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  1. neither is the average speed of traffic on that section of interstate so it fits. Be safe great broadcast and result
  2. Ed is such a great guy. It is well deserved and his team and car were up front all race. I know he did it right and deserves the win. I have no idea what the issue was with the MBZ but good to hear cars are being scrutinized.
  3. Me too. That car was great fun. Not super fast but really great fun. Solid no rust RX2. That pic is the in field of the Las Vegas roval. Leading a corvette and an NSX or maybe getting lapped. Friend of mine sent it to me a few days ago. Not sure how or where he found the pic.
  4. I should have kept this one too. Man I miss this car.
  5. I believe the ceramic apex seals were developed earlier than the 787. I think some of the early IMSA GTU and GTO cars were built with those apex seals. A great friend who built every rotary I have raced would tell me stories of rebuilding engines in his hotel room at Daytona. He had a Polaroid of a table with everything spread out. This would have been in the early 80s. Drummond, Downing, or Mandeville were probably using these when they were dominating GTU and GTO. If you have them already then I would use them for sure. Always a great selling tool as well if you plan to sell the en
  6. This is definitely a difficult transition to make. I’m working on this subject myself. I finally decided I want to drive more wrench less. Thankfully my daughter is now 15 and doesn’t want me around, so the side eye is not as piercing as it once was. Good luck on that front.
  7. I understand completely. Had my own well documented engine woes. I finally gave up the piece togethered engine project and found a reputable and reliable builder, thanks @Chris Huggins, and paid the money. Eliminated one big issue straight away. Sounds like you can build it so might be better in the long run to buy the piece that is available eventhough it may come with a steep cost initially. In the end it will be a drop in the sea. I do feel your pain.
  8. Good plan but you really don't need the ceramic apex seals for a normally aspirated rotary. I realize it may get you few extra bucks on the sale but at a very steep initial cost.
  9. I should have held on to the 13b parts I had. Worth more than gold these days.
  10. Just as a side note. I found my wiper problems at Sebring last year were from the wiper arm being stripped out and spinning on the shafts coming through the cowl. I added setscrews to the stripped out wiper arms. I found an old article on an E30 forum about this problem. The replacement arms are expensive and will strip out again. Time will tell if this is a permanent fix.
  11. I have not had to buy any 13b parts in a while are plates that hard to find at a reasonable cost? Rotor housings were always the big money. Could just weld a couple injector fittings to the manifold. Just depends on what is best compromise
  12. My understanding is everything is able to be mixed and matched. video gives some info. I would make call to someone like Mazdatrix who has been building rotary engines forever. Dave Lemon is one the original rotary wizards. He knows it all and a quick conversation could answer all your questions. https://www.mazdatrix.com
  13. Sounds like a plan. You have a full schedule for sure.
  14. I had hoped to do Daytona and Watkins Glen this year but Covid had other plans. Wife started new job just before Christmas as her business had to be closed last summer and I am set to start a new job Monday. Finances are okay but decided it best to cancel those races and look at some later in the year. I’m hoping to make Mid Ohio and Sebring. Sebring is a definite. How about yourself?
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