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  1. Yeah that was a fun race. The two hour and 8x time multiplier definitely add a lot and really highlights the importance of consistency...which I was definitely lacking. Still happy with 2nd, just felt like I had a real shot at winning but couldn't get out of my own way, lol. Congratulations on another win @Hugh Jass!
  2. Yeah that was a fun race. Lots of ups and downs for myself between over fueling, offtrack excursions, and lapped traffic. It wasn't as straight forward a win as I would have liked but like Vin Diesel says, winning is winning.
  3. COTA just isn't a very popular track, probably due to people finding it difficult and kind of boring. It also isn't used much in the official series. Fun race for the most part...those slow downs are brutal and I caught one on the last lap on the penultimate corner costing me 3rd place. Oh well, on to the next one
  4. Thanks to everyone involved for putting on another amazing race. I'm also happy to report that putting in the race fuel before you start the race is a big help! My apologies to Shane Cameron of Village Idiots if some of my stupid wore off on you after Daytona, haha. Had a good time battling with JDA and crew in addition to a few others. Most of the faster traffic was pretty well behaved overall. I look forward to racing again at Charlotte
  5. Frustrating race to say the least. I hit the wall getting onto the oval then hit the wall leaving snake pit which required a fast repair. Later on while starting to make up some time I came up on a car who had hit wall getting back onto the oval and was clearly damaged...but was weaving in front of me. That person then sent it over the blue turtle shells in the snake pit and pinballed off the wall and into my rear tire. I think there should be some sort of code that, if you are driving a clearly damaged car, just let some people by and safely return to the pits vs driving like a mad man. Anyway, I'm thankful for drop weeks. See you guys at the Glen.
  6. Watching the race start was interesting. Looks like net code contact between Ben and I which lead me to drive through you and put you on your roof...sorry about that. From my perspective it felt like I was getting hit in the right rear. Other than that it was a pretty fun race, I just wish the leaders didn't break away so early on. Battling Tom for the last 5 laps was very fun. I'll miss the next races due to being on vacation, good luck and I'll see you guys afterwards! Also a shout out to Doc for being a stand in for the announcers!
  7. That was an interesting race. I joined late and started in the back, was making up a few positions until I got caught up in a wreck. Took my repair and not enough fuel. After the 2nd stop I was working on trying to make up 1 position across the start finish and didn't notice a car on the low side that was out of fuel, this lead to an interesting finish...Look forward to next week!
  8. Awesome race last night, lots of close racing and fast drivers out there. I think I need to buy one of those walnut suits I was hearing so much about if I am to have a chance of winning a race.
  9. Just getting around to creating an account. My apologies again on that...I've gone through that rut out of turn 5 flat out a number of times and never had it pivot the car to the right like it did. I'll definitely be putting in more practice and doing my best to prevent such errors in the future.
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