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  1. Home depo, Lowes, or any chain hardware store. Maybe ask for fire place foam.
  2. If your engineering is good and the box is secure it will pass. Minimum to pass is two ratchet straps with four mounting points. Hope that makes it clear and thanks for pointing that confusion out.
  3. Your are always the center of attention Bill
  4. If you take body metal and reuse it as body metal somewhere else its properly repurposed material. If you document with pics or a video and we beleive you then it would be free. Just one example there are many others. You can always email me and ask about specific repurpose ideas.
  5. Yes that is what I meant to say. Thanks for the post
  6. The No tape rule is already in the rules i.e., and I para phrase, any opening under 1/4" in must be fire proof foam or silicon and over, metal. Two straps came up after the 2020 rules were submitted so not likely unless I missed it going in. The point is really this; if your coolsuit box mount doesn't seem secure we will require you to do the simplest at the track quick fix , which would be two ratchet straps. If you want to do more we are happier.
  7. My mistake I meant to recommend the safety pull release connectors.
  8. My mistake. I meant to suggest using the safety pull to release connectors. They work great if you are trying to get out of the car fast and forget to manually disconnect from the cool box - they separate if you pull real hard. Thanks for pointing that out!
  9. Safety inspection-wise the following items are consistently overlooked by teams presenting to tech. Front and rear bulkheads must be completely sealed. Tape is no longer considered a compliant method for sealing. Any space larger than 1/4" must be sealed with metal. Under 1/4" can be sealed with silicon or fire proof foam. Any fuel, oil or water lines inside the car must be shielded with metal panels. In some instance waterproof flex tubing can be used. Aeroquip steel braided hoses and fittings still need to be covered. Cool suit boxes must have 2 ratchet type straps (four attachment points) holding the box in place. The plastic loops and the factory supplied velcro straps are not compliant. The coolsuit hoses don't have to be shielded but the quick disconnect fittings between the drivers coolsuit shirt and the tubing are highly recommended. It is rude to dump cool suit water in your pit stall. Front Door glass must be removed both sides. Hatch or rear window and side quarter windows must be covered with 3m type clear hurricane or safety film if you keep the glass. Lexan is free to replace existing glass/ windows. If used, front and rear windshields must have 2 metal support braces, see the rule for specifics. Roll bar padding for areas of potential helmet contact must be covered with high density foam padding with a SFI cert of 45.1 or greater. Loose pads are not compliant and any movement must be eliminated. Clip in seat belt hardware must have the clip lock pin or safety wire in place. All Batteries must be securely mounted to the chassis with atleast two mounting points with large washers or an additional solid plate under the mount point to help dissipate load iF there is a crash. Batteries mounted in the drivers compartment (not separated by a bulkhead) must be in a high quality marine case with a sealed lid. (Boat battery box). Driver and passenger doors windows must remain open. On the driverside, a triangle piece of lexan attached to the door like a old style vent window maybe added but cannot exceed 80 sq. in. The passenger side may add the same lexan triangle if the piece includes a naca duct. Window net(s) should cover the driverside door opening from the steering wheel back to the drivers seat and must be less than 4 years old with a clearly dated sfi certification. Fire bottles must be in the green and soon will need to be in certification. Not over or under the green on the pressure gauge. Over or under the green area make the system non compliant. Backside of all firebottle mounts if attached to the floor board must have large washers to dissipate load during crashes. Atleast one nozzle should be located to spray directly on the drivers lower mid section. If the nozzle is mounted at the area under the steering column the spray pattern will not be blocked by your legs and should not spray the drivers helmet. And ofcourse all welds must be 360° around all tubing copings. Hope I did not discribe any thing incorrectly and if you have questions you can email me direct. Feel free to share this if you find it helpful, understandable and error free.
  10. I Love it when you guys worry about the cost of brake kits and price creep but never mention matching braking power to tire treadware ratings and max horsepower, what about optimal brake rotor and pad temps, or even pad compounds. With the lower/stock horsepower rating we should be running to be rules compliant most six point big rotor set ups never get to optimal operating temperature. Many of the cars we race have more than adequate brake systems which are made better by the accidental fact we are using lighter rims, reducing total body weight and decreasing and weight transfer with stiffer chassis setups. Why spend the cash on six pot rotors just get those Ebay plastic covers that make your car look cool.
  11. Assigning points for hubs was discussed thoroughly over a four month period by Tech and Mike and as many drivers as I could talk to at race events. TAC has chimed in as well. The discussions started after multiple bearing failures and unfortunate early withdrawals by our members. When a few tires rolled down a hot track we were full steam ahead. We were Feeling lucky no one was hurt, but not lucky enough to continue to ignore an obvious safety issue. Teams that were using non OEM bearings were not having problems except that they were not claiming points, which is a different problem. Teams that were not using them thought they were illegal but were also not interested in eliminating the safety problem once the were I formed that they could be used at the cost of 40 points. We are all racers so we can't judge the logic. Honestly I received No negative responses to a 2.5 point penalty outside of the ones voiced here on the forum and ofcourse after the fact. 2020 is a new year, so I am interested in your comments. Specifically the 2x rule thought. Do I understand that you feel if they are less than the 2x the value of OEM then you are good with them being zero points. But 2.5 is too low? If they are over 2x how many points per hub. How do you feel about the safety aspects. Seem we need to start matching the bearing strength to the heavier loads the fat tires and cheap home made aero are bringing to us. I also, in my research, noticed that better aftermarket bearings are only marketed for car models that have consistent bearing failure or the wheels fall. I am genuinely interested - and definitely not stirring the pot. So of course I would rather you PM or call to discuss, which would not stir the pot. Cell 561 921 7903 personal email jaymauney1@gmail.com
  12. Yes, it has been approved by myself and Mike.
  13. Most people "re-drill" their hubs for zero points.
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