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  1. So, I tried to LiveStream in-car video at Daytona but had issues with the stream dropping (seemingly randomly). The stream would sometimes run for an hour fine, and then others drop before we left pit lane. What am I doing wrong? My setup is: IPhone 6s, plugged in with charging cable, using the YouTube GoLive function in the YouTube App.
  2. We were ok with it, no issue here. I tried to leave you some room, just wasn't sure what the BMW was going to do with it. And Bill, you might have passed us a bunch of times, but hundreds of times? I wouldn't go that far...
  3. The Floridiots made it through. The shop in Jupiter already has power back no major damage, just some trees. Two members still don't have power, one in Jupiter the other in Jacksonville. Looking forward to Sebring!
  4. We would love to do another 24hr race! The 2 races over a weekend really doesn't interest us.... With that said, here are a few comments: Don't schedule it on a major holiday, families will influence race attendance... Florida is a long state, it takes about 7 hours to get from Miami to the FL/GA border... Long Hauls are also a factor. (Hence we haven't been able to make the VIR 24)
  5. Lots of teams in Palm Beach! The Floridiot Motorsports team is based out of Palm Beach Country Estates.
  6. Ummm... the last time they were at Sebring (July 4th, 2014), Infiniti ended up having trans issues, and our 944 running 2:53's ended up winning by almost an entire lap.
  7. Check for Mold. We had this problem for a while, we now run additive in the water and do a rigorous system cleaning with Beer Line Cleaner prior to each event. Also, check the connectors, if you have ANY small orifices, they will get clogged, shutting down flow. We ended up buying new connecters (official coolsuit connectors) and last race (Daytona) the suits actually worked for the full race!!!
  8. Add the Floridiots to the list, we are always willing to help. And, we have team members in Jupiter, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Gainesville, FL. With that said, there are plenty of much better teams in all 4 of those locations...
  9. Hawk Blues work great for us as well. Went from Carbotech's (RP2, XP10, Experimental...) that all had pad deposit issues to the Hawk Blues. They work great, we ran the Homestead 24 and Daytona 14 on them, and they finally need replacing. I've heard of other good pads, but honestly now that I've found one that works, I'm too scared to try anything else...
  10. Anyone know what's up with the Mylaps data? My lap #49 shows 1hr 31 min long. Its similar for most everyone. I haven't seen this before...
  11. Don't do this!!! They are impossible to freeze without splitting. Then you have ruptured aluminum cans with razor sharp edges. Plus, beer cans in the pits are going to have you constantly explaining yourselves... Ask me how I know. The little football shaped water bottles work pretty good though!
  12. We used to run RP2's, and tried all kinds of cooling, bedding (including prebed), changed rotors, changed wheel bearings, changed driver habits, ... always had pad transfer issues. We switched pads for Daytona, and the brakes were perfect. Seems like RP2's work for some, and don't work for others. They definitely didn't work for us.
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