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  1. I brushed on rustoleum gray from home depot but also bought matching spray cans. Once I finished brushing a section, I did a light coat with the spray to get rid of all the brush marks. The spray sticks very well to the wet paint. Mine came out decent for DIY and a track car.
  2. I think what he is getting at is the new "safety" quick connects that will release by just pulling on them after 19lbs of force is applied. The standard quick connect requires you to push the tab in. Unfortunately, I don't know of another source for generic ones of this type yet like McMaster or Fresh Water Systems. https://discoveryparts.com/race-car-driver-cooling-water-hoses-and-accessories/1120-coolshirt-safety-pull-release-connectors-prc-2.html
  3. There is a very nicely done one on rFactor2. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1436914198 I had an early version of the track from the same guy, that I paid for, but now appears to be slightly updated and free. Also, Pitt Race (another Champ Car track) is available on Assetto Corsa. It was an add-on, but after seeing the 1st version, the owner's supposedly gave the creator the CAD data for the track. It's not the greatest graphically, but seems to be accurate. https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/pirc-full-circuit.6682/ Dan
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