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  1. I am responding in general to this tread - my response is not intended to be an individual attack on a personal level but more of an attack on an attitude held by this forum gang in general, that seems misplaced and stays misplaced, regardless of the efforts I make or others on my staff, the BOD or TAC make. I work for the series an average of 25 hours per week and add another 54 hours and two days of travel time if we have a race. I am available by phone, email, text, the tech desk and you can drop by my shop or the boat docks anytime. That's not lazy. None of the BOD members are lazy and
  2. You guys are still stirring the pot over this Camaro ruling that goes back to Condron days. Amazing. Mauney <jay.mauney@champcar.org> wrote: As for the 3rd gen Camaro, produced from 1982-1992, it came with a Richmond Super T-10 4 speed in 1982. From 1983-1987 the car used a Borg Warner T5. From 1988 -1992 the car used a Borg Warner World Class T5. Good luck telling the difference between a T5 and WC T5. Oh and Borg Warner hasn’t made them for years, Tremec has so you are likely to find a Tremec cast T5 under many Camaros nowadays even though they were not originally o
  3. Wow awesome! and thanks. Send that question (minus the excellant discription of the forum issue) to the tech desk The Gen 3 Camaro was produced from '82 - '92. So Gen 3 is one platform, all parts can be shared. '82 had a 4 speed. Does that work?
  4. The problem I have with all the forum crying (and attacks), is that there is no stated goal to go along with the crying. And the same 10 people cry over and over. Why is that if you see a new interpretation you dont like you have to bring bring up other rules that you did not like in the past? You failed to accomplish your goals to bring about a change, why point that out to everyone that reads the forum? Dont get me wrong. The ones that complain but do some thing postive to try to bring about change, you have all my respect. But those of you that hate a r
  5. You can always take it off the forum and call me. I can spare more time when I don't have 50 plus cars to tech
  6. Wvumtnbkr First off, the suspension component you mention is not an A arm, was not a GT3 arm and based on the part number was a legal part. The documentation was from Porsche. You may not have known that but your lack of knowledge does not give you the right to bash Tech. The problem was with a totally different component. You are hurting your own series, making Tech look bad and you are wrong. On the window you are wrong again. That is 2 wrongs. The rule says nothing about window angle and size and shape matched oe. Changes in size could be allowed as long as additional point
  7. You get the win but its provisional because carls engine was not used in a pro ROAD racing series and you did not name a specific car. But you did have correct info just interpreted the question incorrectly LOL. IT IS ALL ABOUT INTERPRETATION
  8. No better way to explain the issue. It is a non oe or oem part and therefore tech can assign points. In 2019 it was not assigned points in 2020 it was. The mantra among the loudest club members is "no free aftermarket parts" With discussions from TAC, Tech and BOD complete it was decided that as the oe part is available and the steel tanks is more reliable that the steel tank is points. The process to change that decision or any Tech decision would be via petition. Hubs and water tanks are two different categories. One s
  9. Fake news! When did we approve illegal a arms or an illegal rear window. And how about coming off the hip with the list of "alot of things that are not legal" Done with guys making up crap and not getting called out for it. Here is your call out!
  10. Wait in on an answer from the forum on how " I was told there is no rule concerning expansion tanks, so therefore there was no rule change. I am confused, if no rule how is there a penalty?
  11. The interpretation changed. I have not found a rule on overflow tanks in the rule book so if it is not there how can it be a rule change. Nice looking tank though
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