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  1. Would be fun to make a wiper of sorts that can clear the grass while on track. How many point would we have to claim to add one of these?
  2. It probably helps on turn 1 and 8 and for initial braking going into 4, 7 and 10. But this Saturday we had to pit 3 extra times to clear off the radiator of grass. I highly doubt the faster lap times gained by the areo offset the time lost. Unfortunately I like the way the car looks with a splitter and wing .
  3. We had a photographer out at the track with us this past weekend. He took some great photos I highly recommend. https://picti.net/2qkdO Lewisville Photographer Steven LoRicco Photography
  4. I dont know yet. I suspect the piston broke a chunk off and rattled around abit but Ill tear the engine apart to find out.
  5. Yeah our coolsuits ran very poorly as well, basically just hauled around 15 lbs of useless ice and water for 8 hours.
  6. Bittersweet weekend for us. We tried fielding 2 cars this weekend for the first time. The usual NA miata and newly built NC miata. Friday morning started off fairly well and we got the NC through tech having only missed safety wire on the seat belt clips, easy fix. However when we went to run practice laps the motor gave out after only 7 laps. We started making plans to swap the motor Friday evening but we weren't able to source one. We decided to retire the NC and ran back home to Dallas to pick up a Boxster that was luckily already prepped (mostly) by Kreuger Tuned Racing. Saturday both cars ran really well! 800 popped into first overall for a few laps right at the end of the race, unfortunately we made one too many mistakes, about 5 in total lol, and ended up in 2nd only 22 seconds behind Basil Weenie!! Lots of fun racing and a very intense end of the race! Sunday the bad news was back. The Boxster lost an exhaust piece and we got flagged for noise while fixing that we noticed a lug bolt had sheared off which held us in the pits for good amount of time. Then two and a half hours in the NA miata's motor also gave out. I go into these races with lots of advanced prep work and try to bring plenty of spare parts to ensure we can stay on track for the entire race. But I cant bring spare engines and the tools to swap them out in the pit stalls, its not in my budget or willpower to do so. Sucks that even a rebuilt motor running stock power levels cant be relied on for more than 12 hours. Anyways, we did have alot of fun and alot of good moments on track. Ill post up some videos and pictures this week.
  7. I'm missing from that list. Ran Harris Hills and a DNF at Hallett.
  8. We had a great weekend and even got our first win on Saturday. We were great in the rain but as it dried up we had a tough time maintaining 2 hour stints given our fuel consumption. We thought 1st was out of reach after we got a PUY at corner 5 on top of having to fuel save. We got very lucky in that other teams either had fuel issues; car issues; and PUYs as well that let us get back into first with a decent enough lead to fuel save through the entire last stint. Sunday the car did great and let us put down lots of laps. Our competitors were all on their A-game today which made for some fun racing. I got a false black flag at corner 4 during my stint but I don't think overall it affected us much as we were 2 laps down from the next position up at the end of the day.
  9. Thanks for your hard work on this, its certainly not an easy task. Its great to know that the tech desk is supposed to hold as much weight as the BCCR but please make sure event tech is on the same page . It could also help to add a line in the BCCR that validates the tech desk articles as an official ruling in some capacity. (perhaps 12 - 18 months from the article publish date)
  10. There is another article dated in Jan 2021 asking about a different type of extended lower ball joint that serves the same function as the Miata ones and it also said 5points per corner. If it’s no longer valid I think they should mark it as such or remove it from the site.
  11. Tech desk is a bit useless at this time. Last weekend I claimed 5 points per corner for the "Miata extended lower ball joints" according to 2020-03-20 - Miata Extended Lower Ball Joints (champcar.org) and was informed that it was not an official rule and I had to take 10 points per corner instead. I don't care what the rule is in this case I just want some consistency and communication when things change as this could have been very frustrating had I not left additional points on the table.
  12. My bad, I misread the opening post in that the rule is from WRL not ChampCar.
  13. I agree 100% as soon as I see a yellow flag, (or even get radioed about an upcoming yellow flag) I slow down and look ahead for whatever is dangerous. My issue is the wording of the new rule makes it sound like you will ONLY serve a penalty at or after the yellow flag station. Side note - WRL is basically admitting that they cant police PUY, which I think is a bad idea to clue in the drivers of this fact. They should just take the public stance that they will catch PUY violations and penalties will be served under the current rules (even if they cant).
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