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  1. that's the weird thing about aero knowledge...some say that the vortex generators add energy to the air and cause it to resist separation and mimic a less curved roof line..
  2. Until I read this thread , I never knew we were not class racing....always wondered why the class awards paled in contrast to the overall...Now I know, regardless we are still racing for a class victory , and enjoy a good overall finish position also....
  3. a 13b with stand alone can be produce 190 + , weigh 248 lbs , and not produce the torque to wreck the miata 5 speed , except for fuel , would be a light 8500 rpm screamer..
  4. that car turned 2.16's ...... you would have to haul to run beside him !
  5. Is that what you rule mongers really want......A specific use of words that will stand up to an arguable legal conclusion that you think less contestable...but nothing really is....or simple common sense interpretations that the great majority get ...even you...as the intended message......this is why concerning rules ...less can be more....Now Daytona tomorrow !
  6. I think its port overlap...Exhaust cool...no green font ?
  7. and the varible intake runner thingy majigger..
  8. there is a hot rod shop in Stuart , not far from the 901 shop...he said he has built a thousand cages....did the one in JB BUGS VW..
  9. Its more fun to race with team mates whose word is good no matter what ...
  10. I'll take it if still available.....
  11. you don't deflection in a suspension piece ..you want a friction free movement in the designed direction.. shocks move in several directions as the suspension compress'es and extends..most race shocks use spherical bearing to accommodate this ...think of the difference 1/8 toe in can have on your handling...that and more would all be easily lost to mushy rubber bushing
  12. Delrin is all kind of superior for bushing...less galling ,from self lubrication .harder for a precise fitment , and pivot free action...cost more , but worth it ....only better in my experience is spericals
  13. We run the 245's on an 8 inch in the front ....seems decent from a grip standpoint , havent wore the rs4's enough to comment on wear pattern
  14. From what I have read the maximum temp that produces the designed oil flow for most engines is 302 F , over that number the viscosity change will effect the flow to less than the designed ideal...so 240 at the gauge worries me ..oil temps are an average ..I am concerned that the hotter spots would exceed the 302 Degree ideal...a lower measured temp would mean a lower average and lower hot spots temp.
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