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  1. This used to be our shop 1984 944 race car used in Lemons but the team has since moved on. At our last event the engine spun a bearing and we never found the time to swap the engine so the car has been sitting for some time. We have a replacement core engine for it that will go to whoever buys the car. Modifications include: 6 Point Cage from Pierce Motorsport in Torrance (2800$) Hotbits Suspension w/ Camber Plates (1000$) Recently Rebuilt transmission with short 5th gear (2000$) Standalone Engine Management System w/ Tune for Stock Engine included Oversized radiator for hotter weather Damage to left rear quarter panel Red sunroof Extra set of wheels 2500$ email andrew@langracing.com or call the shop 949-667-4397. Located in Lake Forest, California
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