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  1. ablesnead

    Anyone have Aero questions?

    thanks that helps , although the speed of warmer air kinda messes with the over under ratio ...
  2. ablesnead

    Anyone have Aero questions?

    I didn't forget the green font , But glad you knew it was intended , if I knew how how to do the green font thing I would have .....At any given speed , and the resultant pressure beneath the car there is a fixed volume of air more without a dam and splitter , less with one ....it that volume of air is warm it has less mass , to resist the downforce , that any devices added to produce that ,apply....Now with warm air flowing over the car there is lift ...that means it would contradict the down force devices to an extent...how would that help.....I have a big hole in my hood to provide a low pressure spot behind the radiator to promote flow and the resulting cooling.....this Quandary I have isn't about hood vents as a useful tool...it just doesn't gel with cool air higher pressure , warm air lower pressure....To muddy it up more for me , I have seen warm air ducted under downforce devices to make them more effective , but other than the hood vent , never over them.....where in the hell is that expert guy !
  3. ablesnead

    Anyone have Aero questions?

    Mender , I am pretty sure you are full of baloney....that is why I am hoping an expert will chime in'....
  4. ablesnead

    Anyone have Aero questions?

    In have a general question ....Hot air moves faster and is less dense ....so why do people think venting air over the hood helps down force...isn't the opposite true ?
  5. ablesnead

    What about ecumaster? Better than Megasquirt?

    Any opinions on The Link ecu , more US dealers , and priced at 560.00 for a basic unit ....basic unit supports 2 rotors na , which would work for me in chump I hope ..
  6. ..We also run an RX7 S4 the front bilstein struts are from a mitsubishi 3000 gt...the rears can be revalved shocks for a 914 or we use their generic circle track shock..they are valved out of the box for 320 lb springs...we run 400 lb rears....the fronts seem to work well at the out of the box valving ...I don't know what it is .... but we run 600 lbs in the front ...look on the RX 7 club forum for " big ass budget build " lots of bilstein conversion conversation
  7. ablesnead

    Rolling miata fenders

    To each his own I guess , I don't think those flares on the bug look ricer , I think they look trick.....
  8. ablesnead

    Differentials Learn Me!

    our Torsen isn't locked on decel. or coast...which can help turn in...only one wheel exacerbating the front tires loss of traction push
  9. ablesnead

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    Lucky kid....you are the king of rationalization
  10. ablesnead

    Differentials Learn Me!

    I think a torsen woud help the understeer a little...but It sounds better for me the way it is , with easy to induce oversteer , rotation benefits should outweigh a minor push on entry
  11. I do gauge checks on straights ...can usually see flags on straights ....but I have missed a lot of flags over the years on twisty bits...that's why I have a bright shift light , can't focus on tach , everytime I need to ....hope this gadget is a bright light , not a gauge...
  12. my flag awareness is not good , I doubt that my awareness of this gadget will be good either...I think both combined will make me a little better with my overall shitty awareness...worth 100.00 bucks to me....but I doubt the 100.00 number...
  13. ablesnead

    rx-7 GSL-SE removed from VPI list?

    Actually the early 4 port 13b rotary's respond better to port work than the s4 s5 variant...
  14. ablesnead

    Fuel cell rule change

    If you spin in front of someone and they hit you ...you are at fault...own it !