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  1. Head on, timing belt and tensioner, water pump, and flywheel. Hope to have engine all put together this weekend.
  2. I couldn't agree more. Whether its required or not, do what you feel is best for your unique vehicle. Some small changes to how lines are routed and mounted can make it easier to enclose. We all are trying to accomplish the same thing. Live to race another day.
  3. This is just not true. Professional race teams use these types of hoses and fittings all the time. They were also originally designed for military aircraft. The push on and crimp type fittings were developed to make things lighter and smaller. They perform the same function. A properly built and installed S/S AN line with reusable fittings will withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure. Certainly more than most Champcar race cars develop. A rubber hose and a screw clamp is all that is needed and will be fine if the correct hose and clamp is used and it is installed properly. Same with AN fittings and hose crimped, push lock, or reusable. I prefer the reusable fittings because I can reuse them. I prefer AN type fittings because they are simple to disconnect from the system and it is easy to check if they are tight. They don’t require any special tools and can be done by anyone. The fitting doesn’t remove the risk of leaks or failures. Adding bulkheads and routing fuel and oil lines away from the driver just adds an extra margin of safety. Maybe an extra couple seconds to exit the car.
  4. 0.5 A to 20 A at 0.5 Vdc to 28 Vdc|0.75 A at 115 Vdc|0.5 A at 250 Vdc|0.5 A to 15 A at 0.5 Vac to 277 Vac this is the specs for these switches. Relay for all loads is probably unnecessary. I usually only use relays for high loads like headlights, cooling fan, fuel pumps, etc. the rest are usually fused and run through the switch directly. Makes things simpler and easier to troubleshoot.
  5. These are not cheap but almost universally used by NASCAR group. https://www.modernracing.net/product/honeywell-2nt1-3-on-off-toggle-switch-dpdt/
  6. Make some connections here on the forum then show up at the track. Instant connection. No problem with most teams renting seats. Some want drivers who are more competitive than others. This is always the tricky part of multi driver endurance racing. Most teams go out of their way to “make things right” with renters. But it is impossible to account for all possible things that can go wrong racing. Co driver can miss a shift and destroy a brand new engine. Car owner did his best by making sure it was new before the event. You crash on the opening lap when another driver t-bones you. No one else gets to drive and you only got half a lap. Plus car is destroyed and will need to be replaced or rebuilt, not cheap. Having a good relationship with the team and pitching in where you can will ensure the best outcome. Almost all of the cost to race has to be fronted. Day of the race costs are generally food and drinks as everything else has been bought before the race starts. Over time renting is much more bang for your buck than building a car. But it can have its disappointments too. This is racing unfortunately. I hope to see you at the track.
  7. At sebring in December tech requested nuts and bolts to mount aluminium strap to frame on my lexan rear window. Rivets were ok for strap to lexan. Didn't see it in rulebook but it was one of the small things I had to fix.
  8. That can be accommodated as well. Keep in touch and I’ll let you know when and where I’ll be racing.
  9. Had a similar problem years ago with oil pressure. Drivers couldn’t see the red light, or so they claimed. I mounted a 3” trailer light next to the tach. At night you could see it from the pit lane if it came on. I thought about no visual gauges just a giant red light. So if any temp any pressure was out of range the giant light would come on. Any time the light came on you knew there was a problem. Still might do that
  10. I’m registered and I’m looking forward to running my first race. Lots of work to be done.
  11. Be sure all your safety gear is FIA spec. Sounds like a lot of fun
  12. Keep in touch. I’m going to run one race this spring and one this fall if all goes as tentatively planned. It would be good to talk and work it out.
  13. That’s not a good way to attract a new team member. Entry fees AND cell phone bills. 😂
  14. Bill It would be great to have an experienced Champcar team member. I’m sorry your original team didn’t survive. Send me a message and we can chat. Tim
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