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  1. Hi mate, sorry for the slow reply! I guess the notification didn't come through. I live just north of Tampa. I've raced Sebring a fair bit and I've tested at PBIR, still waiting for my first IRL laps at Daytona!
  2. Hi, I'm new to the series, looking to jump into Champcar/CHumpcar and get involved! I race formula 4 cars (when the coronavirus delays blow over), and I raced formula fords last year. I'd like to think that I'm quick, plenty of podiums in formula ford last year and had a few wins stolen in the last moments... I work well in teams, have led a few endurance teams to good results and I'm learning more about the engineering side of things every time I can. I'm local to Florida, looking to get back in a car and have some fun! Would love to hear about your teams and any opportunities you have open, assuming we can all still travel then I'm not just looking at Florida events! Thanks, Henry
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