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  1. This round always makes me think of SouthPawRacer's Super Serious Track Guide.
  2. Atlanic Division winner, John D Allen Pacific Division winner, and humble bragger, David Haines
  3. To say I'm excited for racing to return would be massively understating it.
  4. Wow. I went from thinking I didn't have a seat on Wednesday, to having one of the best weekends of my life. I'm not sure anyone travelled further than I did from Brisbane, Australia to be there, so I'm beyond grateful to Chattahoochee Motorsports for taking me on very last minute. I don't feel like we got the results the car was capable of, but I'm very proud of setting the team's fastest lap in my very first ever car race. I'm sure I'll see plenty of you again, some at VIR 24, and for the rest make sure you tune in to my coverage of the ChampCar Sim Series. 😊
  5. I am very eagerly anticipating this race! Looking forward to meeting many of you, including @Doc. Team Hugh Jass already have our in-car YouTube streams scheduled.
  6. Observe, the Mother Porsche and her newly hatched Miatas. She can only do so much to protect them from the kerbs of Charlotte. The winter is harsh, and many will not make it.
  7. Hey folks, here's your link for this week's broadcast! As outlined for plenty of reasons above, this race could go one of many ways. I hope everyone who tunes in will enjoy it, and everyone racing gets a chance to check it back after.
  8. How much closer do you need 1st and 2nd to be, coming to the line on the final lap?! You can scroll up watch the broadcast on replay. Well done to all who raced.
  9. Hey folks, Broadcast coverage will start at 8.50pm ET. Best of luck to all the racers, otherwise tune in! We look forward to having you.
  10. Here's the broadcast link. I set it up nice and early you so have plenty of time to email your Grandma or maybe you have an especially stubborn Smart TV.
  11. Hey folks, I trimmed just the last 2 laps of the broadcast. The powerful draft at Daytona meant there were some really close battles to finish line!
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