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  1. Bill hinted that out west might be pleased at what they are working on. I am very impatiently waiting because I want to plan my 2022 season, but so far only a local sprint series has dates, and their rules are not conducive to an E39 outside of time trials.
  2. Yeah... That Z4 listing can't possibly be right. I am guessing those were supposed to be 530 and 575, an the higher point on the M54B30 not the M54B25.
  3. It was pretty to cool to watch. A nice positive item after the mess of Garcia taking out Auberlin, Turner Motorsports seems pretty PO'ed about that one.
  4. Any hints (AKA will a south-west team be reasonably happy?) Haha, we're just itching to put together our 2022 season since we wont get our car done in time to make anything happen this year due to a some parts delays.
  5. Looking forward to seeing the full schedule! Didn't work out to get out to an event this year due to some delays, but looking forward to a good 2022!
  6. Decided to spend some points. Lowering the car and full suspension rebuild did not give me anywhere near enough camber. E39 front suspension strut mount does not allow for adding a washer as a shim to get more either. So, adding camber plates. I rather burn some points than wear tires prematurely. Got a second set of wheels and tires and going to studs instead of bolts. Bimmerworld TA5R's with Maxxis tires. Got the rear main fixed, no more leaks! Decided to get the exhaust done professionally. I wasn't happy with my work and want something a bit nicer. Got a digital radio setup from Racing Radios ready to install, cool suit setup, and my own racing gear bought. Still need to paint. Won't get it ready for my goal of Laguna Seca, but might be able to run it before the end of the year in either a local sprint format series or failing that rent a track for a testing day. But damn if it won't be sorted and ready to run for 2022.
  7. E39. M52B28. I did the RMS when I had the engine and trans out for a bunch of little things and a new clutch and flywheel. Funny thing is the old RMS was the one thing NOT leaking. Replaced every thing that could leak, then it became the only thing to leak. Thought it was the new oil pan gasket at first, as through a camera it looked like there was a huge gap between the block and pan but further inspection showed I looked at things wrong and the pan gasket was sealed and dry. The RMS was wet and it appeared to have splattered oil on the flywheel as well. This shop knows their stuff, especially with BMW. Another team locally uses them and referred me. I think I probably owe them a round of adult beverages for a solid reference.
  8. Car is off to the shop to get aligned and corner balanced. Curious to see what the weight of the car is. Decided to pay them to do the 2nd rear main seal. Saving my energy for things like the electrical, paint, etc.
  9. Finally almost done with the suspension. Had a snap ring for a ball joint end up being fused to the spindle. Thought I got it put finally. Not quite all of it, created a ton of resistance causing the threaded rod removal tool to snap sending half of it flying across the garage. But it did break things free enough to remove. Built a new tool and have things mostly back together. Ton of time spent with wire brush cleaning up years of grime (halfway done comparison image added) Should have car back on ground tomorrow. Then off to the race shop for alignment and corner balance.
  10. Any word on guests/spectators being allowed for this event/limit on crew size? Still trying to see about getting the car ready, but some family, not going to be drivers, are interested coming out if we do have a car ready to race.
  11. That was some solid advice! But... I am going to suggest, contrary to the excellent advice above, if you are want to use this fallen officer's car as a racing memorial, consider eating the points. Let it be the "officer's car". I think the emotional value for people might be greater if it was really "his car" not just a shell with a platform swap. Kinda made me think of the song Riding with Private Malone that was on the radio a lot a few years back. Either way, I think this is a great project and look forward to seeing what you do with it! Ff you haven't already reach out to the 100 Club they might have some good contacts or people interested. Might even be able to get some media coverage, even if you don't have front runner. For example: NASCAR Truck Team Remembers Fallen State Trooper Tyler Edenhofer (sports360az.com) Also that is a great example of using the agency's livery as well. Do you know his badge number? Might be cool to put it on the car. Might be able to get some PR support from the agency itself if you reach out to their PIO.
  12. I've been pretty bad at updating this thread! Still pushing though on the car. I really want to get it Laguna Seca this year. Admittedly, since I will need rental drivers I am hesitant since it will be its first race, but if not there, then the next race would simply become its first race. Of course, first race or 100th race the risk of something like a connecting rod exiting the block is there. I want to do the best I can for renters to have a good experience. That, and being about 24k into a $750 car and however many hours I put into it, I want it to be good. In my day job I am a driving instructor involving high speed driving, I have standards! lol With that said, have the front suspension completely rebuilt. There wasn't a bushing, bearing, or ball joint in serviceable condition. So, it was all replaced. Realized the steering knuckle for the E39 is not an easy part to find and not cheap, but I might buy a couple extra for spares. My old ones were warped where the factory pressed in bushings sit and had play, but I think they might have been originals with something close to 300k mile... I did decided to spend points and get adjustable swaybar links. I was replacing the links anyhow and instead of buying stock and then decided to get these later, I just decided to go for it. The E39 528i has 50 points to play with, so I think I can afford it, and if I need points elsewhere more so, they are easy to swap out. Since I was replacing everything I also cleaned up and repainted brackets and bolts so it all looks fresh and new. Made for a nice instagram picture! Took it for a loop around the block and the steering feel improvement is night and day. Can't wait to finish the back suspension and go get an alignment and corner balance. Still troubleshooting an annoying oil leak. I was able to adjust the back of the oil pan to sit better after replacing the oil pan gasket, and it is no longer leaking there, and where I though the new rear mail seal was dry, I put a camera in the inspection port and used the angled mirror attachment and found part of it shows signs of being wet. Less so than the amount of leakage seems, but the pan was dry now. I think this is biggest issue, though admittedly, I am not looking forward to dropping the trans again or pulling the engine again to fix what was already "fixed." Either way... Having no leaks is kind of a big deal.
  13. Exhaust leaks can be surprisingly loud. I am not a fan of super loud cars, so I have have three mufflers, and the exhaust tip is removable to add another pipe section/muffler/etc if needs be. I just need to buy a sound meter to actually measure it. I actually know a spot that turns up hill similar to turn 5 (if I recall the sound booth at Laguna Seca is to the right of the exit of turn 5?) that I could do some testing at.
  14. Replaced race seat. Window net now has room to put up or go down. I actually like the new seat better anyhow. As big as the 5 series E39 is, the position of the seat in relation to the b-pillar creates an unexpectedly tight fit for larger sized containment seats. Inspected the oil leak. New gasket seems to be good and dry. Appears to be coming from rear main seal. Just replaced the darn thing when I did the clutch. Before dropping the trans and clutch, going to put a camera through the inspection port and verify. Maybe it will be something simple that I over looked. While looking under the car with it running I noticed a leak from where the fuel line goes into the fuel filter. There is a small section of rubber hose. Seems like everything was good, except for a very loose hose clamp. Tightened it up, leak stopped. Hood latch center cable broke after spring in lower latch jammed. Ordered new parts... sticking with factory latch, it is very robust and already installed. Decided to skip on hood pin or aero catch for now. Went to replace all the control arms, found the ball joint guides pressed into wheel carrier/steering knuckle were loose and deformed and do not have a direct replacement. So.... new wheel carrier/steering knuckles. And... found out that I mis-clicked when I ordered new sway bar end links, and... wrong size. That pretty much killed my motivation for working in a 107 degree garage for the day. So waiting on parts. So close to completion, but geez, some of the unexpected surprises... and the discovery of hidden dodgy repair jobs... Next time I build a race car, I am completely stripping it and starting bare.
  15. In planning in hopes of going to Laguna Seca this year it is looking to be around $4500 for the team.
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