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  1. Christmas at Laguna Seca was the third race weekend for Team Farfromguten and our little '83 Scirocco and the first to give us some real trouble. Problems started during our second stint on Saturday, when our driver reported that most of the instrument cluster was dead. Fortunately he still had tach and oil temperature, so we told him to stay out. Then the shift linkage broke, and he had to be towed back to the paddock. We got the instrument cluster and linkage fixed just before lunch, but noticed that we were slowly losing coolant from a radiator seam (stupid plastic end tanks). So we procured a new radiator over lunch and installed it as soon as the green flag dropped. Then during our third stint the driver limped it into the pits because the idle set screw had come loose and he was stalling whenever he let off the gas. The second day started better. We were probably the only team wishing for the rain to come, since we saw it as an equalizer for our underpowered FWD "desert wind". Unfortunately, again right before lunch, a Miata dive bombed us into turn #2, hit us right on the driver's rear wheel, and bent the rear axle. With about 4" of toe out, we were done for the day. All in all though, it was still a fun and well-run weekend. We've already secured a replacement rear axle, and we're hoping to install a Golf Mk1 motor in time for Thunderhill so that we can be a bit more competitive and bit less of a moving roadblock.
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