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  1. HJBC will be live at 9.50PM eastern for tonight's Championship race.
  2. Broadcast of championship rounds by HJBC continues tonight! We'll be live at around 9.50PM ET.
  3. some kind of reminder about loading race fuel after qualifying
  4. Hello racers! Team Hugh Jass will be streaming live onboard from our #337 Mazda Miata. The camera is updated from previous races, and we hope the view at night will be brighter and more crisp.
  5. Defending champ @Hugh Jass takes his first win of the 2020 season.
  6. Hey @Jamie, what's your end goal? This decal layer is NOT REQUIRED to race in ChampCar iRacing Series. It's mostly for the fun and immersion of teams like Hugh Jass which already have iRacing paint schemes. Are you trying to build a custom scheme from scratch? Or add the decal layer to an existing paint?
  7. @enginerd Stint 4, so approx from 2pm to 4pm on Sunday.
  8. Are we still posting full stints? Very excited to return in 2020.
  9. 2 winners from 2 races so far this year. Congrats Nicholas Johnston!
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