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  1. Builders series my a**....dirt track modifieds are a builders series...you cant change your chassis , your engine location , your suspension pickups yada yada yada ...get over that sh** , those of us , that lack the experience , logistics , or talent , are out there racing our butts off...bet the majority of drivers didn't build the car they are in...sure we help bolt on parts when necessary, and pay our share for any performance that is allowed...its our series to ! This spirit of the series , spirit of the rules , is just subjective cheer leading for the view you hold as an individual, not the scared mantra of the majority.....
  2. boxster with tiptronic , push button shift , factory cooler ,75 points for the stuff round three got fussed at about
  3. I can't remember if it was caged or not , guy was building a track car , not a race car , so possibly not
  4. I read a report that a guy did on a 911 , 15% stiffer from his test after seam welding....I think it was continuous and not stitched
  5. I was surprised , but when you think about an initial advantage in overcoming inertia , and the stored energy in the flywheel at speed , it seems plausible...test car was an FD rx7..the differences were very small , so I would imagine the chance of error was great...
  6. I have seen test data that showed a light weight flywheel as advantageous to 60 mph on this particular car and a disadvantage above that...sounds like a wash,,so,, much ado about nothing.
  7. we are a lot faster than that 626 , and our drivers are much more attractive ...you don't stand a chance..
  8. I like the southern champonship...our team has decided to win the b class
  9. I am really really glad that champ car doesn't make rules and rule modifications according to the forum consensus ...
  10. Yeah , so much for anybody can win....
  11. I am sure you could run a pp under current rules...well maybe...but besides being overkill in my estimation...you would get about an hour a tank..
  12. I thought GSL-SE motors were 4port...maybe you will see 170ish at 6800 should be enough for B class...a 4 port with an expansion chamber exhaust and sharp tune will have no trouble getting 200rwhp at 8k...lotsa fun...
  13. Avoid the inside line under the bridge at turn 17 , even if it seems intuitive to go there , the biggest dip on the track is there , and it is big...there is a black squarish asphalt patch about 3 feet by 3 feet as you start your 17 turn in...stay 2 car widths to the outside of that and all is good.
  14. last month they charged 20 bucks for even small open car trailers...
  15. You will need to shift at 8k with a stock box to put down 180 when you need it , that normally means 2nd at the hairpin and 10...possibly the tower turn ( which is rear ratio dependent ).
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