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  1. Thanks Ben! I may take you up on the swinging by part! Ill be doing some wrenching and trailer working on Saturday.
  2. NOOB question here, is there a list of numbers that are taken somewhere??
  3. awesome, I'm actually in Wake Forest and would love another set of eyes to check it out. we have a list of punch items, but really want to make sure our bases are covered before taking it out. And then I may drag it up to VIR anyway to get an official check! Not sure where you're located, or when you're available, but I should be around most of the weekend. My name is Jason and my number is 919-412-9627
  4. I live in the Raleigh area and my team and I are targeting a few events this year. We likely wont be ready to run at VIR in March, but was wondering if we brought the car out, if it could get inspected and make sure we are on the right track. If there is a tech advisor local to the area it would be great to have them stop by and take a look also. Either way. Just would like some technical eyes on the project to make sure we dont miss something silly. Thanks!
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