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  1. Ok thanks for all the responses. One last question, when selecting DD led light bars, what spec measurements from the DD specs to you use to calculate Lumens? Measured or Raw?
  2. Ok, I see the 8000 lumens limit. Studying the specs I see two units of measure. Measured and Raw outputs. How is the 8000 calculated?
  3. What beam selection works best? Driving,flood or combo?
  4. Do you run a combination of one long center bar and 2 smaller for apex lighting?
  5. Sweetwater Rcaing will be back to racing soon at AMP and Sebring. We want to upgraded the headlights on the Miata’s for Sebring. What’s the best set-up look like currently. TIA 1991 RED #523 1990 Red #522 Thanks Tom
  6. Has Hankook tire discontinued the RS-4s 225 x 45 R15s? They don’t show up on the tire rack site. Tom Sweetwater Racing 523&522
  7. If the cool box is mounted in the trunk with 2 rachet straps ( 4 mounting points) still needed. Tom M Sweetwater Racing. 523 & 522 Miata’s
  8. No aero changes. The exhaust is an inch or so away as it has been. At this point I am going to change the oil and run it. Does anyone run a diff temp gauge? If so any recommendations?
  9. Never had this problem before. But after 10 hours at Indy the diff was extremely hot. It’s 99 a 4:30 thurston diff and the oil that came out it had a burt odor to it. We ran 10 hours on Sat and Sunday. Had the diff apart this winter with no sign of wear. Ran 3 days at WGI no issues and the oil that came out then was ok, no smell. Run Red line 75/90 the only thing that was different was the wheel size change from 15 x 7 to 15 x 9. Looking for any ideas on what may have caused it to overheat. Tom M 91 Miata Sweetwater racing
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