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  1. I was the third driver on @ktm300's car. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the kind words and for making us feel welcome at the track. Everyone I spoke to was more than willing to help out, lend tools, help us find our way, etc. I really wish we could've been a little more prepared, but as ktm said, we literally didn't have the engine running til 2am Thursday, the day we were supposed to leave. Another driver and I didn't get to Kentucky for practice until 2am local, where we got another couple hours of sleep before putting all the brake hydraulics together and taking the car for its first shakedown. I really wish we had been able to drive the 7hr on Sunday, but the 8hr was still a ton of fun for my first track/wheel to wheel experience. You all have me hooked, can't wait to be back out.
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