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  1. Radium is not immune to this hollow ball sticking. It happened on our Fuel Safe as well. We had the car ready to go before April for Daytona, the car sat for 3 months with (non-ethylated) fuel in it (should have been fine). When we eventually did run Daytona, we ended up with fuel coming out of the vents during fueling. We initially though it was because of the position of where ours was mounted and possibly thought it was due to us also having the stock filler neck vent connected. We changed that but had a similar issue at PBIR so we took it apart after PBIR and found that the hollow ball
  2. 4FS! Could the 2021 BCCR rollout have gone any worse?
  3. So do I need to go out and buy an alternator off of a RZR with a dinner plate sized pulley on it or not? I think there are some serious oversights in the BCCR that need to be addressed ASAP. It's car building season. I'll take 5lb's off the nose of the Miata any chance I can get, but anyone who wants to be competitive will do the same, and then we are back at square 1, except everyone else has spent $1000 that could have gone to tires, brake pads, fuel or entry fees. I run a stock radiator, and it's fine for me, but I don't think 30 points is appropriate either. I'd love to put an aluminu
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