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  1. Bill is a robot on nuclear batteries Heat, long hours nothing affects him. Always a big grin and a never drying lake of jokes.
  2. You were not kidding Ron-E. It 'only' took me 3/4 of the day to figure out I had to enter wider and faster for a proper exit. Gratifying to get it right at times on that 3 wheeling stock suspension of a car.
  3. Bill, the Sunday CVS results are actually the ones from Saturday. (Must have been quite a party Sunday night :D) For giggles since I'm a number geek : here are the results for both combined days Salt Lake City 16 Enduro: 462 laps - A Miata - Zoom Zoom Kaboom (462 laps that's 1,155 miles ðŸĪŠ) 457 laps - A Miata - Cremaster 455 laps - A Miata - Utah Valley University 453 laps - A 2000 Teggy - Teggy-Spaghetti 435 laps - A Miata - Buffs 434 laps - D 79 Trans Am - Bandits 391 laps - C Porsche Boxter 986 - Open Source 365 laps - A Miata - Mr Miatas 338 laps - C 86 635CSI - Freight Dawgs 323 laps - C 78 Datsun 280Z - Uncommon Friends 323 laps - D 96 Mustang - Whillie's Bar and Grill 209 laps - C 86 BMW 325i - Bucket List Brigade 117 laps - C 93 BMW 325i - Mpact Sorry about that interlude, carry on chaps. 😅
  4. Can't wait. Good for a first event, less cars for me to hit. 🙃
  5. Can I race for you once my own car grenades itself on the first lap? ðŸĪĄ
  6. Got it, learn the track as you go and hope the car doesn't have gremlins when runing at 'speed'. Looking forward to see you all there.
  7. When I have $1500+ I will. I guess I'll use my wife's boobs till then.
  8. Hey folks, if I understand the schedule right, we just show up? No practice, no qual? Hop in the car and good luck Jim?
  9. I wished we had the full course, but I can see how it favorizes high HP cars maybe.
  10. Nice, food for thoughts. Appreciated the help.
  11. I feel I need a PHD right now 😁
  12. What would you guys recommend for a el cheapo mean of radio communication between driver and pit guy? I'm guessing a cellphone duct taped to a helmet will not pass tech.
  13. I'm as noob as you can be. I'm setting up for a race in SLC in a few weeks with only a friend of mine, also a noob. Many questions and not sure what the next step should be. But I tell you what, this forum has answered every question I had, often in the hour. It's how you get guys in the sport and how to keep them in your serie, by being helpful and giving non condescending free advices. On a other side of the coin, watching YouTube vids of Champcar with a whole army of guys working on the car with equipment galore definitely makes you feel that you don't have much of a chance with your shoestring starting budget to be remotely competitive. But it's ok, it's more for the experience than glory. See you folks in SLC. (hopefully) 😎
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