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  1. Racing has a funny way of finding the weekest link in any part. It does seem very odd that the bolts would shear off as they obviously have. I undestand the safety wire and I'm sure the bolts were torqued correctly. You did mention earlier you "modified" the bolts before you torqued and wired. What type of modification? Just safety wire hole? Could bolts have bottomed out in crank? Maybe measure distance since flywheel isn't stock. Looks like bolt was loose by the way it broke. Double check everything and maybe try stock hardware and beat into drivers the proper way to shift a transmission. Keep up the good work. Car looks great.
  2. Be sure no one is using clutch pedal as a foot rest.
  3. Everyone on track should have observed the red flag condition and been slowing to a stop, so moving offline should not be the most important thing IMO. Acknowledging the flag and coming to a safe stop is the rule not proceeding to the next flag stand or getting out of the way of the people who didn’t see the flag or light in the car. It’s good to hear no one got hurt but damaged cars are no fun either.
  4. Not door glass. 1/4 panel and rear glass usually in scca and NASA
  5. I have not looked but I’m sure they are not using anything adjustable point cost would be high. They have wings and splitters probably every other mod is no points. The car has good suspension stock and brakes are good with many upgrades possible, lots of replacement struts and springs to improve the handling all with no points. Take out or remove everything you can to lighten the package. The car is a great starting point. Drivers are fast as well. New tires when you feel the need is nice too. If I could I would build myself a duplicate.
  6. The dozen paid mechanics and professional engine builders have plenty of time to optimize everything on those cars. $5k fuel cells and other high end race items are still a fraction of the cost to run in IMSA as they once did.
  7. Race weekends seem to run out of free time. I saw your car and it looked good. Maybe next time we will be pitted near your team
  8. Low Percent Pass Racing had a good weekend at Mid Ohio. We didn’t make the test day on Friday, long tow from Charlotte. We started near the front on Saturday. None of us had ever been to Mid Ohio before and only two drivers had driven the track on iRacing. We got swallowed up quick on the start and tried to learn the track. Ran great for a solid 6 hours. 20 minutes into my 2 hours I noticed the oil pressure was jumping around. I pulled into the pits. Guys opened the hood and found oil everywhere. Nothing obvious though. Pulled into the paddock after some investigation we found the valve cover cracked at the crankcase vent fitting. Used a hose clamp and some rtv to seal the connection. Got it back on track for the final 20 minutes. No more oil leaking. Sunday I was chosen to start the race. I was still learning the track but got to start from mid pack this time. Car was running great and I was trying to stay clear of fast guys and learn the line. Unfortunately a few faster guys didn’t want to wait to get by me and decided the “chrome horn” was easiest way around. No big damage but got turned around a couple times. Very rough driving early on Sunday. Second driver ran some great times. 3rd and 4th drivers brought a worn out car home for good finish for us 28th overall. Another great race at a fun track. Thanks to the champcar staff for great weekend of racing
  9. If you get twenty boxsters to enter each race it will get treated kindly
  10. You’re all good. The first event we ran we(I) was scared I would get run over and be in everyone’s way. We were even in the first few rows for the start on Saturday. We ran mid pack did our thing drove the racing line and the faster cars went around us without any problem. Great bunch of racers in the pits and paddock helps too. Look forward to seeing you on track.
  11. I’m using OEM rubber offset bushing on my E30 and I get hit with the points as well. No way the rubber bushing is a performance piece. Was on car when I bought it
  12. I would do the same. If I dared build/buy another race car it would be a Boxster for champcar. Good car out of the box. Small modifications and a great aftermarket support.
  13. 29 hrs of racing and they look new. 14hrs were in were raced mostly in rain but other 15hrs were race in 100*F air temp. They are on the car for another 15hrs next weekend
  14. Doesn’t go high enough in my opinion. It will lift high enough to get wheels off and get under on a creeper. Cost almost as much as a cheap 2 post
  15. Single post or 4 post and you can park a low profile car under.
  16. Checked aligment specs. Finished cool suit and helmet blower system. Last thing I have to do is fluid change on engine, trans, and diff. Then into the trailer for Mid-Ohio.
  17. Seat and driver size should have been taken into account before cage was started and definitely before everything was welded together. I have heard drop pans and tiny seats are the norm for most miatas. The door bar will surely need to be fixed/moved. It is way to close. Full containment/ halo seat a must. Tough to get it all in that little car. May need to modify the tunnel also to move seat more to the center
  18. Main hoop is behind your head. Side or halo bars are different. The main hoop is your roll over protection. Don’t even have you helmet inside the space occupied by the bar. Can you get the appropriate sized “driver” to get car through tech. I’m sure you could. If it rolled over would the person in the picture be injured probably. Lower the seat gain need room above your head and be safe. Unfortunately in racing poop happens. experienced spec Miata cage builder should have seen this problem before and let you know what needed to be done to fix
  19. I wish you a speedy recovery and looking forward to racing with you.
  20. Broken wire probably didn’t happen all at once and may have been causing the detonating/missing to damage piston. Either way a lot of work to repair.
  21. Ouch! How long was it run with out spark. Not sure just blowing fuel through the cylinder would cause piston to break apart but crazy poop happens. Damage like that is tough.
  22. BMW I believe but what car are you excited to change a rear main seal on? I wish I had a shop I felt I could trust and wouldn't charge me an arm and a leg for stuff like that.
  23. I believe someone makes a lot of hardware for harness manufacturers just like the belt material. If you look at other manufacturers You will see they all look very similar. But the racequip and Gforce are very well priced. If the belt material isn’t to stiff.
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