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  1. If anyone wants out - I want in. I am on the wait list.
  2. I have the same question. My 10 pt radiator in my Miata now went to 30 points. I don’t understand. Also an OE equivalent part is $130. Doesn’t get you much. Yes I know there are $99 ones on eBay. I doubt the quality is any good. Either way I have to buy a new one now. I was good with paying the 10 points. If we are really talking OE parts then the price is $420.07 ($373.32 with the Mazda motorsports discount) and then I am ok with it.
  3. I ran the 24 there in 2019 (was only about 30 cars). Did the 8+7 this year. Would have liked another 24 there this year. My guess is it was just too close to the VIR 24 for most teams. With a low turnout I totally understand why they won’t do it.
  4. Thank you to the Champcar staff and all the workers. It was hot! Nice job. Special thanks to the team with the Mini for loaning us the engine hoist Saturday night. Sorry I didn’t meet you in person ( my teammates picked it up and brought it back). Was a rough weekend for our new setup. Cooked the engine during the second red flag on Saturday. Discovered a broken spring on the clutch during the swap with no spare. Put the engine in anyway. Only to discover the spare engine was seized in the middle of the night. Finally got it free and running about 10 am Sunda
  5. I was right behind you as you went into and thru 10. You left a trail of fire on the track (like back to the future at 88 mph). Looked like the gas was running onto the RR tire and then catching fire. Did you have a hard time getting out of the car? I know it seems longer than it was but I stopped and radioed my crew while I was waiting and hoping you climbed out. Was happy to see you were ok. My camera was full and dead so I don’t have video of it.
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