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  1. Figured I’d put this here too. Looking for an open seat to rent for GingerMan. Have Champ and GLTC experience.
  2. Looking for a ride for GingerMan. I’ve been driving with the red Mercedes team (For the Sake of Racing) and due to our driver schedule will need to sit out at GingerMan. I’ve driven GMR in hpde (my 2015 Mustang GT) and our Mercedes in both Champcar and Gridlife Touring Cup. Might not be the fastest driver, but I work up to speed and am mechanically sympathetic. Can be there Friday too.
  3. So I went off on the exit in the carousel on the practice day carrying slot of speed in the red Mercedes. The off was the result of being a bit too opportunistic trying to claim some track on the outside of a slower car. He followed the racing line and to avoid contact I drove off I nearly the same spot. For me, “two feet in” in a situation like that is too Mickey Mouse of a solution. You know you’re going to lock up if you use too much brake. You know if you crank the wheel, you’ll spin or over correct (if the front wheels decide to grip), so the best thing I thought to do was to ke
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