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  1. This isn’t a promotion for a competing series, it’s just new info on what happened to ChumpCar Canada and the reciprocal annual fee for teams entered in both Canadian and American events. It seems that LDRC is offering all 3 weekends (6 endurance races) for a total of $4000 Canadian if you register between February 11 and March 11, 2019. It also indicates “previously ChumpCar Canada and CER” so there is no connection with ChampCar on saving fees. We are a Canadian team, but we’re fully committed to ChampCar this season, and we’ll hopefully be able to attend LDRC as well. TomB 2019 LDRC Memebership $50.00 Hello Fellow Racers! Welcome to the ALL NEW Lucky Dog Racing Canada (previously ChumpCar Canada and CER) This membership allows you to participate in our events this year. Enjoy a wonder 2019 Racing Season! Buy Membership Full Season Discount Register for this event May 11-12, 2019 All three races of the season for just $4000 dollars! Can't beat a savings of $1400+hst! Registration closes: April 1, 2019 @ 12:00am Location Calabogie/CTMP/Calabogie, ON
  2. Under Section 9.1.1 for removal of all glass except the windscreen, do you incur penalties for installing polycarbonate Lexan windows at 3 points per sq ft. in accordance with rule 9.3.2? thx TomB
  3. Thanks Tommy, it may be a possibility on the front, then we’d need to install some flares for the 10” tires to keep them inside the bodywork. I will take a stab at calculating the area of the front fenders and see what makes the most sense. Thx TomB
  4. Wittenauer, thanks for the valuable feedback. We agree with your sentiment. The car we bought has a very storied history, current log book, and a decade of competition in FIA CASC-OR, and VARAC. The SR turbo motor was removed and replaced with a stock KA24DE, and has been fully sorted out for endurance racing. Unfortunately we’re looking at an ice storm this week, so Racing seems like an impossible dream at this point. We’re starting off with 6 event weekends this season and look forward to meeting some new and old friends at the track. thx TomB
  5. We are a new team to ChampCar from Ontario Canada. Our car is a 1991 Nissan 240SX with a bone stock KA24DE engine, cheap 2 way adjustable shocks, and a wide body kit (2” bump in stock fender profile). I read the rule supplement on fender flares and adding points for materials used, however, how do you decide on points for a wide body kit? We actually bought a used race car with current log book, and the body kit was already installed because of years of bumps and bruises on the stock sheet metal. Any input will help us. Thx TomB
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