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  1. So much worry about things that have no affect on your own race or your results. This is why we can’t have nice things. What do I care what’s important to another racer and what he or she calls it? “Hey you over there pleased with your results, wipe that smile off your face!!!”
  2. And since you can see it from your front porch this must be everywhere. A widespread epidemic! This thread and the other should probably be under some regional category. I’ve said it before, EC seems to be working as intended further west. I’m not ignoring that teams are making EC a problem in your neighborhood. Maybe we need a map that asks “Where did the EC touch you?”
  3. Someone enters the stuff in. Put the class at the beginning of the team name.
  4. Not everywhere. Turnouts for Champcar and other series vary widely across different areas, so some of the opposing views shared here come from differing observations. I’m in Texas. CC has two races this year within a 2 day drive, both at the same track. A Class consistently wins overall at Harris Hill Raceway. Sometimes 1, 2, and 3. EC has a small presence, dare I say it reflects the original intentions of the rules. At the same time, I understand the views mentioned are legitimate issues further east.
  5. I should have been clearer... class wins are significant in general (elsewhere?), but not in champcar. No surprise there’s low car counts with no competition within class. The carrot is the overall win.
  6. Why do we even have classes? For years I thought I was racing for a class win and would get disappointed because it seemed like champcar would minimize it. So I’m reading it’s by design and we are all chasing an overall win? Having classes at all is a bit misleading. Call me fooled. I’d prefer class racing and want emphasis on it. There’s still the overall of course. Now you’ve got 4 or 5 class winners leaving a race pumped up about their win and ready for the next. You might see more variety as well. A class win has big significance, it is NOT a participation trophy. This is how at WRL *hissss* you can be out on track with some amazing cars and still feel like you kicked ass placing well in your slower GP3 or GP4. Champcar needs to consider the entire customer base, not just the pointy end.
  7. Brad Penn 10w-50 race oil. $7.42/qt shipped. Brad Penn Oil 009-7144-12PK 10W-40 Racing Oil - 1 Quart Bottle, (Case of 12) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B009IFKG0W/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_IKc9CbCY1SPEC
  8. Hmm, what if my 712 point EC miata (because reasons, no it’s not running away with ANY wins) had the option to “cash in” points, rather than start 200 laps down. Cash in 100 points and now I’m B, or cash in 200 points and now I’m C. Boom, I have a car that can still crossover with WRL, also be CC legal, and I don’t have to reinvent my wheel when the pitchfork wielding vocal minority runs my EC ass off. I realize in Champcar not enough emphasis is on class wins and it’s all about the overall, but it’s an idea.
  9. Seriously? Yeah I’m gonna be one of the first to sign up for a race, pay dues, get ready, request days off work, and sit by the phone to see if we get bumped? Whatever dude. Either allow it or don’t. Eff this noise about bumping teams after the fact that also help CC pay the bills. Gimme 100 laps as EC or make me stay within class and eat the points over 500. Fine. But I’m not gonna “eh wait and see”. You guys say this like you forget what goes into making a race weekend.
  10. Here in Texas overall winners (EC included) are still A class miatas...can’t say we have that issue so much.
  11. So I built a new car last year to run EC with Champcar. GASP! And it's a miata. DOUBLE GASP! Honestly, it didn't start out that way. I came out of 2018 totally on fire saying "Hell yeah I'm gonna build a new team and a new car!" Then Texas got totally boned on the Champcar calendar for 2019 as I'm making some key executive decisions knee deep in the build. Screw it, I want reliability and fun, so I'll just go with all the hotly-disputed reliability items to my hearts desire and EC-it-up at the two smaller races. Then supplement with another slightly quicker series that has quite a few dates in Texas. Not preferred, but you don't leave me much choice Karen. Can't say I disagree with you guys though. I've shaken my fists at the same thing. I'm just that small demographic that doesn't know what the eff to do yet. Till then, I can support the 100 laps idea. It also might poke a few teams to not just sit on EC indefinitely. Time limits unnecessary, nobody likes sitting at the bottom. To help prompt the move out of EC, the calendar could use consistency for the racing collective in a region to build and maintain to an evolving ruleset....gotta keep that base involved. I realize that's not always possible. Maybe I'm in a subset that says "Lemme see how this plays out first". Word is that Texas will have more races next year again. Sure hope so, then I'll consider making some serious changes and pulling that EC off the door.
  12. Now I can see just how far all the other races are from Texas. Sad face. Nice map though.
  13. Wow, watched the vid... that track is a lot of turning away from walls.
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