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  1. Awesome, that was my understanding. Thank you. I guess the trick is whether we can change drivers in under 5 minutes
  2. Hi Folks. Newbie question. Must all stops be a minimum of 5 minutes, irrespective of whether your refuel or not? The last sentence of 8.2.4 "Pit stops where fuel is not added to the car shall not be considered a timed pit stop" is a little confusing. Sorry, I tried searching, but nothing seem to come up. Thanks
  3. Hi Folks. This will be our first Champcar race. We only have one driver who has previously raced in Champcar. I guess we have missed the requirement for "qualified drivers" and "qualified cars"? Please clarify what if anything we need to do to enter as "qualified drivers" or if we are not eligible? So far our initial entry appears to have been accepted. Thanks
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