3rd to 2nd on an upshift. Toyota knew it, as they built an angle into the shifter arm. Besides turns, it is also easy to do in a straight line. Coming to the green at Daytona, leading the field...3rd to 2nd. It cost me a set of valves, but I felt worse for the vintage 911 that was on my tail and rear-ended me. I'm serious that I would consider buying one of the ex-pro/celeb cars just for the shift lockout system. It works incredibly. I stupidly took it out, because it weighs 15 lbs. That move cost me a few races and a few sets of valves. I'm looking to see if we still have those lockouts. They are worth their weight in gold! We also considered a permanent 2nd gear lock-out. We barely ever used 2nd gear anyways.
  3. Not sarcastic. It is a good idea which we had not considered, based on perceived cost. But if it cuts travel time in half and one or both of the drivers can crew that weekend, it would work great.
  4. The great thing about this series is that there are big haulers parked next to open trailers. You know what? We treat the open trailer guy with the same respect that we treat the guy with a big hauler. I spent time pulling my own trailer with my daily driver pickup truck and turning wrenches on my own car. No crew...just me. I still drive the same pickup truck every day, but my wrenching skills sucked. We'll be at Barber in a couple weeks and at 9 events next year. If you're at one of them, stop by our paddock and introduce yourself. I hope you'll walk away seeing that we're normal guys, just like everyone else in the paddock. Here's a pic of me and my dad at Sebring in 1983 with an open trailer and a Datsun 1200. We've been at this a long time and figured a few things out along the way.
  5. I believe that you can, but it gets a little tricky. It's a good idea, though! One issue is finding truck drivers. We struggle to find one for almost every event. And they are expensive! A good driver gets paid really well. But I like the idea and I have two guys in mind. If it can cut the travel time in half, it is worth it...if one or both guys can actually help at the track and maybe eliminate a crew guy. Thanks for the idea!
  6. Hot seat? I don't know what that means. The DOT has electronic devices on all commercial trucks now. So, they are electronically tracking trucks. If you go over the hours, you automatically get fined.
  7. We're looking at 5 days to get there and 5 days to get home, as we need to take the southern route in winter. With the big rig, we're DOT limited to 11 hours of driving per day. It makes for about 10 hours of actual travel time per day. Brutal. Pretty tough to justify, when it is not winner-take-all. And 2 of our cars might not even qualify on points. It is pretty close, but we're currently on the outside looking in.. Not sure if we're going to make this one. How about making everyone that has met the 2-race minimum and makes the trip to Sonoma eligible to race for the Championship, no matter how many points they have? Something like that might encourage more people to make the trip.
  8. So, will Sonoma be run under the 2019 BCCR? New rules for 2020 don't apply?
  9. I just did the swap calculator and it came out to 464 points.
  10. That's a good question. Winner Take All at Sonoma would make it more interesting and could possibly bolster attendance.
  11. My pleasure. A few more notes: You may read online about swapping to a JDM ECU to bump it from 180 hp to 190 hp. It works, BUT the JDM ecu is speed limited to 118 mph. I found that out the hard way. So, you need to trick the speed signal which is easy to do. Momo made a Podium wheel in 15X7 for the Celica and it was only like $129 each. Very good wheel and pretty lightweight. You might check to see if they still have them. I am afraid that if they add it to the VPI, you're probably looking at a 500+ point car. You can get that car under 2000 lbs with very little effort. If the GT is 400 points, I think you're screwed on the GTS. Hell, the FR-S is 500 points and the Celica GTS is faster than an FR-S. If they list it under 500 points, have at it! Otherwise, run it in EC and give me a call. I'll give you a killer setup for that car which won't cost you an arm and a leg.
  12. @Vitamin-E Racing We ran 15X7 wheels and I would highly recommend sticking with 15" wheels. The 17" were just too much for that car. Also, make sure that you use OEM boots for the CV joints. And pack them with Redline CV-2 grease or another high temp CV grease. I sent an email to Luke with a couple other tips. If you're going to run stock ride height or similar, you should be okay. When you get those cars too low, you'll start eating CV joints and blowing boots. At that point, you need to start customizing the CV joint. The car is a lot of fun to race. Get in touch with MonkeyWrench racing, as they have a ton of stuff for that car. You should seriously consider a Fuel Surge Tank (FST), as that car will fuel starve at about 1/4 full. You'd also be smart to get the Moroso oil pan. The transmission is not great. Just be gentle. Once it starts grinding, you're pretty screwed. And a street clutch is not going to cut it. Talk with Monkey Wrench and get their recommendation, but we used an AST clutch that worked great. Tell all of your drivers to be careful with that gearbox. It is so incredibly easy to do the 3rd to 2nd upshift. I cannot stress that enough. And don't get fancy with the shifter. Use the stock setup, as a short-shifter makes it even worse.
  13. I sent you a message. Please email me with your contact info or give me a call. My contact info is in the signature below.
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