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  1. Racers, a reminder that it's iRacing new build week and there will be updates to download before you can join the race session. See everyone for the first CCiS round at Mid-Ohio!
  2. Congrats Nick Love on your first win of the season! These streets are yours. The broadcast replay is available any time.
  3. Looking forward to seeing many of you for this evening's points round. You should be able to find our broadcast at the below link, coverage beginning at 9.15pm ET https://youtu.be/jQuacAUdL6Q
  4. Congrats Mark McCormack! And well done Nick Love and Simon Foweather completing the podium postions at Charlotte.
  5. Bookmark it, email it to someone, program your nanna's smart TV. Broadcast is schedule for Round 3 at Daytona.
  6. With all the close packs, we certainly had an interesting broadcast! Congratulations Mark McCormack. We've now had two first time winners from two races to start the 2021 season, feels like anyone could triumph in 3 weeks time at Daytona.
  7. HJBC will be live at 9.50PM eastern for tonight's Championship race.
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