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  1. For sure! I expect all that! Just hoping to find the right team to give me a shot!
  2. I appreciate it! Thank you! Anytips for a beginner?
  3. I’m located just outside New Orleans know of any New Orleans teams?
  4. Hey Jorge! Can you DM me some info as to cost and if you’d be willing to take on a beginner
  5. Hey everyone! I’m new here and like all of you i’ve been bitten by the racing bug! I have a few HPDE and auto X events under my belt and I’m looking to make the next step to wheel to wheel. And I do understand the differences to wheel to wheel racing and track days. But I was wondering about trying champCar out by doing arrive and drive. What does a beginner like me need? (Aside from safety gear) I’d like to ideally find a team where I can learn from some seasoned veterans! side note here’s a picture of my supercharged 2014 Camaro for attention 😂
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