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  1. After Nelson we had a couple chips and a couple spider cracks. Start of the weekend windshield was old but no damage. Going to epoxy it first and replace if any get worse.
  2. Heat exhaustion can be tough to rebound from in the short 24 race window. Hopefully you fully recovered without any after effects.
  3. Great job Chris and all the Pinkies Out crew and co drivers. Cars looked great, crew had pit stops done on time, and drivers kept it on the road and out front. Awesome race. Sleep for all.
  4. I would guess the white car is down on power to the black one and cost half as much to build as well.
  5. I figured but couldn't resist. I wish you luck next weekend. Car looks good
  6. Cool and cloudy. Should be a great day of racing.
  7. We have a small team with two full time members. We are located in the greater Charlotte, NC area. We are not anywhere near a front running team either. We have been steadily working and improving the reliability of the car and driving abilities. We are not an arrive and drive team either. Its more of a group effort to race the car. Split weekend expenses and all drivers work to refuel during pitstops and make repairs as needed. If you are interested in running 2-4 events a year I would be happy to discuss what our plans are.
  8. Run off areas, curbing, tire wall repairs would be great additions. Access road accross track transition improved and track infrastructure improvements would bring new life to a classic track. I remember reading the stories back in the glory days of the longest day races and was looking forward to racing here. It didn't disappoint. It was a great weekend and me personally I didn't care about the bathrooms or the pitlane. But racers in this day and age expect a higher level of amenities. It seems the track is working on improving the facilities and it will take time. I would definitely race here again and look forward to seeing what gets done before the next event.
  9. I have two spare rear corners with axle and brakes too. Need to change axle bearings but otherwise it’s complete
  10. As the red e30 driver. No one forced anyone anywhere. On the exit of the previous turn I say Porsche go to my right, he was definitely faster. As we went side by side through the carousel I was hung out on the outside. As another car slower than him was on the inside I was definitely worried he would attempt to cross over in front of me to pass us both. He didn’t and by this time the road was running out. I may of had some room to my right but I didn’t want to move into another car. I should have slowed more on the corner entry or mid corner and move towards the inside. I did this for the rest of the weekend. Sadly just my mistake and my lack of race laps at Nelson Ledges didn’t help
  11. I'm sorry. Having gone through a few engine problems recently I can sympathize. Any idea of cause? Just high mileage? I know it's a swap from FWD to RWD any special oil pan/pick up?
  12. I do recall as I went down the hill to left the car just went sideways. There literally was no control. Sliding on ice.
  13. But I have to pay and commit to the race Monday. At this point I don’t want to wait and cancel last minute. It also gives the other driver a chance to find a ride. I’m not happy as I had been working for the last year to run Watkins Glen and Indy this year.
  14. Sadly we have had to withdraw from this race. I wish all teams a safe and fun event. We could only come up with 2 drivers and no crew. Indy seems like such a massive place and the race is 10hrs each day that 2 people could not make it through the weekend. We will look to run another race later in the year.
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