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  1. That’s a great deal, just got mine on the way for 160 shipped. Thanks!
  2. ETR

    Rolling miata fenders

    So what’s the method here? A horizontal flat edge across 10-2 or 11-1 and see if rubber touches, or looking vertical straight down the fender edge to see/not see tread? I’ve seen the video, but also comments saying it’s flawed. I’ve got an nb with 15x9 Advanti S1’s and 225 RS4’s, it’s close but depends on the method.
  3. When I go out to the shop, I want to measure my fender coverage and know I’ll pass tech. I’m not gonna slap on flares just because. Why does the APPLICATION of the rule need flexibility? Whatevs. Consistency at tech from event to event is a good thing and I’ll bet tech would appreciate clear pass/fail criteria.
  4. ETR

    2019 races

    Last race I did at MSRH with Champcar, the turnout was pretty poor. But I can tell you I heard many common-sense explanations such as “well everyone did such and such race last weekend”, or “that other org is also racing this weekend and pulled a lot of cars”. Sure sounded like a bad spot on the calendar is all. There’s a lot of teams in Texas that want to race with CC. With the WRL arms race steadily moving that series upmarket, CC sits in a sweet spot for us average-joes that want to actually race.
  5. ETR

    Texas races - only H2R this year?

    So currently on the schedule for Texas is Harris Hill in March, and Harris Hill in September. Racing is better than no racing, but that’s pretty quiet considering past years. Anything else is a two day haul minimum. What are the odds of getting MSR Houston in there somewhere, or ECR rescheduled later in the year? I guess COTA is out of the question? NOLA maybe? Inquiring minds want to know, and I’d like my mind at ease having just finished building a new car to the CC rule set, living in south Texas, and seeing a super weak 2019 schedule so far. I hope things are in the works...