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  1. One of my drivers has that Miata spare parts cart... It is great.
  2. I was surprised to not see this as well... However, it is still in the tech desk. Curious that not everything that generic would make it over. That makes some sense, until you look at the fact that not every car needs those cooling upgrades. How is this accounted for?! It also tilts things in the favor of those with more money who can afford to replace engines and trans more often. And rear... This is supposed to be budget oriented, affordable endurance racing, don't put a gun to our heads and make us chose to spend more money or lose. Yes, coolers
  3. Getting to op temp before bed once should be good as long as it is not windy. If so, cardboard (or similar) in front and behind rad and or cover the car, park in trailer.
  4. FYI: Regarding pets at Rd America, I'm not sure ChampCar's stance, but there were tons of well behaved dogs on leashes all last week. The supps say Camping Thursday and Friday night... I ASSume Saturday night as well?
  5. So to install a non OEM rad takes extra parts and or fab... Would there be material costs associated with this? Or is it included in the cost limit? Yeah... ALMOST got away from OEM price issues.
  6. Please for the love of sanity, prove that you all know how to use the traffic circle better than some of the SCCA people last week!! Some people failed so badly that the track setup cones... And people still screwed it up! Side note for the Covid concerned: WI finally figured out what Covid is and was taking things much more seriously than they were in June.
  7. Responding to the above question regarding a Snack Shack(?)... Gear Box (best track food in the US according to many!) and the round concessions by the traffic circle run by the church were open this past week for the Runoffs. GB didn't have their German Potato Salad though Both concessions had 10 and 20 lb bags of ice. EDIT: Supps say just the round one by the traffic circle
  8. I respect the thought and effort put in to this, but please use it to help the current series and ruleset in the future. This wouldn't be Champcar and needs work. Want rules like the proposed? They already exist elsewhere...
  9. The picture isn't working, or atleast not for me
  10. In the video of the BOD meeting, Mike said case by case basis. Did people not watch this? Are we still expecting some other sort of official word or change?
  11. The rules require no wholesale changes. We just need some consistency on the small stuff and some clearer definitions here and there.
  12. Ah cool. Yeah...that's a bit snug. Some great potential otherwise! 87? A fuel cell or (currently) other tricks can be used to add fuel capacity. An 87 or 88 could have up to 14 gallons, per my research. Are you using a fuel "swirl pot"? The other term escapes me at the moment.
  13. That's a fair point... To a point. I honestly hadn't considered that. 350 pts to start? What car? How many points now? Fuel capacity? You'd be amazed what a good set of shocks can do... In sheer pace and tire care, let alone the adjustability to suit, track, driver and conditions. Add some fuel capacity with points with some limits? That's likely been tossed around before... I'm new here.
  14. Looks at things as the season winds down?! Don't teams need to know ASAP? I know my whole build strategy could change...
  15. I'm flabbergasted. Both at the idea and the current vote. Are there that many under pointed cars out there? In the entire racing world, rules are written, cars are prepped with in (some beyond...) and to the rules. Not all cars are prepped to the limit. In a series where Overall wins and finishing position is what counts anyways, why rock the boat and mess with a traditional and logical classing structure? What prompted this suggestion? Anything that proposes to move the earth under our collective feet this much must and should have a backstory
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