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  1. Thanks for all the feedback guys. This is very helpful. I sent these same questions to tech@champcar.org about two weeks ago, but haven't heard back yet. I know they've been busy with NCM and Willow Springs so I thought I'd reach out for the communities feedback. When I hear back from tech, I'll post up their answers.
  2. Hi Guys, I have a few questions regarding points for aero devices. I’m hoping you can help. At WGI in May, I received a few extra material points for my air dam overlapping with my front bumper. If I cut the lower portion of the bumper off, with the exception of an inch or so to attach the air dam, will I get those points back? I’m playing with the idea of adding an aero pan, side skirts, and diffuser. Will this be a total of 30pts, or do the skirts count individually making it 40pts? Can the aero pan extend to the total width of the car or does it need to stay under the rocker panels? Can the aero pan be contoured or must it remain flat? Is there any limitation on the aero pan length forward or backwards to meet the splitter and diffuser? Is the mounting hardware/brackets included in the 10pts each? Is there a minimum distance to the ground for side skirts? I noticed a few teams had cut their fenders to vent the air around the wheels. Does this count for any points? I have a few aluminum vents in the hood that count for material points. If I simply cut vents into the hood without adding any material will it be free? Thanks in advance for your help. I just want to be sure I’m legal before showing up at the next event. Thanks, Jason
  3. Hello, We're looking for 1-2 additional experienced drivers for the VIR 12hr. on March 2nd. We will be running a well prepped, reliable NA Miata with a 1.8VVT swap. If you're looking for a fun weekend of racing, please contact me for more info. Thanks, Jason
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