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  1. I believe #505 was an EC car and Logdog was there crewing with them. I saw them as I was following racemonitor at home which, wow, there was some close racing both days. It was fun to watch even just following on the app.
  2. ^ pretty sure we were pitted next to that car at Gingerman last year. On the subject of Celicas, what about the last gen. Celica? Not heavy, could come with up to something like 180hp stock, low center of gravity, probably pretty aerodynamic, and the internet says 15 gal. tank which isn’t terrible. Seems like it would have a lot going for it out of the box.
  3. Ah, I guess I should plan to race my Oldsmobile wagon then. Heh.
  4. Hi all, I'm new on the forum. For the past few years I've been getting my race car kicks dumping fuel and consuming breakfast burritos as part of Logdog's team at Watkins Glen, Pittsburgh, and Gingerman. This first post is just to help satisfy my curiosity. I've seen a number of Civics, Neons, and even a couple Saturns, at the races but I can't recall seeing any of the little Toyotas. There's one sitting (no title) in the back lot at work and every time I see it I wonder if it has any potential, at least as a reliable and cheap to run mid pack car. So... are they just not a common platform because swapped Civics are a better/easier fwd racecar or can anyone say if there is some fatal flaw that would render them impractical for endurance racing?
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