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  1. The Mazda that caught fire and burn the driver was an issue with clear hose.
  2. All fluid lines in the cockpit must be covered. If you need more info text me
  3. Huggy change does take time. The interpretation concept had to be reviewed, approved and written up and then posted. Past race notes from here on out should be pretty simple as now I think that it will be just me writting up any technologies or ingenuities that present at pretech or post race impound, get the report approved and post to the forum. Nothing hard to do. I did a tech event report for every MX5 Cup event last two years.
  4. But that is a good idea. Random inspection would only take a few minutes.
  5. I completed 92 annual tech inspections at Watkins Glenn. Never slows. For all our mistakes the fields continue to grow, even on holiday weekends.
  6. Posting here in the middle of a 15 page discussion does not get it out to everyone either. Hence the "Interpretation list." One go to spot at the dive bar.
  7. Document where the repurposed body work material came from with photos or videos so we can enjoy your ChampCar ingenuity.
  8. @Bendawson3 Call me or text anytime I make an effort to speak to every team at every ChampCar race I work. I have direct interaction with the teams at prerace tech inspection and make an effort to have direct interaction during the 7 to 8 plus hours I walk up and down pit lane each day during the race weekend. If I am not on pit lane I am in the garages helping whom ever however. During pretech I carry on direct conversations. The talking slows the line down so I open tech multiple hours early and bring or recruit helpers to make up for the extra time is spend with the teams. At the last ChampCar event we did 92 annual inspections and finished early. I talked to a bunch of people. I spend an average of 3 hours per day answering emails from ChampCar members. The silence that I was making an effort to describe was the silence of happy racers that dont need to post complaints at the dive bar or on the "The Forum".
  9. Huggy I know you are a engineer and want things spelled out. Most people do. The ChampCar rulebook will never do that. It is a set of rules to help teams, build a car that can be classed, balance competition at a very minimal level and to help make it a safe car - to a very minimal level. It is also a series management tool. It is not a procedural step by step Ikea build manual. It seems like many of you guys are at times upset by the effort to clarify things but only when it is your unwritten rule interpretation has been clarified. Granted the specificity of my interpretations got watered down after they left my desk. There are more specific details. The only way you are going to get more details is to open up a conversation with me. I don't have a personal agenda to make to rules fit my car like most of the forum participants. I dont have a car to race, so no dog in the fight. I just share the 19 years of racing mistakes that I have made as a team owner, driver and official in an effort to make the series better. If you ask me a question I will get you an answer. It's not my answer, but the memberships answer, adjusted by the BOD, TAC, Ray Franck and most importantly our CEO. There is a huge effort to make certain there are no more Phil rules or Phil Exceptions and there are NO more regional rules variations. I have been out West, to Texas and on the east coast and taken care of that. There is the "clarity effort" Not because it is what I want, it IS what you guys want. Keep in mind You Guys are made up of the 25 guys on the forums plus the other 4000 members that send a positive vote with their silence and their participation - in the 100's at many events. You complainers are the minority. Your opinions still matter, be confident and cut out all the approval seeking posting, and just get on with it by calling or texting me. I know that talking to me, Ray or Chisek is a more direct line. The majority will still rule but atleast your opinion will go into the note book.
  10. Asking the video guy for an answer to a tech question just makes no sense Jaymauney1@gmail.com
  11. Documented, repurposed materials can be used for aero. Ps - If you want answer to a tech question send me a text or an email. I am online every weekday, except race days, from 8 - 11 answering question.
  12. Just to confirm, a conventional aftermarket or homemade airbox is free of points. But as always if you have some ingenious way to make your car the unicorn of 2019 email me some pics before you show up at the tech line.
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