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  1. That sounds fishey for sure. I used a local dyno to finish breaking in a new engine. Ran the car for about 45 minutes and shop didn'teven charge me for the full hour. Checked HP and exhaust gas analyser.
  2. Sorry the VG30DE I swapped into my RX7 a hundred years ago had a tubular type manifold. You should be able to use that manifold since it’s in some car on the vpi I’m sure. https://www.ebay.com/i/114150627526?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=114150627526&targetid=935065067947&device=m&mktype=pla&googleloc=1021048&poi=&campaignid=10829254704&mkgroupid=106351039613&rlsatarget=pla-935065067947&abcId=9300396&merchantid=6296724&gclid=CjwKCAjw_sn8BRBrEiwAnUGJDqhccT-VzEc_Oarb4wfT1ic904KbiasYuQnEUc-kHU-uGty
  3. It’s my understanding you can cut the existing OE tubular type manifolds after the individual runners collect together. I thought this came up in the E46 discussion. Cutting the cat off where the individual runners come together. Can you do this on your manifold? I thought the Nissan ones where not cast iron but tubular with a heat shield. Then route the exhaust how you want it
  4. Alcon, brembo, PFC, AP Racing, Wilwood, Stoptech. Several stock car brands out there too. lots of options
  5. I believe that is correct but these gearboxes/transaxles are also electricity/hydraulically shifted by ECU or gearbox controller. No more shifters and shift linkage.
  6. it’s a whole lot easier to left foot brake and match revs with a non synchromesh racing gearbox. Blip the throttle and shift it no clutch needed. Up shift just breath off the throttle and shift. No clutch. I’m looking for a bell housing to mount a Gforce to the M20. Worth the swap points.
  7. Finally finished lighting and lighting wiring, installed new shifter, topped off the trans fluid, driveshaft installed, motor mount in and tight. next up is exhaust system. I have to fix one of the mounts that got bent.
  8. It was built by Irvan-Smith here in Concord. Exactly like this model but mine has a Snap On tool box not the Lista. Couple add on pieces too. And less than half the cost. It was cheaper than a new roll around toolbox to replace the cheap Husky model I have bent to poop rolling it in and out of the trailer. https://www.irvansmith.com/scart/irvansmith-is5stbw02-wagon-small-with-toolbox-p-538.html
  9. Lights on and wiring nearly complete. Few million little things to finish before Sebring. And a new addition to the team.
  10. Started with a self built Mazda RX2(yes RX2) Raced that car for 3 years about 4-5 events a year mostly sprints. 30+hrs Built new car FC RX7 and raced it for 10 years 4-5 events per year mostly sprint races with NASA SoCal. 150-200hrs. Bought and personalized 3rd car, E30 Champcar. 1 race in 2020. 8hrs So the total time racing wheel to wheel. Total +-190hrs, 50+ events
  11. Transmission bolted back on the engine. New rear seal(teflon style), new clutch disc(couple sections broke off, not sure why), had flywheel ground by machine shop, inspected main bearings, new oil pan gasket(waited for cut gasket eventhough all top E30 racers use Hondabond), new motor and trans mounts, dropped engine and trans back into the car, connected wiring and fuel system, installed new oil filter and oil, started right up with good oil pressure. Tomorrow cooling system, shifter, exhaust system, and driveshaft. Tested light bar in the garage.
  12. One side was likely connected to a bunch of smog related items when installed in doner car
  13. Official pace car could slow to a near stop well away from incident to collect all stragglers who aren’t paying attention and then proceed. Wouldn’t take much time to compress the field.
  14. Let them by when the green flag drops to be nice. Especially if you aren’t caught by timing and scoring
  15. I agree it did take only 1-2 hours to get trans out. Another few minutes to get clutch and flywheel off. I was in about 3 hours when I started to install transmission. I spent a good 10 hours wrestling that SOB. I even bought a fancy trans jack and spent another few hours with that SOB. Probably my incompetence but it went together in 5 minutes once the engine was out. So once I had the engine out I decided to change the pan gasket for fun. I hope it all goes easy and well for you just replaying my pain. Sorry ps. I removed classic style seal that was leaking that was new and look
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