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  1. Replacement means you by a lightweight fly wheel not lighten a oem flywheel.
  2. We dont want teams to drill holes to lighten their stock flywheels. Allowing that type of modification can have dangerous results.
  3. Tech has not approved and will not sanction the use of lightened OEM flywheels. Replacement non oem steel flywheels will be free. Key word "Replacement"
  4. As long as it is a marker and does not act as a driving light you are good
  5. I have recieved permission to allow the used a variant the material used to wrap headers as it is heat resistant to 600 degrees F. The product is a mat that has a sticky heat and fuel resistant adhesive backing and it cat be cut to fit with scissors or a razor blade. The product brand I am familiar with is DEI i am sure their are many others.
  6. Dont be sad the new unit might save your life dude! Install the old system for a engine system back or fuel cell backup. That way it has some serious value.
  7. Look up your DOT rules on cylinder inspection. Hydros are expensive. Paul if a sanction body enforces the rules/guideline laid down by the SFI Organization their legal group will provide free legal defense for the santion body in a liabiliy lawsuit where a SFI certified equipment could be involved. If the santion body does not follow, then SFI provides legal services against the sanction body. On another legal issue, with your mention of sponsors and quite a few additional statements you have made in print, you are walking a fine line. How do you sue for slander? To prove prima facie defamation, a plaintiff must show four things: 1) a false statement purporting to be fact; 2) publication or communication of that statement to a third person; 3) fault amounting to at least negligence; and 4) damages, or some harm caused to the person or entity who is the subject of the statement. The cost to file a defamation lawsuit is very low. To defend yourself in civil court even if you are not proven guilty of prima facie defamation might just exceed a years worth of racing.
  8. All other sanction bodies follow DOT regulations.
  9. Multiple cases of fire system pick up tubes rubbing completely through the fire bottle wall.
  10. Mender show us how serious a racer you are and come and run a race. We miss having face to face time with you. What has been 4 years since you have run with us?
  11. Emails older than a year will not be accepted so burn up the tech line up with your clarification request. We will eventually get All the questions and interpretations into the knowledge base, but be patience it will take some time.
  12. Send me a request and as much performance info on the car as you can find (links to the info source).
  13. Fuel cell top is 6 x 9 has 2 old school rollover valves that always work. Unlike flapper valves they dont slow dow fueling times. Vent port is perfect for a discriminator valve. Make sure the bolt pattern fits your cell. 561 240 9346 jay mauney
  14. I am good with that. You guys Call me or email me. 8am - 12 noon EST any weekday. I can handle answering 10 emails after every race. We are getting closer to posting a monthly list of interpretations. However If you are building a car you should call me and talk about how a rule/the rules, that are generally written to cover 100 different cars will effect your car specifically. Otherwise you might get caught out some where.
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