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  1. What are you all using to reduce fuel tank capacity I have a 22 gallon cell and limited to 15.8 with adding 2 gallons to stock What are you putting inside the tanks
  2. Seems like over kill but rules are rules This is the first series that I am going to race with the requires an enclosure for a FIA tank Pictures please
  3. Anyone have pictures of there gas tank area completely covered like rules state We changed the vent but what we raced with last yr is another series Fia tanks still have to be covered?
  4. Just like title says has a B class car ever won or finished in the top 5 when and where, what was the make and model I am just wondering if need to move up to C class to have a chance at top 5 over all
  5. So it is minus 75 point for an automatic My question is that to be the automatic out of that different make or model plus 25 points Then the new driveshaft cut to length another 10 points Then your gonna have to have a better then stock trans cooler for 20 points So am I missing something or switching to an Automatic is only gonna get me minus 20 points Can this me correct ?
  6. 5l40 2nd gear 2.21 3rd gear is 1.60 4th gear 1.0 5th gear .75 very similar to the manual
  7. The stock solstice 5l40 (also behind early Gm 3.6 ) and programming the shifts to only shift up or down at a certain mph so will stay rev’ed up even when off the throttle basically locking in each gear till reaches down shift mph or up shift mph I know this part works as have played with in the past on 4l60’s just not sure on the longevity part I am ok with changing fluid as often as after every weekend isn’t a problem just don’t want to be replacing or rebuilding after every weekend
  8. The good The bad Let’s talk I feel that there are fluids that will hold to a weekend of racing with the right cooling in place If programmed correctly or manual valve body could get the shift point where they need to be Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated
  9. I understand it would be points for lexan was just wondering if it would be worth anything aero wise I air stays out of the cabin area
  10. Was wondering about blocking off the rear cabin area floor to roof I was think this may keep air from coming in side windows or does this just make the air want to cross from window to window
  11. It’s a factory copy how could it get points just asking not trying to being smart
  12. Is it worth anything to seal off the area behind the driver on both side floor to roof keeping a pressure in the cabin area so air does not want to go in the side windows or is air going to still want to cross from side window to side window also so thought of this hard top lexan closed off 3/4 of rear window I know the cones are killing me was for theme in other series gonna get serious with the car in 2020
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