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  1. Bottle is DOT certifide for use for ten years. After that it has to have a new hydrostatic pressure test. But the system must be recertifide every 2 years to stay SFI or FiA cetifide. Starting 2020 we will be enforcing those guidlines. Older systems had a flexible pickup tube on the inside of the fire extinghisher bottle. The end of the flexible pick up tube had a brass fitting. That flexible tube moves around in the bottle and the brass fitting actual wears out or rubs through the bottle. Get your systems certifide if you expect them to work when you do have a fire.
  2. Cams that are special production or not stock (orignal OEM part numbers and specs) are a 50 point upgrade.If you grind or weld and grind your OEM cam to a new value, it is not stock.If we pull out a dial indicator at post race impound and find thespecs to not match OEM you will be disqualified or receive a points penalty.
  3. Number of cars DQ'd for non compliance on the fender rule - zero.
  4. I have a bunch of stock cams to give away. If anybody needs one, let me know.
  5. Number of cars DQ'd for non compliance on the fender rule - zero.
  6. If this part is used with a stock sway bar five points per side. Same with heims on a swaybar Non OEM suspension components are 10 points each
  7. Note the VPI list can be up dated quarterly
  8. https://m.imgur.com/t/cars/MwHaBJP This team splashed less fuel than we splash almost every stop. It happens fast. Make sure your fire bottle operator is me.tally ready for their job and is far enough back to fight the fire. Thanks for the link Brian Tuttle
  9. Yes ask tech - or just post some pictures here
  10. If the end links came with your sway bar they are part of the kit and you only pay for the sway bar. And it's not a hiem joint.
  11. I missed the email. Send it to me: Jay.mauney@champcar.org
  12. Are you requesting hoods and windshields become manditory. Great idea - I will get to work on that now - LOL I get to be a troll!
  13. Hey friends and neighbors, We all love ChampCar for 1000's of reasons. One reason is the short rule book. Our rule book is short because it is a rule book not a racing procedure or how to race book. If we start writing out procedures on the proper way to follow the minimal rules we have, that would make us have a long rule book and remove the fun of engineering our own cars. ChampCar Rules (and pro series rules) are written with wiggle room so that Tech can, and specifically ChampCar Tech can, with the advice of the membership,TAC group, BOD, and the CEO, have the means to regulate the competitive nature and safety of our series. When a rule has to go through all those steps and all the very knowledgeable people I seek advice from before a rule gets approved by the BOD it's going be a damn good rule and one that can be regulated. I think I understand the frustration and desire to procedur'ize the rule book. Most of it stems from the mystery rules of the past. I will do my very best to keep regulation of our rules as transparent as possible - so in return - don't take away the ability for us to be flexible or regulate rules. Flexibility really encourages the growth of the series. By trying to make our series like a spec series with set build proceedures you kill flexibility and stifle growth. Almost anyone can figure out how to cover a fender without a specific set of build procedures. If you want to have fun and build crazy cool cars and you are worried about passing tech - send me or Ray a picture or skype me and the two of us, TAC, the BOD and the CEO can work through your specific design concepts and get them approved.
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