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  1. I emailed Mike Chisek and he states he has addressed this incident with Matt Connolly and future events will be very closely monitored. This is a satisfactory result to me as far as Champ Car is concerned. I appreciate the replies to this post and I hope to not see similar posts in the future. Chris
  2. The onboard footage posted was from the Champ Car camera placed in our car. We may be able to request additional footage from them for those interested to see what may have led to this, but I believe the E46 had greater acceleration and pace and most likely did not interact with us prior to the incident. Our driver states he stayed on the race line (which is indeed left at that point of the track) and let faster traffic overtake him on the right. Matthew Anderson stated he expected our car to move right but we did not, so he thought we were “having a drag race”. I don’t know what he meant by that, but Matthew did report a desire to avoid the faster traffic on the right and admitted that lifting and going right would have avoided an accident. Perhaps our driver should have moved right but I imagine there was indeed traffic to the right that he was trying to avoid. An interesting aside is Matthew Anderson reported to the stewards that there was in-car video from the #6 car, but when he went to look for it, it was gone. It is the responsibility of the overtaking driver to complete a safe pass. The Champ Car staff chastised and reiterated this point to Matthew Anderson after the incident.
  3. Hey all, Long time racer, first time poster. Could use some feedback from the pros. One of our drivers exited oak tree, passed a 240 and moved left. After passing pit out on the back straight, the #6 E46 of Matt Connelly driven by Matthew Anderson is seen in our mirrors, apparently trying to pass on the L grass, subsequently hitting our L rear and initiating a spin. Car was in excess of 100 mph when it went tail first into the flag stand. We confirmed the reckless behavior with the 240 driver but both Matt Connelly and Matthew Anderson state it was a racing incident and we were at fault for moving into them. YouTube link below. I am wondering as there was lots of traffic behind if anyone else has video of the incident or advice on how to proceed when a clearly reckless or intentional behavior led to the loss of our vehicle. Chris McKinless
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