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  1. We run 225/45R15 for both. In the Sunday AM Stint with NEW RT660s I was able to click off a 1:17.8 but fell off quickly as the tires overheated and got greasy. On Used RS4s in my afternoon session I was able to pull a best of 1:17.9 and probably could have gotten more but the race ended as he was finding more speed. The RS4s were stable at temp and I was pushing them at a 1:18.5ish pace at the end. We took the front RT660s off after 3 hours of track use and the driver front was showing signs of chunking. We started the RT660s at 28psi cold and the RS4s at 29psi cold. The RS4s have three races on them now and still have life. I think moving forward we will just stick with the RS4s as the difference between our drivers skills is still pretty wide and tires don't really matter for us at this point. (we aren't to the point where we need to find every tenth of a second) Kevyn
  2. This race was not our best. The weather on Saturday paired with driver blunders over the course of the day prevented any chance at a decent finish. An early off that literally flooded our engine (borderline Hydrolocked) caused about a 30 minute pit stop to dry out the spark plugs and change out a steering knuckle due to a bad wheel bearing. Being out of contention meant racing in heavy down pours was a high risk low reward especially considering we were on the pole on Sunday. As the rain dissipated we returned to the track to test some setup changes and prep for the following day. We missed Saturdays checker flag by about 5 minutes because our shifter couldn’t decide what gears it wanted to work in. Sunday started with higher hopes. As mentioned above we were on the pole and the Sun was shining brightly. We started out strong but the fast guys eventually caught and passed us sitting us in P10 after our first stint. Another driver blunder in the second stint resulted in another flooded (literally) engine because for some reason we can thought our Honda would make a great boat. We kept at it though and even took the check flag directly behind the side by side Porsches. Lessons learned this weekend: 1. Rain sucks. 2. Garrettsville mud sticks to everything. 3. Honda’s make horrible boats. 4. RT660s don’t last 5. RS4s don’t wear 6. I still love doing this 7. I love our team and all the fans that came to watch us this weekend! see you all at GingerMan with some much needed additions. Kevyn
  3. Nevermind, issue was with a source file. Website says 9-5 saturday, 9-4 Sunday. Forum and email had a link to the wrong file. Sorry for the panic!
  4. So looking at the supps and it appears if we run 9am to 6pm isn’t that 9 hours and 9am to 5pm on Sunday 8 hours? Probably will be addressed in the drivers meeting.
  5. The only question I would have is what is the default score for an unattended race. Maybe Bill can clarify.
  6. The last 24 ran I wanna say I remember a Sahlens Boxter running an EASY 1:18-1:19 pace. The in car camera feed looked like the drivers could make a sandwich while turning laps.
  7. Technically they could run Nelsons, Gman, and Mid-O since it’s your best 6 finishes out of 8 attempts. Not sure if there was a rule that said “must run all 4 races”.
  8. We are always happy to help out whoever we can. Maybe one day we will have something for your team out on track. We enjoy racing with you guys but sooner or later we would like you to stare at our taillights for a while. Lol.
  9. Team Money Shift Racing and our 94 Honda Civic had a great weekend at this race. We stayed out on track for the whole day on each day and posted up impressive laps for us. The racing was clean (mostly) and the event was ran extremely well. We had fun dicing it up with the 212, the 550, and both Melian Miata cars as well as others. Hopefully you all had as much fun as we did. It was awesome seeing the 510 out there as well! Special thanks to Eric with Subliminal Racing for bailing us out with that fire proof foam to help us get through tech. We are used to being the ones helping out other teams so it was nice getting some help back. I love this community! Our next race is Nelson Ledges....see you all soon! Kevyn
  10. No chatter on this one yet? This is our next planned race. Had a blast at Autobahn and learned a couple of things. Look forward to seeing everyone and we will have items for sale track side as always. If anyone needs anything prior to this event please hit us up quickly. Thanks!
  11. Just trying to help make this sweet thing we have even better! We may have a few things up our sleeve in regards to this championship too.
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