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  1. How many total entries? Really looking at this being the car's debut race.
  2. I followed their measurement sheet and instructions, and sent it to them. The turn around was fairly quick and RCC was very quick to respond to questions I had along the way. Tubes came notched and cut. We'll see how it goes once it gets installed.
  3. I post a lot more update on the team Instagram page, but since the last update: Put in a new exhaust (probably going to add an additional muffler though), needs a few minor tweaks before I'll be happy with it. I didn't realize I was going to be so picky about the exhaust. Got the kill switch wired up correctly Wired up a manual over ride for the fan Discovered a previous owner broke the connector to the fuel sender and then did some questionable fixes that will require a new fuel sender unit and new connector (to the junk yard for the connector!) Measured for the
  4. That is a slick setup. I kinda want to do this setup in my Silverado now just for the heck of it.
  5. All this talk about mufflers. That has been a pain in the rear for me. I don't mind some noise, but it depends what frequency range that "loud" is at. On our BMW it tends be high and a touch "raspy" and sounds terrible inside the car. Recordings seems to take the sharp peaks out and it sounds pretty good, but driving it.... It needs some more adjustment or different mufflers. I think by the time I am happy with doing my own exhaust I could have just bought a Supersprint and saved a ton of hours.
  6. Saw those same posts. Seems promising, but... Real experience and lap time comparisons would be nice to have.
  7. Guess in Phoenix the market is different, granted every car is pretty much rust free, lol. I paid $750 for my E39 528i. The M52B28 E39 5-spd is 450 points. So I have some room, not much, but at least something. Still wish I had my 'bird. But that is a long story involving an ex-wife! But, $750 for a solid no major problem E39 has me happy! (I need to take more current pictures of it) as a lot of progress has been made this this pic.
  8. Regarding the F-body discussion: I wanted to go with a 3rd gen or 4th gen F-body originally. I grew up with them. I originally thought a 88-92 305 TPI (LB9) 5 spd (the higher HP LB9) would be a nice starting point and maybe better fit than L98 with a trans swap. Looked at Lt1 4th gens but I am much more familiar with 3rd gens. I still think a solid worked up LB9 3rd gen would be a great car in the series. Years ago I had a 92 Formula-350, loved that car. The only reason I didn't go this direction... Finding a suitable car at a reasonable cost in my area. Even beat to heck f-bo
  9. Looks like you all are making good progress. Look forward to seeing the finished product!
  10. Installed seat, removed ignition tumbler and steering lock, ignition/fuel/lights/start switches wired up. Nearly done with the wiring. The next time I build a race car I am just going to strip all the wires out and do it from scratch... This has been a ton of work sweating my arse off in 100+ degree weather, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying myself.
  11. Flocked the dash while it was out. Removed yet more wiring. Still have more wiring to remove and more switches to wire up.
  12. First switch wired up. Gotta pop the switches out though so I can flock the panel. Might need to redo the label a bit too, not super straight on the switch and it is bugging me.
  13. Removed the fog light switch from the cluster surround and put the started button in that spot after giving the surround a fresh coat of paint.
  14. Pulled everything to remove yet more wires. Starting wiring up the switch panel. I need to order the race seat soon so I can also remove the power seat harness amd wires. But the OE seats are back in for now for driving.
  15. Test fit the tablet mount. Finished diagramming the last bit of wiring. Started planning v2 of the exhaust.
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