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  1. FYI to all teams, I will be crewing/backup driver for Arsenic Racing's Miata... but will be available as backup crew/driver for any other team if you run into an emergency at the track. Driver didn't show? Someone got sick? Need an extra guy in a Nomex suit to help fuel your car or hold an extinguisher? Need someone to hold a wrench? Text me at the track 310.987.8178, worst I can say is a polite "no". I started out racing karts by myself, and know what it was like to race short-handed. I have seen ChampCar teams with 2 members struggle to fuel a car. Just want to help out, b
  2. i raced Lemons there a few months ago with a heavily wet track... no rain tires needed, just a lot of patience and the correct rain line, that seemingly 90% of racers dont know where that is. worked out well for us.
  3. I am a backup driver for our team this weekend, not flying in until 9am Saturday. How long is gear check usually open until? I need 2019 gear check, like most everyone else.
  4. I'm forecasting pre-event diff swaps and no shortage of blown engines if we are going to run 9/10ths of a "roval" with our throttles pegged for 1.49 miles per lap.
  5. Bill, thanks for putting our Team Arsenic Miata on the live feed at Auto Club... with that said, we would like to make our own live feed setup, copying the same setup you had, which seemed to work very well. If you have time, and can send over your notes on what we need to buy and how to connect all of it? We would of course allow ChampCar to use it for future races as well, if you need an extra setup.
  6. I'll have 4 huge rotors for you when I change my Range Rover Sport brakes in January, will put them aside for you... And Christian should have tiny ones from the Miata after this race, haha.
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