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  1. Has the flywheel been resurfaced? If the same amount wasn’t removed from the pressure plate mounting surfaces it can have those fingers closer to the throw out bearing than they should be.
  2. I'm starting to see these available at a few sources, has anyone tried them out yet? A bit more expensive but claim to be just a tick off the now unavailable RE71R's (in 15's) and supposedly more durable? Looking for feedback besides promo claims. I'm considering trying a set at Barber.... we've always run RS4's but they are terrible in the cold rain.
  3. For those that are willing, I'm looking to find out the following- Your car Power output stock Swap engine power output Swap points My motivation from a miata perspective- The argument against adjustable shocks is one about cost, "everyone else will think they need them thus increasing costs". As such its a decent point hit, 100pts. Ok I get it. 100pts seems to go a really long way with swaps though, certainly with a much bigger impact to laptimes and the wallet. Swaps seem oddly cheap on the points (at modest levels). My thoughts- Among the many factors it takes to do well, including luck, it takes a fast car. The upper echelon of champcar miatas really seem to be trending toward swaps. Playing with the swap calculator, 100pts gets me another 50hp swapped into my '99 miata. So here I am, either doing the calculator wrong or feeling like I need to spend a lot of money. Care to share?
  4. It works if you go through the CCES Facebook page
  5. Do any of those spec classes have adjustable suspension? If there’s some fancy-ness there, those of us paying 140pts for coilovers with fiddly knobs might say what about me.
  6. Thought I was killing it staying with them Saturday, then heard he was stuck in 4th. Well dang it.
  7. Get off track ASAP if it goes south! I’ll probably stop by and bug you guys. I’ve played with the idea of a low boost setup (ecotec le5 levels) for awhile and even have high quality components and spare bp4w’s on hand, but it becomes a slippery slope and reliability has been really good so far… but it sure would be fun and open up WRL options. Good luck and have fun! The 10 day forecast is looking splendid, but somehow it’ll rain 2hrs or so. It always does.
  8. Looks to be on Facebook right now but not available on Youtube.
  9. But how common is a driver change without fuel under normal circumstances? I don't think teams running such short stints by design are likely to be in impound. Regarding self policing, people are either afraid to speak up or too-proudly wear the hall monitor badge. I'm in a small tank car and I want the whole timed stop thing to go away. Allow me to use pit efficiency and strategy to get my car back out there quickly and safely.
  10. Miatahubs here too, front and rear for two years. I give them a spinny spin when I do brakes, say yuuuup, and move on.
  11. Where in the rules is 4-off a black flag?
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