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  1. our rotary has large tank , and is fast for the class , but we still only get 1.5 hours max , think we have a fair shot at an hour fourty five though..
  2. I want to say ,that rear facing cameras are the heat....way more comfortable to use than a quick mirror scan...and whoever was driving the silver miata number 57 or 56 in the rain , did a masterful job of passing me in what I think was turn 2 , when I had zero turn in apparently ...
  3. That"s not a low pressure area , just lower than the flat front grill area....
  4. oh gosh , an 18000.00 car ....you must be rich...
  5. I think a team can build a competitive car for 18000.00..that includes everything out there that doesn't have to pay the porsche tax , a team of 3 , are burdened with 6000.00 each for a race car , that is not the exclusive territory of the affluent.
  6. I have a ton of 914 experience , some water cooled , you could run at 1900 lbs and 220 horse easy , be pretty bad ass . the 901 box would be an endless expensive problem , but carrying the speed it is capable of thru the corners would be a hoot ,also the rally version had a 100 liter version tank..properly done you would have 20 grand in the roller...
  7. Your basic question is a general one that you want specific answers as to why one would disagree , The specific cars each would require a specific set of rules formula to reach parity with the other...We have a lot of different cars ....that's a lot of different rules ...think of the variables ; fuel capacity , weight , horsepower , fundamental handling superiority , design ability for endurance . Changing a fuel shortage to compensate that negative adds a different possible performance advantage to a chassis over one that doesn't need fuel ..What does a competitor do the regain parity , wh
  8. Mender , of course my opinion carrys no more weight than yours , But you seen on a crusade to add more complication to a series that you don't participate in , and apparently have an incredible amount of time to spend doing just that ....Give it a rest for heavens sake .
  9. Some cars because of their design can be built lighter ...some cars can be built more powerful ....some cars can be made to have superior handling , the points don't really achieve an accurate parity between them , as of now , fuel plus or minus 3 gallons doesn't add to that disparity . I can see where buying fuel capacity for points could.... no matter how more complicated you try and make the rules , the variables intrinsic to them create more possible disparity than equality , in champs economical enforcement climate...my view is leave them alone ....for Champ KISS....
  10. Its incredible how much better the newer cars can perform out of the box..so much different than the older models you had to pick and chose to get the best chassis to build on..If you run an older model that reason alone requires more spending to reach similar performance potential , shrinking aftermarket support often raises costs also....There is an endemic cost increase to stay competitive...no sense whining about it .
  11. These arguments and responses for the most part only effect the pointy end of the field , the sample is by definition small...don't burden the mass of us with regulation and complication that with some future hoped for ability could prove advantageous ..Snake is right ,and nothing proposed here will ever alter anything but the starting hoops that a new team must consider..
  12. there is no super duper...only flex , even if only the connections......so ultimately the middle would be softer, a smidge
  13. Saying that a fox bodied mustang takes very little to handle to its potential is condemnation by faint praise
  14. we ran a 95 m edition that in the old speed vision series....every race a couple of brothers from California would beat us...we heard they used 600 lbs on the corners...so we did ...they still beat us ...we heard they went to 900 lbs on the corners...so we did , they still beat us , we heard they went to 1100 lbs on the corners ,yes they still beat us .....the car never handled any worse is all I can say..
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