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  1. Circling back here and I can confirm that the car i was wondering about was considered a "special model" and would have been in a special class. ill stick with the boring old sbc version of the car! thanks all.
  2. Hi All, second post. When I first discovered CCES I was told there was a $500 acquisition price limit. But then I learned that there is actually a 500 point limit. As long as your car is on the VPI online calculator, the car is valid for competing, and if you are under 500 on the VPI then you can afford some points to upgrade where you want and if you are over 500 points then you some laps are taken away from your score at the end of the race. Do I have that right? ^^ Now then the question I have is when cars were made with different engine options from factory, but they are not specified as separate vehicles on the VPI, how does a person know what VPI they would be at? Thanks! VikingTrad3r
  3. VikingTrad3r

    2019 races

    Hello! My first post. Joined becuase I've recently learned about the Chump/Champ car endurance series. Can't wait to participate. That said I am in Canada, the west, in Calgary. I see there have been chump car races in Edmonton Alberta, thats great I can make that one, is there a plan to have one for 2019? Also are there any races planned for the NW of the USA? I did see one in Utah. In the past there have been races in Spokane and I think Washington. Any plans in these areas? Or possibly one in British Columbia? Cheers and look forward to learning more. Regards, VikingTrad3r.
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