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  1. You're right, there was a '93 Cabriolet, but it's still on a different line than the Scirocco. Strangely though, the Pickup and Convertible are on the same line. Really A1 VWs are too slow and nothing good can be swapped in to fix it. For example if you take a 1988 16V Scirocco and enter it in to the swap calculator with its original 123 horsepower, it adds 51 points. The '81 Scirocco is even worse. To stay in class A that motor is the hottest option VW has.
  2. As much as I would like that to work, the Scirocco is on its own line all by itself. "4.5.7. Vehicles must use the highest valued model from its generation (i.e., – E30s would use the M20B25 as the starting point)." Also the 2307 pounds in the calculator is a mistake since there was no '93 Cabriolet. The '92 Cabriolet is listed at 2076 pounds.
  3. I've owned tons of MK1 VWs and the only thing they have going for them is ultra light weight (and looks). With the swap calculator weight so low, that is actually a disadvantage for the car. I love these cars and I would love to race my Scirocco but it is hampered with, CIS injection, FWD, front struts, rear beam, unobtainable body parts...
  4. I have an '81 Scirocco roller that I would love to race but I don't think it could ever be competitive. Why did you guys sell the car?
  5. WARNING! really old thread resurrection. Does anyone know if this car is still being raced?
  6. Well, after this weekend I now have Champcar experience driving at Road Atlanta in Legacy Auto Sports' Miata. In the past I have done: A lot of autocross Time trials at Limerock, and New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Motorcycle racing at NHMS A little 4cyl dirt track in OR and CA Motocross and enduro racing.
  7. I am looking to join(or even help start) a team in the NW Atlanta area. I am willing to help build or work on the car and drive. I currently live in Smyrna but will be moving to the Acworth area within the next year. I will be at Road Atlanta next week crewing for a team from up north but, long-term, I would like to connect with people from around here.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Everyone is pretty far away. Anyone in the Naples area interested in starting a team? BTW I would prefer a car with pistons.
  9. Only one response from someone in Jacksonville. How about Fort Myers?
  10. I just spent the weekend at Sebring with a team from CT but I live in Naples, FL. Does anyone know if there are any teams or drivers in the Naples area?
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