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  1. This. The fire system is there to buy some time for egress. As such, the majority of what my bottle has to offer is focused on the driver. One under-hood, one under the dash for driver lower body, and one for driver midsection/upper. Beyond that a nozzle pointed at gallons upon gallons of burning gasoline is wasted agent in my opinion. Install it like it might save a loved one someday. In my case, my wife is a driver. A damn good one too.
  2. @JoSal73 Thanks bud, no worries. Takes a lot to own it like that. We’ve all made boo boos. Hope it doesn’t discourage you and we’ll see you guys at an upcoming race.
  3. In agreement here. We started finding some speed on Sunday and saw questionable moves as well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Oh well.
  4. You know, I noticed quite a bit of aggressiveness this past weekend, and that's not the "shiny new car" talking. I specifically remember some from a certain popular yellow frontrunner that we've run with before, and I'm expecting a thank-you card in the mail any day from them. It takes two hands to count how many times I had to check up as they shot back over too soon into my line after making a pass. Why? Totally unnecessary and I saved you guys many spin outs by dodging your ass (rear bumper). Your welcome. There's another 5' of car behind the back of your seat dude. No I didn't have a camera. Still a wonderful event!
  5. Yeah we'll be there but I'm still holding my breath for MSR Houston, MSR Cresson, NOLA, Hallett, ANYTHING that's not a three day haul from south Texas before the end of September. I bet I'm not the only one. We were in the #149 nb miata, Effective Team Racing. We've been racing Champ and wrl with other teams in other cars, but came to Harris Hill as a newly formed team with a new car. We ran as EC which is sorta odd for a miata I know, but I'm not sweating the classing until I see more CC within reach. I prefer CC, but you gotta do what you gotta do. So with a completely new car with zero track time, we came into this hoping to learn as much as possible and just have fun. Had a few hiccups along the way Saturday, such as a loose #4 injector connection (thankful it was within reach), but we kept pressing on. Car had a waaaay too aggressive alignment for our tastes (hey looks good on paper right?), and we had trouble getting comfortable and settling in. All drivers agreed it was just wiggly all over and we felt pretty slow. Sunday we go out there with a few suspension adjustments and our first driver says it's a lot better. Minutes later in the braking zone for the back off-camber right hander, a white e46 locks up on the inside (bout a car length or more behind) and smacks our right rear. I was spotting at the time so I happened to have my eyes focused right on the incident. Car hobbles in and now we've got a destroyed wheel/tire and 1" toe-in on the rear, yay. Diagnosis is some bent stuff but nothing broken, so I max the alignment eccentrics but can only get to 3/4" toe in. Out we go crab walking for the rest of the day and still manage to turn our best lap times of the weekend. Rock on! All in all we had a great weekend. Seeing the checker both days with minimal time in the pits is an achievement with a new car. Most importantly we all had fun, and that was my #1 goal when forming this team. That e46 happened to be our pit neighbor, and unfortunately it ended their day. We come to race with the understanding that these things happen, but still a "my bad" is protocol in my opinion. Didn't get it. Sad face. C'mon Champ, you see the demand here in Texas. We want to race CC!
  6. Agreed. Very knowledgeable, reasonable, and he gave useful feedback in tech. I also enjoyed chatting with him a few times through the weekend.
  7. Had no trouble at all. No shining lights in the trunk, but he was watching that gaps had the metal plate or aluminum tape where appropriate. Just a quick look really, but I put a lot of effort into it and it showed I think. Totally worth it for our safety and no grief in tech. I saw some cars with seriously weathered aluminum tape (no back window) and overall lack of attention. For them he spent much more time in this area and made more comments. Tech was a global MX5 guy.
  8. I covered the many small holes/seams/gaps with multiple layers thick of foil tape, sprayed expanding fire block in all the odd shaped gaps at the front and sides, and used the miatacage plates at the seatbelt retractor openings. Any places where expanding fire block bulged out got trimmed flat with a hacksaw blade held in hand. Brushed on some paint and it all blends together. No light whatsoever can be seen from a strong light source placed behind the sealed areas. We’ll be seeing tech this Friday at Harris Hill and I don’t anticipate issues.
  9. Indeed, at least get Houston on the calendar. -bringing a Miata.
  10. Some tasty 225/45-15 RS4’s on 9’s ready to eat up Harris Hill.
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