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  1. ^ +1 I was running laps last night and had a hard time on a few locations getting my braking points dialed in. I am very glad this race will not be at night, it is going to be tough enough in full light with a large field! Should be fun!
  2. The rules and event info lists camping as "Self-contained RV camping", does this mean that I will not be able to tent camp like I had planned on? I was hoping to tent camp in the general camping area just south of the South paddock. Also I am attending with no specific team affiliation, so if anyone needs a hand with anything just let me know! I am decent with a wrench and a hammer.
  3. +1 the racing and the broadcast were great! Quickest way to get some publicity, either win or bin it in a wall. I went for the latter!
  4. Agreed! I had a good time. I was running 8th-10th for the first half (had a few laps in the 1:39-1:40 range but not consistent yet), then got into the back of someone a bit due to a misread on line choice (my fault). Car still drove fine and I was turning good times still so I kept on pushing it (disregarding the "pit now due to damage" alert). 4 laps later the engine blew which sidelined me for the rest of the race. Lesson learned: even if the car drives fine, if it tells you to pit you need to pit haha.
  5. One thing that I did not see mentioned that helped me to avoid accidents and get the requirements quicker was to skip the "official" practice , do your qualifying laps (with no incidents) and then intentionally miss the start so you can start from the pits (just dont click the "grid" button, wait and click the "missed start" button). Doing this you miss a lot of the intial first lap crashes and it sets you up for racing most of the race alone (which is good for avoiding incidents). To my knowledge you do not get any penalties for missing the start.
  6. I have some friends that are interested in watching the races but do not have an iracing membership. Is this possible? I scanned through the documents but did not find anything specific on the membership. --edit, I think I found my answer. It looks like HughJass streams all of the official champcar races live on his youtube channel. Cool!
  7. Haha, +1 over here. I am in the Raleigh area as well with currently no team. I have been debating starting a team; however being a 1 man team seems to be pretty difficult in Champcar not to mention very pricey (I have went through quite a few spreadsheet renditions trying to get costs down but none really seemed feasible, especially if you want to be competitive). I think for the time being I am just going to keep attending races, lurking in the pits and offering to help where I can. If you haven't attended a race yet I highly recommend it! They are a ton of fun even for spectators. -Tyler
  8. I plan on going again with 3-4 other buddies from NC. Will be tent camping outside turn 1/2 , although last year we only spent about 2-3 hours at the campsite. We have never been to the Roar but always wanted to. Maybe next year we can get down there for that too.
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