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  1. Found this article today, apparently Chip Ganassi purchased a tunnel to test aero packages. Pretty wild stuff! Anyone in champ commandeered a tunnel yet? https://sometimes-interesting.com/tunnel-51/
  2. Came here for the tire abuse pics, was sorely disappointed. Not a single photo of some cords trying to get some daylight. Left side tires mainly?
  3. I already spend way too much of my time fantasizing about car builds and different ways to build a competitive CC, allowing me to easily scope all the top teams log books would only make this much much worse. That being said, Bring it on! I am willing to push off some more house chores / work in the name of "research". Imagine a week before Daytona and you see that a historical aero team is no longer claiming aero and instead claiming a turbo.... could really spice up my work week.
  4. Manual is fine, if you want less effort just throw one of these bad boys in there. Great sensitivity and low effort. Plenty of locations to throw on a trucker knob too.
  5. Welcome Joseph! If you have not already, I believe your best bet is to start by doing HPDE events. Do quite a few of those and get comfortable at those speeds, passing, watching flagstands, and safely navigating your car around a race track. Once you have some HPDE experience, you are a lot more likely to find a team that will feel comfortable putting you in their car. When doing these HPDEs, set up a gopro if possible. Some video of you driving goes a long way to ease the mind of a team owner. In the meantime you can assist a team with pitcrew/wrenching , or volunteer with champc
  6. Yeah I agree, I am quite interested to see if they actually rally it like their original intent or now that it has 20+ coats of paint on it if its a show car only. Some of their modifications are great and very thoughtful for a race car (easily removable front hood/fender), but some of them have me scratching my head (electric hood raising/lowering). The "bargain racement" series was a good watch as well, seemed like they were just focused on getting a car out on track and not so much on aesthetics.
  7. It is true that this is their policy, however the people that enforce the policy are the tow truck drivers that show up to tow your car (who just want to get paid). I have used AAA 10+ times to tow unregistered/ unlicensed cars back from craigslist deals. Take a tag off your street car, put it on the one to be towed. Call them, they ask if its tagged (say yes). Tow driver sees the plate but doesn't really care if its legal. I think the only catch to this is if you are towing to and from the same addresses multiple times a year, some questions might pop up from that.
  8. A lot of you may have already heard of Bad Obsession Motorsports and their crazy project (project binky). For those who haven't though I thought I would share. This group is stuffing a celica gt4 running gear in a original mini and doing so in spectacular fashion. They are extremely detail oriented and have good production value when it comes to the videos. I have been following this build for 6+ years but lucky for you if you are just getting into it, they are nearly finished! Great videos for those days you are waiting on parts to arrive for the race car. Episode 1 link: htt
  9. For those that might want an external kill option but only want to wire up one disconnect. These guys have an interesting ide. See the video below at 11:17 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qM_iXuuwC9M&list=PLGSOZAHg1yQE3Ppyo414MD4xD_dx5m9sy&index=3&ab_channel=BadObsessionMotorsport If you haven't watched their videos, I highly recommend it. Some good rainy day binge material.
  10. I have only ever seen single file through a yellow area. Occasionally I have seen people offset themselves so that when it goes green they have a clear shot ahead, but they are still behind the person in front. Not sure if this classifies as single or double file? I only have a couple years under my belt with CC , so those more experienced feel free to chime in. Why do drivers feel the need to pass under yellow? I understand that sometimes accidents happen and you miss a yellow for one reason or another (not condoning this and think it should still be penalized); but in general our r
  11. I like it as well. I am sure it will take some getting used to but it seems like it still allows the whole group to accelerate when they see green, but just limits passing until the flag stand. This would allow the single file line to get up to speed (or at least up to the speed of the slowest car). Sort of a "soft" start. Seems like it would help the momentum cars out a little?
  12. 10-4, I have the MS2 reading all of those sensors except brake pressure but do not have the dash & cam setup, will look into this for sure. Thanks Chris!
  13. Great driving! That data overlay is really useful as well, watched it a few times through looking at different aspects. I will be looking into this for my upcoming events. Being a pre-OBD car, is that done through a data logger or through an aftermarket ECU?
  14. Boxsters with a cell would have a hard time with that (tank in the front), unless you run the fill neck through the cabin and around/above the motor. On the plus side, you gain a little extra capacity?? hahaha
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