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  1. Price Drop, $3000 with extra long block, extra transmission with LSD. Had it on an alignment machine last week to get the settings and found the upper ball join on the passenger side needs to be replaced. Everything else checked out. You can go racing by adding a fire suppression bottle and fixing a ball joint. If its a big deal I will do the ball joint. Still not burning oil, still turns like its on rails. Matt Childs
  2. autoxsorry on price I want 4k. i will take less. pm me and we can talk about it. i need to take some more pics. best runs from autox. slowest first. 6 drivers lots of lines
  3. This car has a 2019 ChampCar tech sticker and log book. It is a 275 point car. Lots of room to make it faster. The car turns like it's on rails and stops really well. It ran at NCM earlier this year. Finished the first day 23 out of 58 with 4 first time ChampCar / road race drivers. Motor is a ZC swap with a rebuilt si transmission with LSD. The rebuild was done by synchrotech. Rear drum brakes were replaced with integra disc brakes and prop valve. Belts and window net are good to go. The RS4's on the car did 8 hours at NCM and 40 minutes of autocross. The only thing it will need to go race is a fire suppression bottle. We put in all new nozzles and plumbing before NCM. After NCM we put a header and good intake on it. It woke the motor up. It was falling a bit flat before it hit the rev limiter now it pulls hard all the way up. Last weekend we did 48 autocross runs in it and it did great. 1,2,3,4,7, and 9th in STM. It burned zero oil. The motor is solid. I have an extra ZC motor that has a fresh bottom end. There is also a spare ZC transmission. It will need a clutch to be 100%. I will wait to sell the spare engine to give the buyer of the car first shot.
  4. I can see that being a good idea. How does it work? Do you just work a race that you aren't running?
  5. I am happy with the finish position Saturday. We will be back. Thanks for the encouragement.
  6. <<To the guy that suggested we go run Lemons I understood it.>> I wasn't mad, actually thought it was a reasonable suggestion.
  7. NCM was the first wheel to wheel race for our team. One of our drivers had done some road racing 15 years ago but in general we are all autox folks. The car was a beat up 1989 Civic DX 2 door hatch with a ZC swap might have made 125 hp at the crank. 14 days out the car didn't have a working motor or rear brakes and the wiring was fubar. I drove the first stint. Somebody blew up their car on the warm up laps so I got several extra looks at the track while that was getting taken care of. When the race finally started I was pretty calm. We had a reasonably fast car in the turns, but a really slow car on the straights. I got passed by 5 cars on lap 1 and another 10 cars by lap 2. We made a couple of short stops to look at a check engine light and by lap 9 we were in position 45 out of the 51 cars that started the race. By the end of my stint on lap 27 we were back up to 37th. Mike got in the car and drove it quite a bit faster than I had been. He worked his way up to 30th by lap 51 when he had to come in for gas as the car was cutting out. He went back out and did our fastest lap of the race (2:39.909) on lap 53. He worked his way up to 28th by the end of his stint. Cameron got in the car and after the fuel stop was in 29th position. Cameron drove until lap 94 and up to 25th position. His fast lap time was 2:40.558. Brian got in the car and after the fuel stop in 26th position. Brian drove until lap 123 and up to 20th position. Brian's fast lap time was 2:43.947. I got back in the car on lap 124 in 25th position after the fuel stop. I drove until there were about 4 minutes left in the race. At that point my fastest lap time was a 2:46.176. While heading into turn 10 the brake pedal hit the floor and didn't do a whole lot. I was very happy with the runoff in that turn. I pulled off into the grass but didn't want to cause a caution that late so I limped into the pits and headed back to the garage. Our day was over at that point. We were in 23rd position and even missing the last two laps we were far enough ahead of 24th to end up in 23rd position. The car turns like nothing I had ever driven before but was way down on power to be competitive. Our fast lap time was 42nd overall so we punched pretty far above our weight class bringing the car home in 23rd. We found the issue. It was a failed wheel bearing and a broken axle. The axle we had been given as a spare with the car wasn't correct and nobody in town had one so our race was over. We just didn't have time to do the detail work on the car, to verify all the spares etc. I was pretty happy with the way other cars worked around us. A few times it was pretty tight but as far as I know we didn't hit anything or anybody. I did something pretty stupid in my first stint. I was so focused on passing a car I had been chasing for 30 minutes I missed a yellow flag and passed that car and one other one under yellow. I finally looked up and saw the yellow and knew I messed up. I payed a lot more attention to the flag stations after that. To the guy that suggested we go run Lemons I understood it. We were not up to the speed of the other cars on the track and the car was pretty ugly. It was our first time and I didn't understand the level of racing that was going on. We will do better next time.
  8. If you still have the car, PM me or text me at the number above. I don't tend to answer the phone for unknown numbers so I might have missed your call.
  9. I am having trouble sending you a PM. I want to talk to you about this car. eight two eight seven seven seven six five nine one
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