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  1. Also, please put MSR down for Potato salad, napkins, and condiments for the Friday shindig.
  2. On the spreadsheet for the potluck, if it doesn’t show who is bringing an item does it mean it’s still needed? Example: napkins, condiments, potato salad, etc.
  3. I’ll buy the gloves at gingerman. I’ll be at the Money Shift Racing tent or in the Crank Yankers Pit.
  4. Money Shift Racing will be on site again much like we were at Indy. The exception being we are also racing at the event. With that being said we will have help to assist you as needed. We will have the following on hand and if anything specific is needed prior to the race please contact us directly at sales@moneyshiftracing.com. We can she direct to you before the race or deliver to you at the track! Schaeffer's Synthetic Lubricants (Engine Oil and Gear Lube) CoolShirts (M/L/XL) and fittings (new since Indy) Prosport Gauges K1 RaceGear SFI Rated Nomex Socks and Balaclavas SFI Rollbar Padding Various radio/helmet adapters and ear buds (new since Indy) Water Wetter Motul RBF600 Redline Shockproof Speed Bleeders (really great inexpensive parts that makes one person brake bleeding possible) Money Shift Racing Lip Balm (keeps your lips kissable soft even after a 2 hour driver stint!!!) Longacre Insulated Driver Water Bottles Racequip 6 Point Harness (HNR Friendly) Again, if you need something before this race contact us directly for the best pricing and service!
  5. I will do some searching and see what I can come up with. I think I can come up with something better than $189 AlpineStar gloves for fueling the car. LOL.
  6. We actually have our own brand now! My wife makes a really awesome lip balm that is a cocoa butter/coconut oil/organic bees wax based that goes on smooth and lasts all day.
  7. Most of these are now part of the regular stocking items. Thanks for your feedback!
  8. Thanks for the shout out! We are racers just like all of you and try our best to treat everyone the way we like to be treated. At the end of the day offering a friendly service or part at a fair price is what its all about. We ship as well so if an when you need some more reach out to us and we can take care of you!
  9. Thank you for your feedback. Most of these are great suggestions that we will take into account.
  10. So here’s the deal. My company, Money Shift Racing, is planning on attending 6 races this year in a trackside support role. We are looking for feedback on items we should have on the trailer in case you guys need something in a pinch. We are planning on stocking things like various grades of Schaeffer’s Synthetic Lubricants, nomex Socks, speed bleeders, harnesses, and what not. What we need from the teams is to know what grades of oil are you using and if there ever was a time you got to the track and realized you forgot something. We we will be attending the following races: NCM Indy Gingerman (also Racing) Nelson Ledges Pitt Race Sebring Also, if there are parts you need and would want delivered to any of these races just let us know! Thanks Kevyn Kistner
  11. There is an LS swap kit for the GT86 chassis as well. Just sayin....
  12. Or build one for EC and go have a ton of fun. Seems like a great idea to me.
  13. Hey everyone! porkchops22 (aka Kevyn Kistner of TFE Racing) here to introduce to you my company, Money Shift Racing. We are a small performance shop located in Willoughby, OH that specializes in race parts sales and installation, safety equipment, repair work, corner weighting, and engine building. We will be offering roll cages and performance alignments in the near future. It's just me and my business partner Chris but between us we have over 40 years of combined experience in the automotive aftermarket. Money Shift Racing is here to help you with your next build, rebuild of your existing race car, or just offer up some friendly advice. We have close relationships with companies like DIY Autotune, Cometic Gasket, Inc, Wossner Pistons, Cool Shirt, Coleman Racing Products, Schaeffer's Synthetic Lubricants, Speed Bleeders, K1 Race Gear, Silver's Suspension and many more! If there is a particular part you are looking for just hit us up and we would be happy to help our fellow racers out! We have been involved with ChampCar in some form or fashion since 2009 when we debuted our Yellow 95 Impreza (some of you may remember). Chris and I look forward to more involvement with the series and are excited for the upcoming season! Kevyn Kistner & Chris Elek Money Shift Racing moneyshiftracing.com sales@moneyshiftracing.com 440-290-9597 Link to our commercial that ran on Destination America: https://youtu.be/zg4NYR7G4JQ
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