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  1. Met with a highly recommended shop, and checked out some of their cage work and other cars they are building. Going to bring them the car Thursday, full TIG job. I keep saying it needs to be done right, so... It is going to get done right. On the mechanical side, a bunch more parts coming. Decided since I am doing engine/tranny mounts, clutch, etc... I might as well just pull out the engine and replace other common leaks and maintenance items once the cage is out.
  2. Cool! Not much love of the Opel GT. Funny enough, as soon as I finish the race car, my next project is an Opel GT. My father was the original owner and the car has sat in a garage (and outside a bit) in CA for close to 40 years. Straight body, no/minimal rust. He passed away recently and we are going to secretly fix it up to give to my mother on what would have been their 50th anniversary. Now to be on topic for this event, this would be a nice event to break in the car if it was finished. I am half considering to put out an offer that if anyone joins in and helps get our BMW fini
  3. Took the car to the new welder to get the cage done... After going over everything they decided to turn down the job. Called a shop that did another team's cage, they won't touch the RCC kit, and quoted $4500 to do a cage. Made the decision that the cage will be pushed further down the line and I will just get everything else done first. I was way ahead of schedule and on budget, but now with the original welder doing a poor job, 2nd welder ruining the original kit and damaging the car, and three other welders flaking I am now behind schedule and at risk of going several thousand
  4. No way I can get my car done in time, it would take a miracle or two. I might come volunteer if I can get the time from work secured.
  5. Skipped the garage and sat at the computer for hours and went on a spreading spree. Brakes, clutch, suspension, bushings, fire system, window nets, fuel jugs, motor/tranny/diff mounts, etc. 99% of the stuff for finishing the car is on its way. New cage shipped this week as well. Car should be mostly track ready before summer. Giving me the hot months to dial things in a little bit and polish it up. Unless something goes seriously wrong I am ahead of schedule and might even make it to more than one race this year.
  6. LOL right! The installer claimed to have decades of experience and has a shop. One positive from this is that it did spur me to start learning how to weld, and a couple sections of tube I have played with look quite a bit better than this and I did a functional job welding the exhaust, but not going to kid myself into welding a critical piece of safety gear. I have a proven and reputable person lined up for that.
  7. Pulled the garbage weld job roll cage out of the car in preparation for a new cage getting properly installed. I knew it was garbage before, but seeing it outside of the car just p****** me off. I got a reasonable settlement to try and make it right, but I am just amazed anyone thought to even try and pass this off...
  8. E46 options are about the same as the E39. Mostly expensive aftermarket options with not many factory retrofit options except for converting to M car diff or a lot of fabrication work. For my E39 I am planning on just running with the open diff to start and then assess from there.
  9. The 12". Ended up needing a new jack to raise the car high enough. Having all that room under the car, and knowing it was absolutely stable, paid for the stands in just the first time using them. Was able to get it all tacked together under the car, then dropped it out and fully weld it outside the car. I am finally happy with the exhaust, sounds good and is fairly quiet, and not raspy.
  10. Bought a full set of the Race Ramps stands and just flat out wonder why I didn't buy them sooner. Redid the exhaust, finally happy with it. Bonus is that I put my newly acquired welding skills to work and welded the exhaust myself.
  11. Looks like Wild Horse Pass raceway (formerly Firebird Raceway) is not long for this world.... Development at Wild Horse Pass | Arizona Opportunity Zone The development plan pretty much is on top of the existing track. Has to be a pretty substantial worry for Bondurant with them just coming out of bankruptcy... If this happens the only road course left in Phoenix will be AMP.
  12. For comparison the guy who messed up my roll cage weld job did this...
  13. I had some spare roll cage tubing and decided to give it a shot. I learned that the welder will trip the breaker in the garage, and tripping the breaker doesn't help make a good weld (you can probably tell in the pic where I lost power). Still gotta move slower.
  14. Starting to feel more comfortable. Worked through a few machine setup issues, having to troubleshoot a machine issue was a great learning experience. Consistency at travel speed is my biggest challenge.
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