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  1. Is this net mandatory? I have the one for the driver window, but this one is between the driver and passenger seat. Does someone have a picture of the catch can for refueling the rules are talking about? I don't quite understand what I have to build.
  2. I'm located in Elko, NV. Made a checklist out of your recommendations, I'll start chipping away at it. What is the anti smoke additive you are using?
  3. Oh yes, Redline. Forgot about these guys, good call thank you. I hear you, a spare of everything would be nice off course. Not going to happen for me starting on a budget with a brand 'new' car. How many brake pads and rotors are you burning every event? How about tires?
  4. Woohoo! So I ended up with an ex-champcar 80s 635CSI with a smokey engine, found a co-driver and registered for the SLC race. I understand it's far from a competitive car, but I'm just here for the free BBQ. What is your experience with these boats. Do I need a trans cooler? Diff cooler? Oil Cooler? … or these things will run all day long? Any special fluids to at least finish the first day? 😅
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