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  1. You will find many v8 swaps into e30s. Drift guys do it regularly. A bit of a swap calculator killer for Champcar though.
  2. Koul tools make some of the best/easy to use tools for AN lines. I personally prefer to cut my braided line with a cutoff wheel instead of the giant wire cutter(I know it’s not recommended by the manufacturers) to keep from pinching the hose. Just makes it tough to get it on fittings. I only buy quality Aerospace hose and fittings (except the one special gauge fitting). I prefer Goodridge as it can be found at a bargain price. Definitely pressure test and routinely inspect all hoses.
  3. Any Champcar program available? Definitely interested depending on location in Charlotte
  4. I have not used any of there hose. I have used a couple of there fittings and they looked and felt good. I tend to only buy Goodridge hose and fittings and I could easily tell the difference in the two. Goodridge didn’t have what I wanted so they were a good alternative. I did find a few guys on eBay selling brand new surplus Goodridge fittings and hose for about the same cost as anhosefittings.com.
  5. I hope your search for a new shop works out. I know how difficult it is to pack up a shop with nowhere to go. Good luck
  6. My personal list Pit and Paddock Equipment EzUp canopy 10x10 pit box with hand tools Fuel dump cans(4) Hunsaker fuel can wagon Fuel catch pan 10# fire extinguisher 5# of oil dry Bulk fuel storage&pump Water storage Jack and stands Generator? extension cords battery tools charged Air compressor, hoses & tools? Coolers Folding table Chair(s) Spare parts? supplies Extra wheels and tires Transponder charged
  7. Call me when you are ready to drive instead of wrench, transport, and no drive.
  8. Blades and wheels are still the easiest and most cost effective solution. Mini sawzall is great addition to the 4.5” cutoff wheel/grinder.
  9. I’m the same way. Looking to find some cheap vinyl wrap material to touch up some “paint” on our car as well. I May need to do the whole car if things go the way they have the last few races.
  10. Remove it and add pull strap. Easier than removing existing work.
  11. this was what I remember. I believe some guys also had a saddle type cell made to get it lower also. You might have to double up the tape in that area behind the seat though.
  12. Fuel cell probably has to be a custom job to fit like the stock tank or possibly the passenger side rear seat well area you already Swiss cheesed. Been so many years I figured one of the 944 turbo guys had built a lightweight torque tube by now.
  13. gotta swap the torque tube to an aluminum tube or maybe titaniumThat sucker weighs a ton. Can I repurpose some spare aluminum removed from some other parts of the car
  14. Source a good 944 block, add stroked crank, bore block, add larger pistons, source a nice S2 head, and for much less(points and cash) than the 07k swap you have a nice 944S to race. Some professional assembly needed but surely simpler than the 5cyl Audi swap. I do miss the 944 we raced back in the late 90’s one of the easiest cars to drive fast. Sadly still not cheap to race and not simple to build.
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