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  1. Just trying to help make this sweet thing we have even better! We may have a few things up our sleeve in regards to this championship too.
  2. We have it on video. I cringed as I saw what you were trying thinking this isn’t going to end well
  3. Unfortunately we won't be able to make this years event. We are listed as the official track side support for this one but our schedule won't let us get away.
  4. Just a reminder that not only are we racing this weekend but we will also have stuff for sale to support you guys. If there is something you need before hand please let us know and we can either ship direct or bring it to the track for you. We typically keep in stock the following items: Hunsaker 5 Gallon Fuel Jugs Coolshirts (Medium, L, and XL) Schaeffer's Synthetic Lubricants (a VERY wide variety) SFI Roll bar padding Various Brake Fluids (RBF600, Castrol SRF, Wilwood, Bremobo 5.1, etc) Nomex Socks (various sizes) Other misc items
  5. We just signed up as well. Time to fix/correct stuff from Gingerman and get ready for our title race!
  6. We noticed their antics on Sunday multiple times including some slight contact. We are processing video and will get some up. Nothing to be overly concerned about but probably more aggressive than they need to be for a newly found "EC" car.
  7. Heading into this race we weren't sure what to expect out of our new Civic build. Considering we finished the car at 5:15pm Thursday afternoon we were pretty much planning on this weekend being mostly testing for us. We had two engines and transmissions with us, all with unknown history. Friday's test day showed that the engine in the car (which came in the car when we bought it) ran but had a blown head gasket. We spent the rest of Friday (til 1am) changing our engine next to the MiElam guys as they changed theirs. Second engine ran but had a squeal from the water pump. Went to change t
  8. We are still working to finish the big bad Civic to debut at this event. It will be ready but we are filled with a nervous excitement as we approach our time to get on track with all you folks. Can't wait!
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