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  1. You weren't talking to me, but I don't agree with that. Points should be points regardless of where they come from. As and example, why would 50 points spent on an engine swap be treated differently than 50 points spent on aero? For the record, I like the idea of points based classing.
  2. I got a response for my tech desk question about brakes Question: Response (ticket JA2-3A9-MY44): Clarification from Jay I've asked Jay to make it public so other people can see it.
  3. That was before the tech desk. It was in an email from 2019. Edit: I submitted it to the tech desk. I'll update when I get a response.
  4. Before we replaced our brakes, I asked Jay how the points were calculated. Specifically, I asked if it was 2x per part or 2x for the whole system. His answer was "You can use the total oem cost of the brake parts being up graded to base your 2x value." We calculated the cost of the original parts (NA Miata): Dealer Mazdaspeed FR caliper $103.02 $61.80 FL caliper $103.02 $82.73 RR caliper $183.84 $130.29 RL caliper $183.84 $130.29 Front Rotor $83.35 $50.00 Front Rotor $83.35 $50.00 Rear Rotor $83.35 $50.00 Rear Rotor $83.35 $50.00 ------------------------------------ total $907.12 $605.11 And the upgrades were: Front system (TSE) $969 RR caliper $69 RL caliper $69 Rear Rotor $50 Rear Rotor $50 ------------------------------- total $1207
  5. 11 Tenths Racing had a great weekend at COTA. We weren't expecting to do particularly well, since everyone knows COTA doesn't favor Miatas. We just wanted to finish and verify that the electrical problem that's caused use 2 DNFs and 1 DNS in the last 4 races has been fixed. Saturday: Qualifying was perfect for us and we started on pole. About 10 laps in, the driver reported a wheel vibration, so we brought the car in to check. Couldn't find a problem, so sent him back out. That dropped us down to 28th. The rest of the race was trying to catch back up. We could only go about 1:45 before running out of gas, so we had 4 fueling stops. We made it into 2nd overall with around 45 minutes left in the race. 1st - #917 Cone Crushers - had a 2 lap lead. We did the math and saw that we wouldn't catch them, so we slowed down to maintain our position and the gap. With 20 minutes left, Cone Crushers broke their ignition coil bracket and had to be towed back to the pit. It's not how we wanted to win, but we'll take it. Sunday: When we got to the track on Sunday morning, one of our tires was flat, so we had to put on our least worn tire from Saturday. Somehow the valve stem broke between Saturday night and Sunday morning. We started last, plus a lap down. During our first stint, the driver reported the oil pressure dropping to nearly zero at high RPMs. We brought him in and checked the oil level. It was good, so we sent him back out and told him to short shift and keep an eye on the oil pressure gauge. Considering our position and potential sick engine, we planned to drive conservatively and hope to finish the race without spilling oil and engine parts on COTA's nice track. We slowly worked our way up the field. On our 4th refueling stop, the worn tire was in bad shape, so we replaced it. Throughout the day, our oil pressure had improved, so we told Danny to drive as hard as he could. We finished one lap down, in 5th place overall. We especially enjoyed racing with #917. We had some good battles with them and were sorry to see them drop out so close to the end on Saturday. We'd like to thank ChampCar for putting on another great event. The staff were all wonderful.
  6. That's interesting. I'll have to look more closely at our spindles. Any idea what mechanism would cause the failures? Maybe a bend could put uneven load on the bearings so one side gets overloaded?
  7. 2nd overall on Saturday, 1st on Sunday. We had to replace one hub mid-race on Saturday. If we hadn't had to do that, we'd have likely won.
  8. We lost 3 hubs (all bearing failures) at H2R in March. All were "good" brands and had been regreased. We got a pair of hubs from MiataHubs.com and had no hub issues at Indy this weekend.
  9. I understand what you're saying, but I think there should be a different interpretation, especially since I have a '92 Miata. Does it matter if the top hat happens to come from a different year car? If the Penske shocks required a unique top hat that was different than any top hat used on a Miata and it came with the shock when you purchased it, would there be any debate?
  10. That seems logical to me too. It's silly to not include mounting hardware in the 2x rule just because it's sold seperately
  11. Thanks! That was our awesome Danny Soufi. He's practically grown up at H2R. Started racing at 10 and had his first pro race last month with World Challenge
  12. Our weekend went pretty well. On Saturday, we had to replace a hub mid race and the transmission started making noise when shifting into 4th. Even with the hub change costing us 4 laps, we came in 2nd overall. On Sunday, the transmission got worse and we lost the clutch slave cylinder near the end of the race. The last two hours were 4th gear only. Fortunately we had our fastest driver in the car and we were able to hold onto out lead and got 1st. We ended up with 3 hub failures for the weekend. Those hubs #910 had look pretty appealing right now. You guys had us worried, especially when you lapped me early Sunday. You car is fast and well prepped. Was fun racing with you. Which yellow front runner? If it was us, tell me what time/day and I can talk to the driver. We try to be courteous out there. On Saturday, Jay crawled under out car looking at ball joints, checking for offset suspension bushings, and I don't know what else. He also had us remove our valve covers and asked if our cams were legal. On Sunday, we had to take our valve cover off again and he looked more closely at our cams. We were told that in future races, he'll inspect pistons with a bore scope and check compression ratios. He also said that he would be pumping fuel tanks and measuring capacity. Anything over manufacturer listed capacity will be a DQ. I think the limit should be higher than what the manufacturer says as every car I've ever owned, straight off the dealer's lot could hold more than what the specs say. He told me to email him what I think the capacity should be. So if anyone else has an opinion, email him.
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