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  1. You weren't the only one. If we could have more pit spots at VIR south, we would have. Further, it was mentioned in the thread for the race.
  2. As soon as the base ND is not a 500pt car out of the box. An ND Cup car would be way over 500pts. There has been ND Cup cars that have run in ChampCar, but they were all EC.
  3. They are cautions that cover the whole race track. Race control throws them based on crashes, maybe not the instant the crashes happen, but they are related to incidents.
  4. I see neither a James nor a Rod Radmann on iRacing, only a Rob Radmann.
  5. I hope you do enter 2 teams; y'all don't need a driver change almost every hour!
  6. Not 48 hours after the event has been announced we really should start worrying about the number of Solstices registered.
  7. Yeah man, I thought we figured that out a while ago...
  8. Next weekend conflicts with the Nurburgring 24. We are already planning to have another event the weekend after that. We know that back-to-back weeks are difficult, for you and for us.
  9. @PaulRigoli which drivers will be driving for which team? Thanks!
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