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  1. I searched the live-streaming topics and couldn’t find anything specific. I am looking to add live-streaming to our champ car and was hoping someone that’s already figured it out could weigh in (note: I’m a luddite and this stuff sucks for me). Want the ability to livestream to YouTube ideally, but am open to other options. I have numerous GoPro 2018 cameras (WIFI, but no livestream like the hero7) that I use for my club racer and would like a system that works with them. Based on what I’ve read, the common options seem to be: get a mifi for the camera and your pit computer and you’re golden. But having to buy 2 devices and pay the monthly susbscriptions seems insane; there must be a better way. Any advice? I’m open to anything so long as I can use the GoPros....would like to stay under $500. Thanks! -Jack
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