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  1. that car turned 2.16's ...... you would have to haul to run beside him !
  2. Is that what you rule mongers really want......A specific use of words that will stand up to an arguable legal conclusion that you think less contestable...but nothing really is....or simple common sense interpretations that the great majority get ...even you...as the intended message......this is why concerning rules ...less can be more....Now Daytona tomorrow !
  3. I think its port overlap...Exhaust cool...no green font ?
  4. and the varible intake runner thingy majigger..
  5. there is a hot rod shop in Stuart , not far from the 901 shop...he said he has built a thousand cages....did the one in JB BUGS VW..
  6. Its more fun to race with team mates whose word is good no matter what ...
  7. I'll take it if still available.....
  8. you don't deflection in a suspension piece ..you want a friction free movement in the designed direction.. shocks move in several directions as the suspension compress'es and extends..most race shocks use spherical bearing to accommodate this ...think of the difference 1/8 toe in can have on your handling...that and more would all be easily lost to mushy rubber bushing
  9. Delrin is all kind of superior for bushing...less galling ,from self lubrication .harder for a precise fitment , and pivot free action...cost more , but worth it ....only better in my experience is spericals
  10. We run the 245's on an 8 inch in the front ....seems decent from a grip standpoint , havent wore the rs4's enough to comment on wear pattern
  11. From what I have read the maximum temp that produces the designed oil flow for most engines is 302 F , over that number the viscosity change will effect the flow to less than the designed ideal...so 240 at the gauge worries me ..oil temps are an average ..I am concerned that the hotter spots would exceed the 302 Degree ideal...a lower measured temp would mean a lower average and lower hot spots temp.
  12. dogtired , maybe you didn't read the " early Chump /lemons " part
  13. Sorry , my above post was about the ones previous to yours , we were responding at the same time apparently..
  14. The above post argues that the fast guys want to get free reliability items to go faster ... OK....who doesn't want their car to be capable of going faster ....But I am not good enough with my driving yet to run at the pointy end...And I want all the free reliability items we can get....because a small volume rear end in my car will self destruct from heat in an enduro, And the best geared rear ends are rare and costly....My car has a transmission that lasts a lot longer when cooled ....my engine runs so hot , it need two coolers to live.....All of those parts mean that when they go , our team races less , as we save to rebuild or replace those broken items...Yes that is racing but , but what is wrong with it being more affordable for us budget restricted teams , by optimizing reliability .....As to going backward , that would drive me away ....I have zero interest in the early Chump / lemons stuff ....Our team joined when we saw real prepared race cars running in Chump now Champ, as opposed to that clown float poop...
  15. hypocritical  is when you think  a device that everyone could benefit from  should not be free...and   proposing   an addition to a performance swap that helps that particular  car because of  a vulnerable oil pan as should be free...I believe the poster had 28 petitions , about 20 were for cars that he doesn't run ( I am guessing that he doesn't run 20 or so cars )...so obviously your asinine statement is predicated on a lack of knowledge , ...which unfortunately makes it completely asinine..

    1. zack_280


      One of us lacks knowledge, I'll give you that.

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