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  1. Thanks for the clip. I think this was Greg driving. He was in till about 11:45. I was second in the car and batted cleanup at the end.
  2. I'd like to but schedule with SCCA, SRO and MX5 Cup don't leave me a lot of free time. My shop is in Webster, feel free to stop in and shoot the sh*t.
  3. It seems to me that the only time that the Honda was able to make time on the Bmw was when the BMW hit traffic, clearly indicating that the BMW is the faster car and that he is approaching the traffic with some trepidation and caution. I was doing much the same knowing that there are a lot of competitors with little to no experience W2W racing. Using slower cars as a pick is a bit of a DH move and really unfair to the slower guy.
  4. Snake, I have to disagree. Watch again. Cam car driver is checking mirror every time the car gets straight. You can see a slight head tilt. Yes aggressive but also clean. This is in great contrast to the Honda that almost runs over the red "thing" and then again the blue Corvette. Both of those cars were on the slow side of the pace and the guys that were paying attention knew it and were able to pass them cleanly. Yellow guy not so much... That would indicate to me that he might be looking a bit to much down the hood. Had to see what coming at you when you do that.
  5. This was my first Champ race. Have had a comp lic. for nearly 30 years and have raced SCCA club to Rolex GT. I went into this weekend with some deep concerns about driving W2W with some drivers that had maybe never turned a wheel on track before. I'm very happy to say that my fears were unwarranted and the level of driving was for the most part terrific. There were guys that were very obviously just getting there feet wet but they knew it, and they were very heads up and on the ball. Of coarse there were a few that thought that the race was being live streamed to the Ferrari garage in Monaco but there is a certain amount of that to be expected... We started at the back both days and I had a ball racing through the pack to a top 10 both days. I was in the #601 black and white Boxster with R3Racing. Thanks to the team and my co-drivers and all of you for a great time. Most of all thanks to Champcar for Making it happen. I'll be back for sure!
  6. Regardless there is nothing that the driver of this car could have done to warrant the action from the Honda. Just plain lapse of judgement...
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