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  1. Perhaps the some strategically placed hedges would cut down on light pollution from the road, and traffic around the track. Regarding a car the was off for several laps before help arrived. Perhaps a blinking roof light could be employed on cars during night races. activated when the car is in a precarious position.
  2. For anyone wondering, or for those who never heard of it. The "Maxxis Enduro Series" a new "Grassroots endurance series" as they put it, which launched right after Chump Car Canada changed ownership to LDRC has their first event this weekend. According to Race Monitor the field is huge. 3 cars. One of the grassroots entries is a factory backed entry.
  3. FYI the Glen has a lost and found website http://www.theglenlostandfound.com/ anyone missing anything might want to check there as well .
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