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  1. Bumping this, had a few calls this week, still sitting waiting for a new team. Price is $4500.
  2. Sure but how do we mount the tabs is the question. We have the spring bar for the upper part and the bottom mounted to the door bars.
  3. We are wrapping up our latest build and are having a debate on the team about our best bet for mounting the window net upper mounts and we wanted to get some feedback. Our options as we see them: 1) Weld tabs (not the best as we do not have the best skills and this effectively means we cannot move the net if tech sees and issue). 2) Use these snazzy mounts https://discoveryparts.com/window-net-mounting/3835-allstar-1-5-inch-clamp-on-window-net-kit-allstar-10221.html (not ideal since the front tube is super close to the a pillar and we will have to notch the a pillar for c
  4. Update, price down to $5000, come get that sweet Nissan contingency money. No dashbar needed until next year!
  5. Same, that is the issue. I already have one in my garage waiting for its moment to shine.
  6. We are Slow & Loud racing, a Raleigh based team running a S13 240sx and looking to move into a E46 in the near future. 2019 was our first season and went well with 4 HPDE weekends, 3 races, and a bunch of work in between. We are looking for new members to join us and help get us to the podium. Let me know if you are interested and we can plan some time to meet up and see if it is a good fit. Keep the shiny side up, Patrick
  7. Just wanted to update since we are getting ready for December at VIR, feel free to come check her out!
  8. Up for sale is our Nissan 240sx which competes in B class with 425 points total, per the log book. We have been to VIR and Pittrace events along with HPDEs at Road Atlanta, VIR, and CMP with no real issues. Completed all events and is very reliable with plenty of brakes and tire to spare. -Full log book, nice cage, and clean panels (except the usual pinch weld rolling over) -Cage was completed by prior owner and inspected all the way, very nice work and even dropped the driver seat to accommodate taller drivers (my co-owner is 6'3'') with tubes connecting to the shock towers
  9. NC based Slow & Loud Motorsports is looking another driver to compliment our current 2 driver line-up for this weekend in October. We are running a Nissan 240sx (stock KA24DE) in B class in our inaugural season. We focus on finishing races and driving clean so we can all get the most seat time. Please contact me at patrick.hodges1@gmail.com if you would like join us, current estimate is $1000 for the 3 driver setup (5 hours for each driver). We offer: -Stock drivetrain for maximum reliability -Focus on cooling, braking, handling over power (radiator, 300zx brakes, and
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