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  1. Hi All, Apologies for the long text here. Nigel here from Red Cow(Camera car). Just signed up to the forum moments ago as I was just recently made aware of this being posted on the champcar forum so decided I should probably comment on the whole incident. I think our team captain put it up there to show everyone what “actually” happened from the view of our car out there in the unfortunate incident. This was probably done with good intent to avoid any “Pit Talk” about the whole accident for folks who receive info 3rd hand. Firstly, Wow what a weekend at the Glen! Fantastic exciting racing and many thanks to Mike and all the Champcar staff who bust their ass to run this wonderful race series that we are all privileged to race in. There is no better place to be than racing in this series and having a few beers at the end of the day and hanging with fellow racers. The comradery is unmatched anywhere else in the racing world and this is what makes our awesome series so special… So where to begin…. Well I have to say there are some fantastic cars and drivers out there that make this an extremely competitive and fun series to be a part of which is why I’ve been doing it for many years now.. I had a blast on the weekend racing against fellow drivers and had the pleasure of also racing with some folks that put up some fantastic driving battles as we were all jostling for position.. Excellent stuff!!!… And to McKibbons Bio1 driver.. I’m smiling today reminiscing the tight race we had and still chuckling about the massive sideways drift through turn #1 you had and miraculously recovered(We have video of that if you want 😊). Top notch and two thumbs up from me there!! lol The accident itself to me I’m still not sure exactly what happened to be honest. We can all jump to conclusions but maybe this actually was a non-intent accident after looking at the video, I’m not 100% on any of it. In the back and forth between the two of us I thought he was just waving to say “Hi it’s me passing you again and this is fun” and maybe he lost control of the steering when he had his hand out the window. In the moment I was in a state of disbelief to what had just happened. The yellow Keltron car and I were having a fantastically fierce and competitive battles and traded positions multiple times over multiple laps. It was a heck of a lot of fun and I thought we were both having a blast as we were running at similar rates where he was quicker in some sections and I was quicker in others(And yes we had a horrible under-steer problem. Work in progrss. 🙂 ). I was checking my mirrors and knew he was there and gave him room when he was in a better position to pass(which he did on multiple occasions) and tried to stay as much on the racing line as possible in the fast and furious chaos out there.. I did not intentionally block anyone out there and if I did by accident then I apologize for that and owe you a beer!.. I don’t know or am even sure if it actually was the Keltron team or the flag station workers that highlighted Mike about the incident as to be honest it is very easy to mis-judge a split second event. It all happened so quickly and I’m just glad the guy in the yellow car was unhurt and hope the guys from yellow Keltron are able to fix their car so they can get back out racing again. I only hope there are no hard feelings between the two teams as that not what the spirit of Chump/Champ is about. Accidents will always happen when drivers are driving on the edge battling hard, adrenaline is flowing and are driving on each others bumpers. We were destined to be tangling for most of the race in my mind and I had hoped it was going to be a long, tight and enthralling battle to the end of our shifts.. Sadly and extremely unfortunately this was cut short and if there had been different circumstances where the incident never happened we would have been drinking beer at the end of the day and talking about the fantastic close fun out there. Let’s stay positive out there folks, I hope the guys from Keltron are all okay and able to “Fix er up again” and hope to see you guys again at champ in the future.. Maybe next time pop over and see us, have a beer and we can talk about all the good things that happened and put the whole unfortunate incident behind us. Cheers, Nigel
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