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  1. Yeah, the fender and hood isn't that bad. At first glance I didn't think the damage was that bad either until I saw the torn metal and seam separation at the strut tower. That alone was enough of a safety concern to remove the car from the last 1.5 hours of the race. The pic that JimAndy so graciously posted unfortunately doesn't tell the whole story. Regardless, the car is getting dropped off at the frame straightener tomorrow to ensure that it can be properly repaired and safely returned to duty.
  2. In short, driver hit the wall in turn 5 at a 45 deg angle with the front right corner and twisted the frame beyond a cost effective fix. If I knew how to post video you could watch for yourself.
  3. Redrocket is toast thanks to driver negligence. Fingers crossed the new chassis will be ready for March.
  4. I can respect your take on this. However, in my not so humble opinion nobody should be putting a car on the track that they are not 100% familiar with. I can understand not filling out a tech sheet properly the first time out as the inspectors should be catching such things provided they are doing their job correctly. First time is a learning experience. Second time is a trend that should be dealt with swiftly by making an example of the offenders with a DQ. A simple move to EC won't take care of the blatant dishonesty that some of these teams wear as a badge of honor.
  5. Team Racebar is looking forward to this race. Should anyone be needing a protest form we'll have plenty printed out and ready to go. We'll be easy to find. Just walk towards the sound of Baby Shark being played on a loop.
  6. Unclaimed parts = DQ. Period. Make an example of the dishonest team/s.
  7. I have a good M20b25 short block I can spare if you're still in need of one.
  8. Just curious. How many incidences and resulting "stern warnings" does it take before a pattern of behavior is recognized?
  9. I'm good with where Redrocket landed on that chart. 😁
  10. My apologies Brother. And to change their behavior they shall be beat like an Iraqi prisoner.
  11. That type of driving IS toxic but you're right this is nothing more than a witch hunt. The offending team just needs a safe space, a puppy and a hug and everything will be okay.
  12. Congrats to Huggy and team for their well-deserved win! Great job guys. A huge heartfelt thanks to all of you for your support for Antman and The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at the Racebar BBQ. Team Racebar was and is humbled by all of your generous donations of which 100% goes to the CF Foundation. Hopefully all of you all enjoyed the BBQ as well 😁. To ChampCar, Thank You for taking Antman around the track in the Pace car. That was a very generous gesture on your part and the little guy absolutely loved it. All of this was a huge win for us so it's just icing on the cake with how well Redrocket did throughout the 24 hours.
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