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  1. The GC guy said if I don't revalve I'll tear up the Blisteins pretty quickly. The heck I know. I guess I'll have to start by finding what is the weight distribution of the 635 then figure out how to find that 'motion ratio' thingy. Thank you for the insight s.
  2. Wow Jakks, so much softer on the front. I think I need stiffer on the front due to the weight of that 3.5L. Like Enginerd said, I need to start with something and see what works and doesn't. I hope I will not have to $$$ revalve everytime. I wished the rules were kinder on the points for adjustable shocks to save on money.
  3. I understand it is car specific. My question was more on the principle as the values provided by the coilover provider means nothing to me. Let's take an E30 then. Do you guys run heavier springs on the front? What is the difference between front and back? Is it the same? 50lb? 300lb? Did you had to revalve when you got 30% stiffer springs?
  4. The sway bars are stock for now. The Blistein shocks B8 will be re-valved. I read 800lb on a website somewhere of a guy running a 635, but when I talked to Ireland they said it's too stiff. Everyone seems to have their own truth, that's why I'm asking here before I pulled the trigger on some setting good enough as a baseline.
  5. I called Ground Control to install their coilover kit on my 86 635CSI. They advised 650lb on 6' front and 500lb on 8' back. 635s are heavy cars at 3,000lb-ish but do these rates/lenght look 'ok' for you? I so some guys on forums going as high as 800lb square.
  6. You are the nail in the coffin, looking for bigger rims
  7. I have seen some having an air intake on your side rear windows. What are you using it for?
  8. TireRack online tool says it's the highest you can go with 8x17. Anyone is doing it, any inconvenience or advantage?
  9. Bill is a robot on nuclear batteries Heat, long hours nothing affects him. Always a big grin and a never drying lake of jokes.
  10. You were not kidding Ron-E. It 'only' took me 3/4 of the day to figure out I had to enter wider and faster for a proper exit. Gratifying to get it right at times on that 3 wheeling stock suspension of a car.
  11. Bill, the Sunday CVS results are actually the ones from Saturday. (Must have been quite a party Sunday night :D) For giggles since I'm a number geek : here are the results for both combined days Salt Lake City 16 Enduro: 462 laps - A Miata - Zoom Zoom Kaboom (462 laps that's 1,155 miles ) 457 laps - A Miata - Cremaster 455 laps - A Miata - Utah Valley University 453 laps - A 2000 Teggy - Teggy-Spaghetti 435 laps - A Miata - Buffs 434 laps - D 79 Trans Am - Bandits 391 laps - C Porsche Boxter 986 - Open Source 365 laps - A Miata -
  12. Can't wait. Good for a first event, less cars for me to hit.
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