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  1. What happened with MSR Houston? That’s two years now. Is it off the list for consideration or did it just not work out this year. The other guys consistently fill up the track, there’s no reason CC can’t do the same. Look at our recent numbers at Harris Hill... Houston should be a slam dunk.
  2. I recall many comments that it was more like a scheduling thing rather than lack of interest. Just what I heard on site.
  3. Been there twice with lemons. Is this new ownership?
  4. Kinda expensive, but worth every penny https://www.ioportracing.com/i/o-port-products/window-net-with-bottom-strap-mounting-angled-i/o-port/
  5. I know y’all just nailing down the details for all those Texas races next year.
  6. I agree with the above, but something very important to me that I stress to my team is not to be rushed. Even with other orgs that don’t have the 5 minute timer. Just do what you gotta do and especially as a new team it’s gonna take as long as it needs to. Rushing leads to crew belting you in wrong and hopping back over pit wall yelling GO! GO! GO! (been there, yah I was pissed), or spilling fuel everywhere and onto hot brakes, or not seeing you’ve got a tire on cords, or a myriad of other hazards that would either be created or missed because of the frenzy. If something goes wrong with any scenario, you’d wish you would have spent that extra minute or two. The efficiency comes with time and experience, you can’t force it. You’re on the right track establishing a plan, but don’t hesitate to remind everyone (over and over) to relax, stay alert, and stay safe. No running. Before long you’ll be looking at the timer with 2 -1/2 minutes left and then making good use of that remaining time. Oh, also have the current driver count down a few laps prior to pit-in. 3 laps, 2 laps, coming in next lap, coming in now, etc. Make it a rule. Starting a pit stop with a surprise pit-in can be quite discombobulated.
  7. Yeah, if you don’t have good history with a builder/machine shop or very positive feedback from a trusted source, I’d stick with an unopened (good) used motor. It’s very hard to find good work anymore. Adjust the valves, change seals, and plop it in. Call Tom at Partsgroup, he’s awesome. You can also try Treasure Coast Miata, I’ve gotten a great 99-00 engine from them before, freight was a couple hundred from Florida to Texas. Freight to the west coast is gonna be a bit more... Maybe the spec community would have a local recommendation? https://mazdaracers.com/forum/100-spec-miata/
  8. I’d say that happened on a previous spark plug. I doubt a plug is gonna survive that kinda poo-flinging without getting something on it.
  9. Agreed. Spark plug strap or TB screw probably. Got a pic of the piston? Just curious.
  10. The new switch is behaving as it should. Odd, those two kits I had ordered at the same time a few years ago were both faulty. Maybe a bad batch? All is good now.
  11. It’s this guy, just a spade connector.
  12. Oh, just my usual overzealous application of teflon tape. I would think that would prevent it from coming on? Or does the switch open with pressure rather than close? I did also check the wire, no pinches or shorts to ground. New switch should be here tomorrow.
  13. Put some time on it today... light NEVER went out. Wire to switch isn’t grounding somewhere.... Guess it’s bad? I’ll try the new one when it comes in.
  14. Looking a bit closer it appears the switch is actually on the engine side of the thermostat within the housing. After startup, it's on for about a minute, then goes out as expected. It behaves as it should for a good while until the thermostat is open at operating temperature and flow is high. At that point the light comes on from idle to 4k-ish rpm, and goes out above that point. Very odd. The longacre kit is cheap, I already have an extra switch on the way either as a spare or replacement. Guess I'll see if this one shapes up with a few more heat cycles.
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