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  1. can you ship to ohio? Is this seat about 16 inches at the hips?
  2. That was my thought exactly. It seemed a little sloppy just from pulling on it with my hands a little. I will probably keep it for a street car and keep shopping for our champ car seat. Thank you very much everyone!
  3. Hello everyone, have been working over the past year to begin building our champcar. I happened to have a racing seat lying around but the rules are somewhat ambiguous as to what is really required of a seat. The seat i have can be found here http://snctuning.com/snc-tuning/snc-tuning-sp2-full-bucket-seat/g-71699.aspx . It is a FRP seat and I am not sure if these are legal or not. And even if they are, is a fiberglass seat going to kill me in the event of a crash? Have never had a race car before so I have no idea if fiberglass seats are common in this kind of competition or not. If this seat is in fact dangerous, any suggestions on a good safe seat to buy? I have been shopping the kirkey 71 series and OMP seats. Any advice regarding seats is valuable info to me. Thanks!
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