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  1. Special K

    Roll cage question

    So our car was purchased from a guy who had started a build and never finished it. The car was already caged and the cage itself had been removed from another car and installed into this one. In order to do this, a couple bars were cut, welded back together, and a sleeve (larger tube) placed over the weld and in turn, welded 360 degrees around, making a solid piece as strong (or perhaps stronger) as it started. Has anyone run a car with such a cage through tech or seen any issues with this? My understanding is that the process of sleeving over the weld and welding the sleeve is the acceptable method of doing this.
  2. I think this is great. If professional series use systems like this, why not ChampCar? Anything that can supplement an already existing method and increase everyone's safety is a plus.
  3. Special K

    Rolling miata fenders

    205/50/15... 30 offset. The fronts appear to be tucked in ok. The rears, maybe not enough. Rolling the rear fenders proved to be a lot of work for little gain. We now have fender flares on standby in case its deemed a problem, but I think we may have gotten it sorted out
  4. Special K

    Rolling miata fenders

    In an effort to comply with the new fender rule, we've started rolling/pulling the fenders of the 90 miata. So far have only done the fronts. With a 205/50/15 and 3.5 degrees front camber, it still looks like a bit of a tight squeeze for the level to make it clear of the tire at 10 and 2. Has anyone else with a miata pulled the fenders and cleared it with ease? Or am I so incompetent that I'm replicating this whole test wrong? I ran the level as the video in another post shows, but it it seems like the fender needs to come out a full country mile to make the level clear and I'm not sure there's any left to pull. Hopefully this bit of rambling nonsense makes as much sense as it does in my head.