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  1. I would find it by hiring a better and more competent mechanic for one.
  2. I hate the bait and switch nonsense. Even if it’s just circumstances. Finding a good reputable source for dyno and tuning can be a challenge. I worked with a great dyno guy near me but he only tunes a couple standalone ECUs and domestic OBD2 ECUs. Not impossible to tune yourself but definitely not the easy button.
  3. More like this I believe. Need slip fit collector though. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/vpe-10340?seid=srese1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1uCVr7SJ8gIVQYSGCh2zyAwgEAQYASABEgI7u_D_BwE
  4. Connection is on back of the head up against the firewall. I believe that the heater core has a control valve that when heat is not required it shuts off water flow, so blocking the port on the head is the same as never using the heat. I have run it both ways on my car. Previous owner had it looped back using the hose that looks like a giant tee that connects to the expansion tank and the tstat housing. I removed the whole thing last time I had engine out just to simplify things.
  5. Be sure PDM can take the inrush from using the safety/isolation switch. I used a cheap pdm used mainly for off road lights and first check of safety switch blew out half the circuits. Had to rewire with relays and fuses. The AIM setup is likely built for racing and priced accordingly. Be sure to check when finished
  6. I made a block off plate out of 1/4” aluminum. People do make block off plates pre made.
  7. Voltage check for sure. Don’t be afraid to run a temporary hot and ground directly from the battery. Check filter, blow out lines with compressed air. And maybe a temporary supply and return fuel line. Lastly just because it’s a new regulator doesn’t mean it’s working. Block line and remove regulator and see what max pressure pump can develop.
  8. I like the dash and display. I hope I don't regret not buying the hood for my display. Looks great.
  9. This is turning into an epic race. Really looking forward to a big field and great time.
  10. It was dry last year and very hot but people said to bring plywood. We did and it was a great idea even without the rain. Might want some for hot pits and paddock area if its wet.
  11. Good thing you chose Riverside. Mont Tremblant is still around.
  12. Own the car yourself, prep the car yourself, and develop regular partners that pay you for those services in exchange for seat time. I have not been able to make a racing partnership team work.
  13. Final tweaks to the wiring harness and a test of the power shutoff switch. This unfortunately showed the limitations and deficiencies of my bargain PDM kit. It permanently locked 3 circuits in the ON position engine did shutdown. So it’s back to the 4 pin Bosch relay until I hit the lotto. Have to build a new switch panel too. I did get my small winch installed in the trailer and tested it too. Found a new windshield and installation is set for next week.
  14. 114 in the shade. A good 120* plus in the car. There were some very fast cars that weekend but it was hot!
  15. sorry it was CL not RL. I’m Not a Honda/Acura pro. Do know it’s. J series. Immobilizer was likely problem
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